Newsletter 04-18-11

  • Catching Up - The past few weeks been very very busy, but I'm finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  For the past eight or so months I have been teaching each Wednesday night at a local church. In preparation for the lessons, I've developed three manuals, along with PowerPoint slides, and video.  The manuals are easy to use and coincide with PowerPoint slides that contain the same information as the manuals.  A friend has been videotaping my teaching and is put together DVD sets.
        The first course I taught was on Basic Christian Doctrine.  It is ready and can be found at  You can see what the sample pages look like by going to 
         I also taught a single night course on eldership and pastor requirements.  I have a 14 page pamphlet for that along with PowerPoint which I haven't released it yet.
         I was asked to teach a course on Calvinism.  So I developed another manual, with PowerPoint, and DVD video of me teaching the series.  It is located at and is called the Calvinism Teaching Course.
         Presently, I'm teaching through Roman Catholicism, already have the manual done along with the PowerPoint.  I'll be releasing them soon, too.   In the meantime, if you'd like to see samples of the Roman Catholic course, go to
  • CARM Writers - As many of you may know, CARM now has several new writers.  It was a tough decision to let others work on CARM, but I finally did it.  Sorry, but it IS my baby, after all.  They are great folks and have lots of talent so we are looking forward to their valuable contributions.  Whew!  CARM can sure use the help!
  • Video Work and Living Waters Ministry - You might be familiar with Living Waters (, which is a ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. They love CARM and use it quite a bit. We have been in contact with them and have worked out a deal.  I will be producing short videos on a weekly basis and they will use them in their ministry.
  • Facebook If you want to help CARM quickly and easily, please go to the CARM home page and "Like" CARM.  It only takes a few seconds and it will really help us out.  Thanks.
  • Rob Bell's "Love Wins" - I'm still reading through Rob Bell's book and have found a great deal of problems with it. I've spent about an hour total on the radio show recently going through the first half of the book. I'll continue to do so until I'm finished and will probably write a review on CARM. 
  • Family Teaching Course - I'm getting real close to diving into the FTC.  Seriously, I am!  Not much more to do before I can really focus on it.  Finally!
  • Jovan Mackenzy - I interviewed a black rapper, God-centered 25 year old show really knows the sovereignty and grace of God and knows how to call people out on the carpet.  Tonight's radio interview was a breath of fresh air as Jovan (pronounced as joevon) and I talked about his calling.  He seeks to trust God, bring glory to him, expose false teachers (i.e., Benny Hinn, Copeland, Creflo Dollar, TBN, etc.) which preaching and teach the doctrines of Grace in his music.  Wow!  I was impressed.  Folks, check out his website at   If you like rap (or even if you don't), check out the ministry of a guy who's seeking to reach everyone he can for the Lord Jesus.  The guy lives on the grace of God and trusts him to provide.  I heartily recommend checking him out.




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