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Tickling Ears
2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.”

Paul's opening statement in this verse is so true.  In our present world we are witnessing the denial of truth, the denial of the sound doctrines of Scripture, the increase of moral relativism, and an increase on the attack of religious faith here in America. Why?  Because people want to "accumulate for themselves teaches in accordance with their own desires."  They don't want God's truth.  They want their own. 

When I look in the mirror, I would prefer to see an incredibly handsome, well-built man. The truth is different and all my wishing won't change that.  Still, I find that if I turn the light a little and I position myself just right, I can trick my eyes into seeing what I want.  If I, a Christian who wants to follow God, still has a tendency to make things appear better than they are, how much more so the unbeliever?

You see, because of our fallen nature's we have a tendency to desire lies.  That is why self-deception is something we all participate in, Christian and non-Christian alike.  That is also why we listen to people who have smooth, gentle, affirming words more than someone who speaks the truth.  Ecc 7:4 says, "It is better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man than for one to listen to the song of fools."  But, what is better is not always what we want, is it?

Paul is telling us that those outside the saving grace of God in Christ will reject doctrine that is sound and adopt that which is false.  The time is coming.  The time is now.

As Christians we are to cast our cares, our sins, our trust, our hope, and our prayers upon the one who is God in flesh, Jesus Christ, who died, was buried, and rose from the dead for our sins (John 1:1,14; 1 Cor. 15:1-4).  Only in him are we able to escape the snare of error and believe the sound doctrines revealed in God word. So, study his word and believe his word.  This is what God wants for you.

From Matt Slick

  • This past week, Ryan and I, along with Bill McKeever (, drove to Overton, Nevada.  On Saturday, the 7th, Bill spoke about Mormonism.  He did three sessions.  As usual, his presentations were excellent, especially since he is a world-class expert on Mormonism.  On Sunday, the 8th, I preached a message on "The Essentials of the Christian Faith." Later in the evening I also did two sessions on apologetics.  Overall, it was a great experience and the people there are awesome.
  • During our drive back to Boise, Ryan and I had a great discussion on future plans for CARM. We have a large number of ideas and directions we hope the Lord will bring to fruition.  One of the things that we are very interested in is developing international CARM partnership opportunities.  This potential outreach would include converting the entire CARM website into new languages, etc.  Because of the new system we have it is relatively easy to convert the entire site content to a new web address.  We could then un-publish all the articles in English and the person who is in charge of that language, could translate articles one at a time and then publish them.  We would also want them to translate the online schools into their native language and use them to help support their ministry work in their respective countries.  This way, we can get various headquarters in certain areas around the world and disseminate as much information as possible.
  • We're still working on getting the rest of the CARM site up to speed fixing broken links, typos, getting translated materials posted.  I must admit that it does surprise me how much more there is to do with the site.  CARM is huge! Fortunately, Ryan is here to help and he is such a tremendous asset.  CARM is much better because of his incredible dedication.


    I thought I would list the needs that CARM has.  It is important to you let you know what we are doing and what direction we hope to go.  Please pray for CARM.  Seriously, please pray for CARM.
  • We need a tech person to come along side CARM and help us implement stuff such as drupal modules, ftp work, php modifications, etc.
  • We are still in the development stages of the new Magento shopping cart and are looking for anyone who wants to help develop it.
  • I have still not heard back from the people helping us organize the debate with Mr. shook, a member of the Secular Humanist Society to be held on the UCLA campus.  We were supposed to schedule something towards the end of April and they were to get back with me.  I haven't heard from them in a couple of weeks.
  • Please contact us at


From Ryan Turner

Despite the relatively same "experience" as my first Mormon Temple visit this past summer in Twin Falls, Idaho, this second temple visit just truly blew me away regarding how lost these nice Mormon people are.  During the tour, I prayed for God to open these sincere, but lost people's eyes to the gospel.  As I sat on the shuttle bus that took Matt, Bill, and I back to our car, I noticed a young (early 30s) mother with several children.  I could not help but notice how attractive and clean looking this family truly was.  The mother and children had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.  They truly looked like the model American family.

I had a brief conversation with the mother about the temple, what I do with CARM, etc.  Due to the short time, I did not get into any specific details regarding the nature of God, Jesus, or salvation...though I wish that I could have.

However, our short conversation and acquaintance strongly reinforced in me the fact that Mormons are people just like you and me.  They are not some abstract object or "group."  They are real flesh and bones people who are going to face eternal damnation since they worship a false God, serve a false Jesus, and believe in a false salvation.  This second temple experience further motivates me out of compassion to do as much as a can with my short life to reach Mormons with the gospel.  

Overton, NV: Matt and I met a great group of friendly, caring, hospitable people at Calvary Community Church (CCC).  CCC has about 120 people that attend the church for services.  Overton is about 1 hour north of Las Vegas in the wind-swept desert of northern Nevada.  The population of Overton is over 75% Mormon.  The people at CCC were deeply interested in how to reach out to their Mormon friends and neighbors.  Having Bill McKeever's expertise was certainly a blessing!

I had the great privilege of participating with Matt and Bill in a Q & A session on Sunday night.  It definitely was an excellent trip!



Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • I just read through your web page, wow, you sure hate Mormons, and you sure went easy on Islam with all your "I don't hate Islam, blah blah blah ..." I think it's safe to say you hate Mormons and are scared to death of Muslims, just like most "Christians". But you are in luck, I have the cure for you...[referred us to his blog site]. It will do you good. Go ahead, knock yourself out.  Weston
    • I found you article titled 'if you are wiccan please read this' offensive to my religion. satan has no place in wicca it is veiwed as the dark side of Christianity. does the bible not say that all people used to speak the same language? who's to say that when people started speaking different languages that God didnt become Allah to the Muslims or Spirit to the wiccans? rebbelion and wearing dark clothes has nothing to so with satanism or demons its nothing more than freedom of expression. the casting of spells is only for spiritual growth.  Letta
    • Do you really want truth about women and their God given roles in the body of Christ, the church? What did the original text say, How did Jesus treat women and who changed the way the original scriptures were scribed? why men of course.  Cindy
    • I am Wiccan. Admittedly I haven't been so for long, but I do know that everything about Wicca feels right. I was on your website looking to double-check the meaning of the phrase "blood of the moon" (which by the way wasnt the same as I found on the first site, and the same goes for a few of your other definitions), and I decided to read about what else you put about Wiccans, and was quite shocked.    Atfer reading the first two sections, it's quite clear you have portrayed us as evil beings who will do any creepy incantation to get what they want.    First of all, Wiccans strive to do what's right, because they believe it will come back to them three times over, the threefold law and karma. Also, your definition of "the darkness" is completely unrelated to magick. People such as eoms and goths are mcuh more like that, and I would know this, because I myself was an emo, and I think you'll find Wicca makes me much lighter. Also, you say magick builds a resentment for Christianity. I have been raised in a Christian family for the most part - with the exception of my father and brother - and I think my resentment for it comes from how ridiculous and presumptuous it seems. We do not care for your bible and its stories, because they aren't our beliefs, and our religion was around way before yours. As Carol McGrath said, "If you take [a copy of] the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone. Our bible IS the wind and the rain." You talk at us like we would try to intimidate you and scare you enough to take off every single word that says our beliefs are not compatible with yours. In actual fact, you have every right to condemn us to your hell we don't believe in, and preach that we worship your demonic, fear-inducing devil, but we have equal right to tell you that your God is fiction, and you have no right to all but force people to believe in your made-up beliefs. As for what we're contacting, we contact Nature. It is the greatest power, and is our Goddess and God and given by and for them too.   However, I agree that eternity is a long time to be wrong. I will havea pleasant eternity being right.
  • Love Mail
    • Hi.  I just wanted to thank you for your great web site!  I'm a missionary with Youth With A Mission in Antigua, Guatemala, and I really appreciate the work you do.  I've benefitted from your research, and I have referred others to your site as well.  I'm planning to use some of the article, "Refuting Relativism" in a sermon I'm preparing on the subject of Truth for our weekly English service.  You guys make it easier for people like me who want to teach on certain subjects or get a better understanding of them.  Thank you so much.  God Bless You!
      -Mark, YWAM Antigua, Guatemala
    • I just wanted to send you an encouraging email thanking you so much for the work you all have put into this website.  It is one of the first that popped up after googling "defending christian faith against mormons."  I entertained some Mormons on my front porch a few weeks ago and thought I was Biblically literate enough to defend my faith in a sufficient way, but realized I also needed to be more aware of their beliefs.  This website has helped in a tremendous way.  Thanks again.  The Lord will honor you for your work for Him. In Christ,
    • Hi Matt, I just wanted to tell you that two Jehovah's Witnesses visited my house today.  For the first time they were invited in and we had a discussion for about an hour.  They actually visited last week while I was traveling for work and my wife asked them to come back.  This was good because it gave me a chance to prepare.  Of course I used CARM and several past podcasts.  I also used Josh McDowell's A Ready Defense.  It was a pleasant discussion.  We discussed the Trinity, Deity of Christ, differences in my Bible and theirs, etc.  We went through many verses, but I did not let them jump around.  They took several verses away to study and said they would come back with answers.  I prayed since last week that I could approach them with humility and compassion.  I believe I did.  My delivery was mediocre and I do not expect converts unless the Holy Spirit works in their hearts.  They were such nice people and my heart ached as they left because I knew they were most likely walking into eternal condemnation.  I pray that is not the case. The point of this email is to say I would not have been equipped to have an intelligent conversation with them without your podcast and website.  Thank you for what you do. Thanks, Bryan
    • Hi Matt!  I just found your website - although I can't remember how.  I have to say, it's been a long time since I've been able to find someone who's spot on with regard to doctrine.  Wow! I was drawn to your review of "The Shack" in particular.  I was reading that book myself, but then stopped before the end because I just felt "weird" reading it.  It felt "off" to me, and I just couldn't help but feel as though there was some false doctrine in there, even though I couldn't put my finger on it.  Thanks so much for your tenacious grasp on the clear teachings of the Bible!  Sincerely, Martie

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