Newsletter 02-20-11

From Matt Slick, President

  • Facebook - The global presence of Facebook and other social media are having a strong effect on search engine placement. So on the CARM homepage (on the right-hand side of CARM) we have inserted a CARM Like Facebook Feature.  If you want to help CARM quickly and easily, please go to the CARM home page and "Like" CARM.  It only takes a few seconds and it will really help us out.  Thanks.

       Also, I've experimented here and attempted to place the Facebook code in this newsletter so you can "Like" it from here. (It should show up on the right hand side of this newsletter).  Hope it works If not, please go to and "Like" CARM.  Thanks.

  • IPad, IPhone, and Android Apps - does anyone out there know how to produce apps for the IPad/Iphone and/or Android phones?  CARM is in need of someone who can help out in that area. We want to produce apps that can help Christians more readily access CARM material. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us.
  • Wish List - CARM has a wishlist on  So far people have been helping out here and there.  We really do appreciate it a bunch.  It helps a lot!
  • Ecommerce Help! - We still need help with the e-commerce situation on the CARM website. We had someone give us an estimate to fix it. The cost, now get this, started at $40,000 and would cap out at $80,000.  After spitting my coffee into the air in superfine mist, I told them we would pass. There isn't a whole bunch to do. We need a proper shopping cart set up that can do and PayPal. It is not a $40,000 job. But we do need some help. So, if you KNOW your stuff (or know someone who does) and want to help, please contact us.This is a big need.  Thanks.
  • The Influence - For those of you who've read my Christian Novel The Influence, could you please write a review for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  It is an ebook and, hopefully this year, we'll have it in hard back.  People are liking it.  Here's the first two reviews from the Amazon site.
    • "Matt Slick has written an tremendously engaging story that grabs you emotionally but also is sound in its theology and will make you think. I was brought to tears at times and at other times the suspense kept me from putting it down. My only disappointment is that it is too intense for my children to read yet. This is a great example of using fiction to also teach sound Biblical theology, unlike the theological mess of "The Shack". If you read "The Shack" and loved it then you should read this book too because it also well written fiction but also because it may clear up the theological muddiness you experienced."
    • "From the title, I was not expecting this novel to as good as it is. I was totally blown away by this book. I have read other reviews in Shelfari and Amazon and I agree with some of the reviewers, "...great example of using fiction to also teach sound Biblical theology...", "...wondering if this was really a non-fiction story...", "It not only helped me strengthen my faith but made me think of a lot of things about my relationship with God..", "recommend this to anyone who is going through a difficult period...Actually I would recommend this book to all Christians...", "...a great story as well as educating us on Christian doctrine.." I did not want this to end, I cried at the end, not due to sadness but joy, at the sovereignity of God, His grace, His mercy, His love for us and above the Hope that only He can provide and give us."
  • Redesign of CARM - I thought I would throw this out and see if anybody likes it. But, we are looking for a redesign of the carm website. Something cool, sharp, etc. (Yeah, I know that's rather subjective).  Are you a web designer and have some ideas for carm? If so, let us know.
  • CARM Forum Questions Section - Years ago on carm I started a questions section. We are now trying to expand it. One of the things we started last week is an experiment on the carm forums where we have a section for people to ask and answer questions. The goal is to extract good answers and make sure they fit within the carm statement of faith, and then use them on the website under the questions section.  Check it out and let us know what you think.
  • Quitting the Radio Show - It has been five years since I started the radio show. Lately, the callers have been fewer and fewer and this makes it difficult for me to fill the time. The show needs to either expand to other radio stations to keep the calls coming in steadily, or I need to give it up and move on to something else. I am asking is for feedback about this decision. I know that there are people who enjoy the show. But, five years is a long time and without much of a caller participation lately...well...maybe is God telling me it's time to move on.
        Also, I am flying out to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the national religious broadcasting network conference that will be held during the end of February and the first few days of March. I hope to make contact with people in order to see what various options would be for radio and TV. You never know what the Lord will do.  I believe in knocking on doors and seeing what the Lord will do.  I would appreciate your prayers.
  • Friend Still Needs a Car - I have a new friend who's full-time work is to go to different campuses and locations around the country (and outside the U.S.) in order to preach the gospel.  He has a need for a vehicle so I thought I'd let the body of Christ know.  Here is his email I asked him to send me.
    • "Thank you for the opportunity to share our ministry needs with your supporters.  Currently, as you know I am residing in the greater Boise Area and I was traveling regionally to campuses and towns publicly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As the Lord would have it, my wife was in a car accident and the car in which I was traveling in has been completely wrecked.  My wife came out of the accident uninjured, praise the Lord. 
           Well, I write to you with the hopes that perhaps one of our brothers or sisters in Christ or even a pool of the brethren could come along side us and contribute to purchasing a vehicle for us to travel in.  The last one was a 2001 Hyundai and I purchased it for $1,100.  It was totaled in an accident last week and so now I come to you. If the brethren need to check out our ministry they can find us on the web at
         May you be blessed dear brother, all praise to God. Thank you for hearing my plea.  In His grip,  Shawn."
  • Office and Staff - I am still praying regularly for an increase in revenue sufficient enough to cover the costs of an office and staff of 2 - 3 people.  I am so busy, all the time, with all sorts of projects, fixes, etc., that I'm not producing for CARM nearly as much as I would like to.  We want a staff so we can write more articles, develop video projects, get an apologetics magazine going, coordinate training camps in different parts of the U.S., etc.  There is just so much to do.  So, if you'd pray about that, I would greatly appreciate it.  Pray that if the Lord wills, we would get what we need.  Remember, his will be done, not ours.
  • You Tube - In case you're not aware or have forgotten, CARM has videos on youtube.  You can access them at  Check them out and leave comments and give thumbs up because a lot of unbelievers, who don't like the videos, automatically give thumbs down.  Also, you might enjoy them.  God bless. 

