CARM Newsletter 5-16-2013

by Matt Slick

  • CARM Redesign - The CARM redesign is still under way and is expected to be released by the end of this month.  As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the navigation system and layout are the same.  We are adding new features like member log in, favorites, recommended pages option, the ability to see everything you've ordered, the total of contributions, forums integration, Facebook integration, Amazon store integration, etc.  Much work is needed for this project, so please be patient.  It should be out by the end of May.
  • Cancun - All right, I know that some of you must be thinking that I'm being a little ridiculous when I say that I "had" to go to Cancun, Mexico.  However, I really did need to go to meet our Latin American director, Carlos Gabiras, ( who lives in Bogotá, Colombia.  We've been working together for almost five years, and we've never actually met.  He was going to Cancun for a wedding, so Ryan Turner, who supports missionary efforts of CARM and is on the Board of Directors, and I flew down to meet Carlos in Cancun.  Cancun is a beautiful city, and the water is simply incredible.  It is a turquoise/blue that is amazingly pristine.  We were able to talk shop and do some brain storming for a few days, as well as get out and enjoy the beauty of Cancun for one of those days.  Oh, and thanks to that special person who purchased a laptop for Carlos.  I took it down to him and he was both surprised and very appreciative. 
        Miapic is averaging about 5,000 visits a day.  Statistically, it is right on track.  It is doing as well as CARM was when it was four years old.  CARM is now averaging over 60,000 visits a day.  Carlos is working hard to develop Miapic so it can reach more in the Spanish speaking community all over the world.  He translates CARM articles, assists people who contact him for help, and also produces videos in Spanish.  Praise God.  Please pray for him and the Spanish outreach.
  • Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us out by emailing us at to submit suggestions.  Now is the time since we are in the redesign process of CARM and, as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.
  • Amazon connection - We will be moving most, if not all, of our publication projects with CARM to Amazon.  We have a publishing house there (Biblical Press), so all we have to do is get books formatted and converted so they can be purchased anywhere, anytime.  Isn't the internet great? 


  • I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you spend to make CARM such a valuable resource. I've been a frequent visitor of the site since I was old enough to seek answers, and I'm always amazed at the wealth of knowledge and wisdom you share. I'd like to share something personal with you and tell you how your site has helped me overcome a series of bad choices. You don't have to read past the first paragraph, I'm sure you're busy. The "thank you" was my primary goal, the rest is just anonymous venting.........
  • I just want to say a quick thank you for your excellent website! I think it is the best apologetics site on the Internet. It has really helped me to develop and strengthen my faith in Christ. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
  • I have been in turmoil for months..I have prayed, read my bible but felt no relief. It is 7:25 pm and I have been on this computer most of the day trying to find answers. I came across Joe exchanging dialogue with you about his salvation. Praise God!!! It could have been me talking with you. I just wanted to thank you for the work you do and tell you that you have put me back on the right road..trusting in God's word and taking comfort in Jesus and the promise He made to me many years ago. God bless and thanks again,


  • I just love your 'dog vomit' theology -- Love It!
  • Having just spent two hours reading your articles on your website such as Homosexuals and Atheism. I just want to say that i hope you or someone you are close to has a child that is gay! Only the problem is that the poor child will grow up feeling outcast unloved, Unwanted and above all else confused because his or hers parents are brainwashed in their messed up belief system. And by the way can i remind you that it's Christian groups and preachers that are constantly on the streets on our telly and knocking on our doors ramming it down our throats, and not athiests trying to convert you, because as atheists we belive in making your own mind up about our origins, not preaching to or brainwashing children from when they are born, and above all else we all love everyone despite their sexual preferece!! But before i go Matt slick!! look out to your congregation and i will tell you now their is at least one Peodphile their, Becuse what better guise to hide under than an honest to god straight down the line christian man!! Yeh! no one will suspect him!! how can they? he's a christian.
  • You are going to Hell.





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.