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Love and Hate Mail


  • Matt I wanted to let you know that I listen to you via podcast. I live here in Burleson, TX and have been listening to you for about two years now.  Your show replaced Hank Hanegraaff's show on my mp3 player.  I was away from your show for a couple of months now and was really wanting sound Biblical teaching and my first thought was your show and website.  I had a Mormon come to my door the other day, I live across the street from a Mormom church, and realized I was not fully ready to engage him in a witness encounter.  Your show and website were the first place I turned.  Thank you for all you do for the body of Christ.
  • My name is Tim a young man who was saved last year was looking @ your site. He told me I had to look at your testimony .He said it sounded like mine .I just read it and it is shocking how close it is .I saw things just as you. Keep up the good work keep telling others there is a side that no one should go. Thank God that he gave you and I the way out . I am now 44 and most of my friends who did not find the way are dead today.We must tell others.
  • CARM staff, THIS SITE AND INFORMATION ARE AWESOME!  I have been blessed this morning.  Thank you! In HIM, Terrance
  • Hi Matt,
    I’ve been using your website on and off for a couple of years now.. Just logged on again tonight and I continue to be awed and impressed by advancements and wealth of true knowledge in the site as reflected in the Bible.  Then, I went on to read your testimony… thanks for sharing.  While communicating a testimony is probably nerve-wracking to say the least, the leap of faith you took in explaining your conversion is priceless.  Keep up the great work.  thank you thank you thank you!!
  • Thank you Matt and your staff for all of the work you do defending the true gospel of Jesus.  Its good that you do it with love.  Your knowledge would be fruitless if not combined with love for those who call in or email.  Keep up the good work.  By the way, I now have a new interest in theology thanks to listening to the show!
  • Hello, just read your teaching concerning a christians security in Jesus and I agree totally. Thank you for your work and your great web site, what a resource for the believer. Another text I always utilize when defending a believers security is Eph 1:13,14. It tells what happens the moment each person becomes a believer and is given the Holy Spirit of PROMISE/GUARANTEE that we are God's own possession on the day of redemption. If we could lose our gift of salvation God's promise/guarantee wouldn't be reliable at all and satans power to steal away a believer would be stronger than our Lords power to keep us. Thanks again for your help to the body... best regards, John Davis


  • I was looking at your site and listened to your video on salvation. One of the things that struck me is the fact that you portrayed God as vindictive as he sits in judgment to punish his sons and daughters for eternity.  God the father does sit in judgment but those that are found without Christ are blotted out and remembered know more.  Now, I have studied the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic for over twenty years and also have studied the English language. I am not affiliated with any organization or religion, but do not try to scare people into excepting Christ. This approach does not work. Souls are not held for eternity burning in some kind of pit. Also, teach your students to take all words back to the Hebrew and Greek
  • Do you want proof, you ignoramus, that faith without works is useless?
  • My name is Greg. I browse through religious and philosophical websites as a sort of part-time hobby. I've read literally thousands of websites just like yours, written by authors just like yourself. I have never in my life actually taken time to stop and extend my thoughts to ANY of them. Not one. However after reading a hefty chunk of your articles I somehow felt the NEED to contact you. You, and your organization, are a farce. Yes, a farce...the use of the word farce was quite intentional and literal, and actually applies to this case in more ways than one. The unintelligible garbage that you spew out of your mouth (or in this case, your fingers) is a poison to any and all who are ignorant enough to actually believe what you are saying. Your own total ignorance towards fact and logical arguments that are presented to you is astounding. You go so far as to cite the bible as proof of the bible's integrity! ARE YOU SERIOUS? You state that the burden of proof lies in those who do not believe in the bible. This is ridiculous. You state that 'we' should PROVE the bible is not true? Why don't you try PROVING, that it is truly a literal translation of actual events. Prove it with real, empirical evidence. Cite actual historical documents that are CONFIRMED legitimate. Cite anything other than a book with no real evidence supporting that it is the truth. PROVE that it is not the writings of a group of individuals bent on bringing law to a lawless time and extorting the people around them. Some part of me feels that no one could hold such blind conviction and this is simply an advertising scheme to turn a profit, and of course to take a donation or two. All in the name of The Lord, right? You disgust me. It is not your beliefs that bother me. It is your presentation of those beliefs and your supposed arguments with men and women who present perfectly reasonable arguments to which you rebut with nothing more than bible passages. "Jesus was resurrected, therefore he must be real". THAT IS A FARCE. You spend so much time rambling about how society is broken or how the church is broken. You do not realize that your actions, along with the actions of many other individuals with similar mindsets and a desperate need to feel loved, special, and with purpose...are one of the many reasons our society has come to this point. In fact, that was the breaking point in your articles...when you stated how much worse the world gets over time, and then stated that there are now more christians going to church than ever before. (I believe the number you gave was 40%, don't bother correcting me if I'm wrong, you see I cannot BE wrong, for I died but was resurrected in His name. Therefore I cannot be wrong.) Anyways, I've wasted enough of my time. I really hope there is a hell. Because if there is, at least twisted, manipulative men like you will be judged, and you will suffer for your wrong doings. You are holding back the advancement of the entire human race. Do yourself a favor. Do all of us a favor. Remove yourself from the gene pool as quickly as humanly possible. I would suggest you forcibly ****** until you bleed out...but that would be sodomy. How silly of me.
  • I doubt I'll get a response, honestly, but the page on your website dealing with Foreknowledge and Free Will needs to undergo some serious changes.  
    I can point out several logical fallacies that you probably have no interest in hearing about, but in all seriousness, what that page says is almost an outright lie.  In any case, it is seriously misleading.  Of course, I fear that most websites such as yours are more interested in conversion than honesty.  I am a nineteen-year-old Christian, and I know that's not much, and of course you don't have very much time, but I just thought that I should let you know that this particular page is almost flat-out wrong.  This is not my opinion, it is internally logically flawed, and blatantly so.  Furthermore, it takes an age old theological question, studied by famous and brilliant Christian theologians (my goodness, some men dedicated their LIVES to solving this problem) and says "Oh, you know, it's not really a problem."  Boethius and C.S. Lewis would say otherwise.   Anyway, on the off-chance that you're actually interested in the truth, I can offer an alternative page, or idea for one, anyway, that lays out the problem (which is VERY, VERY real, and not solved by pretending it isn't there) and some various possible solutions.  This is probably the largest paradox in the Christian doctrine, and I swear I can give you a solution.  Intentionally or not, with your current content, your website is deceptive.  Let me help you.  

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