Newsletter 03-26-11

From Matt Slick, President

  • EMNR Conference - Last week I went to the EMNR Conference (  It was a gathering of Christian apologists who meet each year to offer lectures, have a debate (Christian vs. Muslim this year), and support each other. It was time well spent.  I suspect I will be going back to the conference next year. They hope to have William Lane Craig debate someone.
        One of the things we did before the conference was take a tour of the Mormon lands. Bill McKeever (of, an expert on Mormonism gave us a tour. If you are interested in seeing some of the pictures please go to
  • Two Computers Needed - We have need of two computers. One is for Carlos in Bogotá, Colombia. The other is for Ken in Portland, Oregon.  Carlos runs the Spanish version of CARM ( He has a single old laptop computer he uses - the only one in his home.  His situation is not very good (as far as computers go). First of all, it's an older laptop and is quite slow. Second, because he will be doing work with carm/miapic so much, he needs to have a system that is dedicated to that work -- so that others cannot get in and mess things up and or break his system.  So, we need to get him one.  Btw, is now getting around 1000 page views a day which is excellent. Also, next week we should have the CARM theology school that he has translated into Spanish up and running . Carlos has almost finished translating the other two schools into Spanish and we plan to activate them as well.  The goal is to get him to be self-sufficient as he ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Latin American people.
        Ken Cook works with CARM and lives in Portland, Oregon. He has been helping out in raising support along with researching search engine strategies, arranging advertisers, etc.  Ken also only has one computer in his home with a single gigabyte of memory.  This poses a problem because he will now be working with video editing and distribution in the promotion of CARM videos which we are producing again.   So, there is a real need to provide him with a new computer.   Also, we rejoice with Ken and his wife as they have just had their second child today!
             I did some research on Amazon and have selected a computer that would be sufficient for each of their needs. It will also be good enough to allow easy and affordable future upgrades and should be good for another 3 to 5 years.  If you're interested, please check out the CARM wish-list at where it is listed.  If you want to contribute or purchase the computer to help us out, please contact me at  What we can do is have the computer shipped directly from Amazon to Carlos and/or Ken (CARM can reimburse you for shipping). I could provide the addresses to you. If you want to contribute a little toward the computers, you can do that by going to the CARM store tab at the top of the homepage and donating. But if you do, just e-mail us at so we will know what it is for.  Thanks in advance for your support and generosity.
  • Video Work and Living Waters Ministry - You might be familiar with Living Waters (, which is a ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. They love CARM and use it quite a bit. Ken Cook has been in contact with them and has worked out a deal.  He has arranged for me to produce a 5 to 6 minute video on a weekly basis and they will distribute it via their ministry. Cool! I produced my first one on Thursday and sent it off.  It was quite a production getting set up, but I finally got it done. Hopefully, I'll perfect how to do it in the near future since I plan to be doing a lot more videos for the CARM website anyway.




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.