CARM Newsletter 4-22-2015

  • Ohio Fire - Striving for Eternity Ministries ( held a conference in Columbus, Ohio and called it Ohio Fire. I spoke on two topics: The biblical View of Discipleship and The Cost of Discipleship.  The conference went well and we had about 90 attendees. It was great meeting people who like CARM and other people whom I had only encountered via the Internet. It was a blessing.
     After the conference, several of us drove down to Kentucky and attended the Creation Museum. It was nicely done and entertaining. Ken Ham's brother gave us a tour and, I'm glad to say, he likes CARM.  :)
  • Debate on Islam - A few days after the Ohio conference, I flew to Atlanta Georgia where I was in a debate with a Muslim, Shadid Lewis. The topic was " Is Jesus the God man?"  Mr. Lewis used the standard arguments used by the Jehovah's Witnesses against the deity of Christ. So, it was not difficult to answer his objections.
  • CARM Apologetics Cruise - May 11th is the deadline for signing up for the cruise at a discounted rate. If you are interested in going, go to  CARM is working with MRM.  Just let them know that you signed up with CARM.  Come join us for a great cruise in the Caribbean and an enjoyable time with fellow believers.
  • Youtube Help Needed - If you know how to combine different YouTube channels into one, and manage playlists, etc, I would love to talk to you. We have a YouTube channel at  I've been producing videos and uploading them but getting them to categorize and go under the right accounts is very difficult.  So, if you really know what you're doing and would like to volunteer some time to help organize things, please contact me at   Thanks.
  • Christian TV - I wanted to mention a Christian TV show and hopefully you can check it out.  St. Louis Missouri based producers and actors Bryan Kreutz and Brayden Patterson have taken some a-typical false religions and placed them into situations where their leaders must deal with young students of strong Christian hearts and minds.  It is a half hour program that airs on several CW network affiliates in syndication titled “Up on High Ground”.  Since the Up on High Ground TV premiere on October 25, 2014 to date has made 8 episodes, airing on numerous affiliates of the CW, formerly Warner Brothers, and on  So, check it out!
  • Seminar Inquiry - I have been thinking about doing an apologetics seminar.  I've developed a questionnaire about it. If you are interested in filling it out, please go here.  Thanks.
  • CARM Wishlist - CARM has an Amazon wish list. If you want to help us out with anything then take a look here.  It would be a real blessing.  Thank you.
  • CARM Surveys - We are gathering information about the website, users, preferences, seminars, radio show, etc.  If you are interested in taking a survey to help make CARM even better, please go to
  • Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us out by emailing us at to submit suggestions. 



  • Just wanted to say I've been discerning a lot about faith in the last few months, particularly about keeping the family tradition in returning as a Roman Catholicism or going the evangelical route. I work the third-shift here in the liberal mecca that is Massachusetts, and spend a lot of my time listening to sermons and Christian apologetics. Catholic evangelization was not convincing me, and I didn't feel any sort of call from the holy spirit to take part of that faith. Feeling annoyed after listening to Catholic answers, I made the mental note that I needed to go home and pray. Moments after making that decision, I turned on your podcast and was absolutely blown away.
  • May God's blessing be upon you and your work for Him, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Hi. I've never been to your website until this morning when I was trying to get a better understanding of the word "justified." The definition you gave was clear, understandable and very helpful. It was so good, I decided to read the CARM statement of faith and from there, I read your testimony. I was blown away by the statement of faith and that I agreed with it. Your testimony wasn't shocking to me. I am happy you met and experienced the Lord. One day when I was worshiping the Lord, I had a similar experience where the Lord came to me like the sunrise and approached me in brilliant light and the blissful joy I experienced with His presence was beyond anything I could describe. The Lord Jesus Christ is alive and we have the great honor to serve Him! Anyway, I'm writing to share this word of encouragement and to speak a blessing to CARM and you. May God's will be done, His Word go forth, the Name of Jesus be lifted up, and the work of the Holy Spirit be accomplished fully in your life and those you love as you serve Him.


  • You're not a very good speaker such as your debate with Dan Barker. He is much softer than you. You are so hard headed when you speak and you are waving your hands and body all over the place like you are trying to put on a show or trying overcompensate for your weak delivery. Try to be humble when you speak, not lashing out every time. Reserve yourself. Most of all you are hard when you speak, not soft like a Christian. Your arguments against Dan are also weak.
  • Arnold Murray is the best Bible teacher bar none. He didn't have time to suffer fools like you. You should emulate him rather than try to denegrate him. He spent his time educating not tearing down other Christians. You should be ashamed of what you do.
  • Your radio show has become unlistenable.  Every time you are unable to bully a caller into submission or begin to lose a debate you abruptly hand up and then talk nonsense uncontested.




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.