Newsletter Jan 29, 2010

Slick and Quick

  • Missouri:  I'll be in Missouri, St. Louis area from Feb. 4th to 9th visiting my father who has terminal cancer.  Please pray for him.
  • Debate:  Matt Slick vs Eddie Tabash, 12/5/09, "Does God Exist?".  If you want to see the debate for free, go here:
  • is our new Spanish site is coming along very well.  We are moving forward in getting Carlos fulltime support via miapic.  Carlos is getting the three CARM schools translated and in place.  They should be ready in February sometime.
  • Amazon Wish List.  Last week at the debate, I spoke with James White of  He debated Dan Barker in the morning and I debated Dan in the evening. James told me about the Amazon wish list and how useful it is. So, I set one up for CARM.  Just go to and do a search in the wish list area for and you'll find it.  James White uses The Kindle and tells me how very useful it is to be able to purchase books in electronic format, download them, and have them be searchable. That would be a huge asset. People like projects and they often want to help with those. 
  • Prayer Support:  If you would like to pray specifically for CARM, then please check out
  • Feedback and Suggestions. We have a feedback form for CARM now, so if you want to give us some feedback (we'd love to hear it), please go to   We want to hear your ideas!
  • Corrections Feedback.  If you have a correction you want to see made on CARM we have a form for that too:
  • WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  If you like what CARM does and want to support it, we have some options.   
    • Sign up $5 Monthly support for CARM
  • We need Drupal and programming help - If you know Drupal and want to help, please let us know.  Aaron will be working one day a week for CARM and MRM.ORG and he would be the one working with you. If interested, please contact me at and I will forward your e-mail to Aaron.  We also need a new and better "Theme Design" for CARM where the html code has the text of the articles appearing sooner in the page than later!!
  • Twitter - You can follow the CARM twitter stuff at  We post stuff throughout the day.

Literary Agent

  • From what I understand, I need a literary agent in order to get books published.  I thought I'd ask if anyone knows how to get a literary agent.  I have finished "The Garden" (ready for release via self publishing or publishing house) and am working on a booklet on Women Pastors.  Later this year I hope to finish the Family Teaching Course.  There are several other books I want to write:  Theology in Sneakers, A book on atheism, The Crucible (apologetics dialogues on various topics), 100 Truths About Jesus, etc.  I am seriously interested in getting more work published.  So, I'm looking for a literary agent -- or someone who knows about publishing and can point me in the right direction.  If you have some info and/or suggestions please contact me, Matt Slick, at  Thanks.
  • Does anyone know of a national/regional booksellers/publishers convention here in America for 2010?  I've looked on the internet and though I know such things exist, I can't seem to locate one.


CARM Toolbar

If you download this toolbar CARM gets about $.40.  You don't have to use it.  Just keep it for a week or two, check it out, and then delete it if you want. Get easy access to podcasts, videos, CARM articles, forums, chat (soon), and more at a click of a button.  If you download it and use it for a few days, CARM gets a little donation from the toolbar developer.  That way you get something and help support CARM -- for free!  It isn't intrusive on your system and doesn't cause computer problems.  I've been using it with absolutely no problems.  It works in FireFox and Internet Explorer.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.