Love and Hate Mail


  • "Hey, I never shared this with anyone from CARM before and I want to change that. Years ago I was very close to converting to mormonism. I was a Christian, and I think it was the Holy Spirit that pushed to to look for truth. One day I was on the LDS site and I came across something very disturbing, I saw that they believe that Jesus was the spirit of satan, something the person that was trying to convert me never shared with me. It was I started digging deeper and I came across CARM, I saw all the quotes from past LDS leaders, all the things LDS don't want you to know. I asked the person that was trying to convert me all of this and they just said "well yeah but they are misrepresenting it", but God had already proven to me that mormonism is false. Through the help of some of the articles on carm, God used me to help bring the person who was trying to convert me to mormonism, to the real Jesus Christ. I just wanted to say thank you, and that God is using ya'll."
  • "Been tracking CARM for years. It has become a monster in apologetics. Great work, Matt!"
  • "Got your Apologetics Notebook years ago and have enjoyed your work ever since."
  • Thanks for the newsletter. I really liked the format of the Theology Course. I for one would definitely put it to use in our church (Grace Covenant PCA, NC). Having previously taught some Big Picture/God's Eye View/Biblical Theology studies at our church, I certainly see the need to continually place before the people of God the practical application of sound theology in their everyday lives. Thanks for all you do. Keep going strong.


  • Its obvious since you never been mormon that you know nothing. They dont believe anything you mentioned in here. I also dont think your a christian. Christians dont write articles like these to put other people belief down to make your believe sound good so others will follow you instead. They dont believe in other gods nor do they believe that joseph smith restored all of the gospel. They teach from the bible and the book of mormon. Im sorry you feel the way you do but perhaps its because you are only getting pieces of the gospel. We dont believe that just anyone should have the authority to teach. Look at all the churches out there they all claim there is best and the funny thing is that the pastor or priest teaching just went to school. In the bible jesus baptised john and gave him the authority to do the same for others. Who should teach should come from God not from just someone who wants to do it. and you call yourself christian. Instead of teaching you go ! out to warn. ok I see. Ill pray for you
  • I got on your website and I cry in my hands when I read about YOUR false doctrine!! See, YOU are the ones in bondage, not me. I am FREE in Jesus Christ, who died for the WORLD....check your Bible please. Freedom is when we REALLY learn to know our LOVING Father's heart. Do yourself a favor and start praying NON-STOP that the Holy Spirit will show you IN the Bible what the real Gospel is all about. Paul preached a totally different gospel than the other 4 (Matthew, Luke, Mark & John) the way. Reading the Epistles of Paul ON YOUR KNEES with the Holy Spirit will reveal something totally different to you! It's because of CONTROL that the [organized] church is what it is. All I can are not free. Why do I say that? Because you have to perform constantly..... Get over it! Jesus already did EVERYTHING on the cross! Love in Christ Jesus. Willien Strutz, Pretoria, South Africa PS: please go check ALL the translations of the Bible. All the early Bible did not even mention the word "hell" well as "forever". Don't trust the version you read. Get the 6r5g5na3 text!
  • Absolutely yes I do condemn your hipocracy. You have publicly on your blog condemned my beliefs and expressed your attitude to We The American Christians as shown by your attitude. (See at tachment 1). You are the one condemning your beliefs by pretending your ideas are the are the word of your jesusttt. I am not condemning your faith because you don't have a real one. You just want to attack any one who has a faith with your false biblic interpretations. it's only common sense, DON'T GO PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET WITH YOUR CRAP BLOG UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO APOLIGIZE FOR YOUR INSULTS. i am Probably the first Ameican Christian that has called you on your errors. Unfortunately for you we can all access your blog and get a good laugh. How does it feel? There are a bunch of us laughigt at you and your slow witted blog. See attachment 2. Our attitude toward your false and hyprocritical claims is sown in attachment 3. :(:(:(:)

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.