Newsletter 01-06-11

From Matt Slick, President

  • Update - and there really isn't a whole bunch to say. I've been working very hard preparing a course on Roman Catholicism. The Lord has opened the door for me to teach at a local church and as I mentioned in the last newsletter, I am working a great many hours trying to get a lot done.  I've already completed a Theology Course that I taught and the video is being edited.  We'll let you know how to get it if you're interested.
  • New Articles on CARM - Since the last newsletter we have added over 40 articles to the site. You can check them out at
  • Friend Needs a Car - I have a new friend who's full-time work is to go to different campuses and locations around the country (and outside the U.S.) in order to preach the gospel.  He has a need for a vehicle so I thought I'd let the body of Christ know.  Here is his email I asked him to send me.
    •  "Thank you for the opportunity to share our ministry needs with your supporters.  Currently as you know I am residing in the greater Boise Area and I was traveling regionally to campuses and towns publicly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As the Lord would have it, my wife was in a car accident and the car in which I was traveling in has been completely wrecked.  My wife came out of the accident uninjured, praise the Lord. 

      Well, I write to you with the hopes that perhaps one of our brothers or sisters in Christ or even a pool of the brethren could come along side us and contribute to purchasing a vehicle for us to travel in.  The last one was a 2001 Hyundai and I purchased it for $1,100.  It was totaled in an accident last week and so now I come to you. If the brethren need to check out our ministry they can find us on the web at

      May you be blessed dear brother, all praise to God. Thank you for hearing my plea.  In His grip,  Shawn."
  • IPAD - I am asking for support in order to get an apple Ipad.  I teach one Bible study every week and another one every other week and it would be great to have something that I can lay down on the pulpit as I'm teaching and would not block the video recording.  Also, I will be traveling to speak in Nebraska in a few weeks and at the end of this month I'll be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee in order to attend the national religious broadcasting in order to try and make contacts to do TV and radio. It would be great to have something that is easy to carry and is not cumbersome as is the Laptop I use for the Radio Show.  So, if anyone is willing to help out with this, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have one picked out at
  • Office and Staff - I am still praying regularly for an increase in revenue sufficient enough to cover the costs of an office and staff of 2 - 3 people.  I am so busy, all the time, with all sorts of projects, fixes, etc., that I'm not producing for CARM nearly as much as I would like to.  We want a staff so we can write more articles, develop video projects, get an apologetics magazine going, coordinate training camps in different parts of the U.S., etc.  There is just so much to do.  So, if you'd pray about that, I would greatly appreciate it.  Pray that if the Lord wills, we would get what we need.  Remember, his will be done, not ours.
  • The Influence - My Christian fiction novel "The Influence" is doing well on Kindle.  The book teaches good biblical theology, in an apologetic that is woven into a story of a man, Angels, demonic forces, etc. If you are interested in checking it out and reading the reviews, go here.
  • You Tube - In case you're not aware or have forgotten, CARM has videos on youtube.  You can access them at  Check them out and leave comments and give thumbs up because a lot of unbelievers, who don't like the videos, automatically give thumbs down.  Also, you might enjoy them.  God bless. 
  • Facebook Like Button - CARM has installed a "Like Button" for Facebook.  If you like an article on CARM, click on the like button at the bottom and it will be promoted on Facebook.  Thanks.
  • Amazon Wish List - The CARM Amazon Wish List worked well.  Thanks to those of you who purchased and sent computer parts for CARM. I have built a new computer system and am using it now.  It is much faster and is able to use a lot more RAM which means I can get a lot more done. So, thank you very much. Your support has manifested in real time with an increase in productivity here at CARM.
  • Got Suggestions for this Newsletter? - If so, please email them to  Thanks.

Love and Hate Mail


  • Thank you for your site it is very helpfull. I'm going to be teaching a class on cults and world religions at my church and your site is a great resource. I recently found your podcast and wanted to encourage you, Keep up the good work of defending the faith and pointing out false teachings.
  • Thank you for your ministry and website! It has been a huge help during my college years. As a religious studies major I've had to deal with professor after professor that tried to disprove and/or discredit Christianity. It has also helped me greatly in dealing with Mormons and Bible difficulties. Thank you so very much!
  • I just wanted to drop y'all a line and say; I just read your article on Wicca, and as a practicing Wiccan myself who disagrees with just about every point you made, I've gotta say, 'Well done!' Your tone was calm and reasonable, and your points were well thought out, clearly made, and based on your beliefs without apology or attempted justification. You have avoided detrimental hate-mongering and still gotten your fervent Christian views across. You are to be deeply congratulated, and one of my dearest held hopes is that other religious borderline-fanatics from all paths can learn to do as much. Thanks for your efforts!
  • Im listening to the October 29, 2010 podcast and I just want to say NEVER let the radio show die. You can use more of my donations towards the radio show if that would help. The radio show is a great blessing to us Christians even when you just do monologues and do not take phone calls. Im writing mainly because I am mad that other listeners and readers of the CARM website are NOT donating or donating MORE to CARM. In all honesty Matt, dont be afraid to push for more than five dollars a month donations because five dollars is nothing. I am going to increase my amount to 40 dollars a month starting in 2011. If you need someone to help with research... I would be glad to help out. God bless you Matt and the CARM ministry. Thank you.


  • Attached are five pages of the results of your type religious bigotry and the end results. My ancestors remember your type coming to their home in Utah and bragging of how they had taken part in the “punishment” of the Mormons in Missouri and Illinois and killed some of their leaders and church members. They, (with the wisdom of idiots which you have plenty of), then proceeded to go through the state bragging about their brave attacks on and murder of the Mormons until they arrived in Mountain Meadows where them finally met the wrath of righteousness. Read the following 5 pages attached and see where your Un-American bigotry is leading you to. Attachment 6 and 7 are the results of your failure to understand the results of your hatred off the American people. Attachment 8 is a warning and 9 is your apparent idea of your jesusttt. (notice the cigarette n his hand)? Remember, “Those who don’t learn from their mistakes in their past history will repeat those mistakes”. Please leave our free country and return to Europe where your type of religious oppression, hatred and bigotry came from.
  • look again you are abusing MY sweet mother (thousand times dearer than my real mother) bibi Aisha...i have got,tht you dont have any reason to prove yourself true as(neither i want u to prove nor you can prove your religion true)coz it isnot My prophet jesus christ religion jesus christ was MUSLIM..listen man just open your eyes you are just going with stream as your priest and elders say you follow.. but once look with deep incite prophet Mohammad's personality..without beig biased....i swear my Prophet juses christ tht you will accept islam... you see My prophet mohammad has taught us to love and respect all religions and prophets..We muslim are not against any religion,we are taught to be good and to to good by our prophet mohammad Please open ur heart and mind for the sake of jesus and understand your last prophet MOHAMMAD

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.