Newsletter 06-06-11

  • Articles and Videos - Things have been going well and we're making progress in several areas. We've created new videos as well as new articles.  We are trying to produce a video with each article because the up-and-coming generation isn't into reading as much as they are into watching videos.  Also, search engines will be using more social media when calculating which pages to produce during searches.  That is why we also have CARM's YouTube, CARM's Facebook, and CARM's Twitter accounts.  It is all part of a strategic move. Anyway, producing a video for each article takes longer, but it is worth the effort.
  • Amazon Wish List - I'm mentioning this wish list for two reasons.  First, as we progress in trying new things, we need to increase our technological capacity. For example, when doing videos, in order to make them more appealing, it is best to have different angles from which we can shoot them.  It looks better in the finished product.  At this time, we are working with only one camera.  If we have one or two additional cameras set up simultaneously at different angles, we can do everything in one take and then do the editing easily later.  This would allow us to use our time so much more efficiently.  So, I've found a camera that is relatively cheap, but will produce the same video quality as the good camera -- the one we would use as the master with the soundtrack.  We also have listed some software packages that we need for video editing.  So, if you feel led to help support this work, consider looking at CARM's Amazon wishlist.
        The second reason for listing CARM's Amazon wish list is to provide you with the opportunity to invest in CARM and serve the Lord in supporting us..  We all are called to assist the work of God in some way, so if you feel led, please consider supporting this ministry via the wishlist or at least in prayer.  Prayer is more important than anything else with CARM -- except, of course, seeking to bring glory to God.
  • Praise report - Through the generosity of a CARM supporter, we were able to buy a new computer for Carlos Garbiras who runs the Spanish version of CARM in Bogota, Columbia.  Praise God!  Carlos is doing a great job and more and more people are using the spanish version of CARM.  Interested? Go to
  • Trip to Southern California and Praise Report - My wife's brother, David, was finally released from his five-year jail term in Tijuana, Mexico.  Praise God! We went down to see him at a family reunion. Please pray for him since he has a neurological brain problem (TN) and needs medication and surgery to deal with the pain. In fact, he was incarcerated because he went to Mexico to buy a lot of pills for this disease -- without a Mexican prescription.  Anyway, he got arrested, tried, and sentenced.  The jail was difficult.  He laid flat on the cell floor during a riot when guards were shooting people in his cell.  He was beat up by a gang.  He has been threatened.  He's been beat up by guards for something someone else did.  It was rough.
         Anyway, he ended up getting married to the girl he was arrested with and now they're both born-again Christians. David told me that he was glad he did every last day of his sentence because the Lord had things to teach him, even up to the very end.  But, he is still rough around the edges and the remnants of "jail survival mode" will take a while for him to abandon. Please pray for him and his wife Amanda as they grow in Christ and try to put their lives back together.
  • Living Waters - While I was in California, I stopped by the living Waters headquarters (, the ministry run by Ray Comfort.  Ray showed me a video they are working on that deals with abortion. It was excellent and should be very effective. They did a great job of putting it together with interviews from various people. 
         In addition, they interviewed me on their webcast show called "On the Box". You can check it out at  I'd like to do something similar with CARM - Lord willing.
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