Newsletter 6-10-14

by Matt Slick

  • CARM Update - We are still working on developing the new site with new technology. We have a lot of new features that we want to add into the system, and in order for it all to work we have to progress a lot slower than before. The designer's wife just had a baby and things are now on hold. That's okay. All in God's good timing.
  • Togrul Szadd - Togrul is a CARM volunteer living in the Middle East who has been doing translations for us for a few years. He just graduated from college with his bachelors degree in business (there are no Christian degrees in Muslim countries) and is ready to start full-time with CARM doing Turkish, Russian, and Arabic translations. I spoke with him via Skype two days ago and asked him how much he would need to live on where he could be comfortable. He said $700 a month. If you would like to support Togrul please go to the partner link and then email us and let us know.
  • Cuba Outreach - Some pastors in Cuba contacted Carlos, who runs our Spanish division of CARM, ( and asked him to go there and establish a school of apologetics because there is an infiltration of false teachings in Cuba. God has provided the funds, so he will be leaving this Friday.  Please pray for him for safe travels and that he will be used of God to equip pastors there. We'll update you on this trip when he gets back.
  • Second Life Sim - About nine months ago someone introduced me to a SIM called Second Life. It's a humongous simulated world full of buildings, land, shops, etc. - with all the good and bad of our real world. There are thousands upon thousands of people who participate. I signed up after someone told me that Christianity was under attack there. I've been frequenting the SIM and am having a lot of great conversations. In an attempt to increase communication with unbelievers, and also in order to help equip Christians, I have developed a "parcel" of land where I can arrange for specific discussions at specific times. If you are interested in participating, go to, download the program, install it, follow the steps and then hit CTRL F for "find," type in and teleport. I must warn you that there is a bit of a learning curve with this, but it is doable.
  • Homeschooling videos - We are in the process of developing a video series on homeschooling to equip Christians in their endeavor to educate and train their children. A month ago I went to Portland, Oregon and did some filming on homeschooling with Brian Ray. Two weeks ago I returned there for more filming with Gregg Harris. My wife and I were scheduled to return there this Friday and Saturday to do a group filming with parents of homeschoolers, but it has not materialized. We are postponing it. 
  • - My daughter Hannah is a very gifted artist. She can take a single pencil and draw a portrait of someone that is amazingly realistic with a superb likeness! She is trying to raise enough funds to go on a mission trip to Japan in July ( and she still needs $500. Her website is So, if you would like to receive a beautiful portrait of you and/or a loved one and help Hannah reach her goal at the same time, check out her work on her website. Hannah thanks you!  
  • California Trip in July, August - I have some personal business to take care of in California in late July for a few weeks. I'm looking for speaking engagements during this period from July 27th to August 10th, so let me know if your church would like to have me come teach or preach during this time. My tentative itinerary is as follows:  Starting July 28th - The Bay Area, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, LA, and Orange County. I'm combining this trip with seeing some friends and relatives, so I figured I would make the most of it. 
  • Israel Trip - We are heading to Israel next year for a Bible lands tour. I did it last year and was thoroughly satisfied with how great the trip was. We went to the seven churches of revelation in Turkey, a surprisingly pleasant extension. When we got to Israel, we had the great privilege of seeing so many of the things that are mentioned in the Bible. I am most definitely looking forward to going back. If you'd like to join us, just go to
    It is an awesome trip.
  • Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM? We want to know what you think. Please help us out by emailing us at to submit suggestions. Now is the time since we are in the redesign process of CARM, and as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.