Newsletter 06-16-2010

Slick and Quick

  • Nickelodeon - I couldn't believe what I was reading at  Here's the opening quote of the article:  "The children's network Nickelodeon is now offering a selection of naughty games that allow players to look up teachers' skirts and perform a variety of sexual acts – prominently linking to the sexy games from its popular websites for young kids."  The article has more to say about the degradation that is now being promoted by Nickelodeon.  So, I went to and checked it out for myself.  Sure enough, a link to was there.  I clicked on it, went to the site, and did some looking around.  I did a search for the word "naughty" and found "Naughty Summer Camp:  Naughty Counselors!", Naughty Classroom:  Are you hot for teacher?", etc.  Other titles with "naughty" attached to them included starlets, elevator, airplane, beach, supermarket, babysitter, etc., with more pages listed.
        I then searched for the word "sexy" and found "Sexy Penguin Strip Tease."  The word 'sex' produced a link to "Sex Tape Transcripts Episode 1", but the item had been removed - thankfully.  A search for the term 'suicide' produced two games:  "Karoshi Suicide 2" and "Karoshi Suicide Salaryman."  Words I searched that did not produce any results included "homosexual", "porn", "pervert", "breast", and "lust".  Searching for "kill" produced "Kill a Kitty 2", "Kill Kar", "Graveyard of "Drunken Souls:  Kill anything moving", and many more.
        Nickelodeon, is supposed to be a children's oriented network.  Not any more. is now off limits at our house and I'll be watching to make sure anything on T.V. from there is scrutinized.  Seriously parents, sit down with your kids and watch some shows with them.  Don't just assume that their shows are fine.  This is important!
        Years ago my wife and I stopped letting our children watch Sesame Street when we discovered it promoted children throwing temper tantrums.  We couldn't believe it!  We did not want our kids learning that it was okay to be angry and throw things.
        So, what should we expect from a fallen world?  Exactly what we are seeing.  And, it is going to get worse.
  • $5 Support Drive - In our attempt to expand CARM (and pay expenses) we are asking for a $5 a month donation from you to help keep us going.  It is easy to do.  You just go to, go down to green $5 Monthly Recurring Donation button, click it, fill out the form on the page and you're done.  It is a secure server so it is safe.  Also, it is easy to cancel any time.  You just log into your account and cancel it - we can cancel it if you want, too.  So, would you please consider supporting us by taking about 3 minutes of your time?  It really is a huge help.
        Also, you might want to check out "Why Support CARM?"
  • Manti - Once a year in Manti, Utah there is the "Mormon Miracle Pageant."  Tens of thousands of Mormons gather for this annual event that promotes Mormonism.  It is the perfect opportunity for witnessing to those lost in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.  Hundreds of Christians also attend and start conversations with Mormons.  I've been several times and next week, I plan to drive to Utah, stay with Bill McKeever of, head down with him and others to Manti, and witness to Mormons.  I'll also be taking my video camera and doing a lot of filming and hopefully, we'll put some stuff up on the CARM website.  It is always a fascinating and energizing event.  Christians from all over interconnect, pray, sing praise songs, and reach out to Mormons.  Happily, many LDS hear the truth and leave Mormonism for the true God and true Christ.  Please pray for me and others (including Ryan Turner) who seek to reach the lost in Manti, Utah.
  • Thanks for support - For those of you who have been supporting CARM, thank you.  We sincerely appreciate every dollar that comes in.  Again, thank you.
  • Computer - About every two to three years I build a new computer to keep up with the very heavy demands I put on them for CARM.  Typically, I'll have a lot of programs open at once.  I just checked right now and have 15 programs running including two browsers, a speech recognition program, bible program, Excel, an FTP program, Web editor, Outlook, etc.  Since I spend about 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week, working CARM, researching, writing, doing a ton of administrative work, having a fast computer is extremely helpful.  I always keep up with the latest programs but this means that as they become more powerful, the system slows down.  Lately, I find myself waiting for programs to do what they need -- it's become a nuisance.  So, I'm asking if anyone out there would like to help contribute to some new computer parts.  Its tax-deductible.  If so, please go to the wishlist for carm:
        I've researched some parts and came up with the following.
    • $250 for Motherboard: gigabyte p55-ud6
    • $289 for Processor: Intel Core i7 Processor i7-930 2.80GHz 8 MB LGA1366 CPU, Retail BX80601930
    • $110 for Ram - Corsair XMS3 4 GB PC3-12800 1600Mhz Dual Channel Core i3 i5 i7 DDR3 Memory Kit CMX4GX3M2A1600C9
    • Another option is to go to the support page of CARM, make a donation, then email us and let us know that it is for the computer and we'll use the funds for that purpose.
  • ABNSAT.COM - In May, I went to Detroit, Michigan, and was on, a satellite TV based ministry that reaches out to Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent who live here in the United States and in Canada.  The viewership is probably in the hundreds of thousands.  I'll be on again June 21, 2010 via Skype.  For more info go to  You can watch it live via
  • Podcast - of Faith and Reason Radio.  If you have Itunes, search for Matt Slick, or CARM, or Faith and Reason Radio and you can subscribe to the Radio show podcasts for free.  You can also go to the Podcast link.
  • Writers and Researchers - CARM needs your help! We have hundreds of questions about cult groups and various issues but neither Ryan nor myself has the time to do all the research and writing.  Therefore, CARM is looking for Writers and Researchers.  This would be voluntary, unpaid.
    • Writers - Writers would need to have a bachelors or higher in a theological degree.  You'd be interviewed and if you pass, you'd obtain a bio page on CARM, be instructed on how to write the "CARM way", shown how to put articles on the site as you being the author.  Think you've got what it takes?  If so, here's a small test.  1. How many natures does Jesus have?  2. Is Jesus a man right now?  3. What is imputation?  4. What is the difference between justification and sanctification?  5. Can you describe what the substitutionary atonement accomplished?  If you don't know these things, you're probably not up to the level you need to be at for CARM.   But, if you know these answers, then please pray about working with CARM and afterwards, if you still desire to do this, contact us One more thing, you would need to agree to the CARM statement of Faith.
    • Researchers - We also are looking for individuals who would be interested in doing research projects for CARM.  This would be a volunteer position.  Your responsibilities would be to research and document information on various topics.  You do not need to have a theological degree, but that would help.  Your research would have to be well documented and, of course, we would verify your efforts until we are satisfied that we can trust your research and then we would simply adopt it as we write articles.  You would work with myself, Ryan, and any potential writers for the CARM ministry.  If you are interested, please pray about working with CARM, and, if you still desire to do this, then contact us at
  • Editors for Schools - We need this ASAP.  We have three online schools that are also in spiral-bound form. However, there are occasional typos in them.  We are looking for some volunteers who can go through the schools (one or all) and edit them.  This would entail receiving a Word document that you would keep on your computer (and promise not to distribute), that you would read, and to which you would make corrections.  You would then send the document back to us.  But be warned, the schools aren't exactly small.  There is about 90 lessons in the first two schools and about 40 in the last.  We need this quickly as another, big project is waiting on this.  If interested, please contact us at
  • Computers - Thanks for the spare computer!  I fixed it up and delivered it to Jay at a local Gym.  He's a Christian who helps people out a lot and does ministry work.   He also holds world records in strong man competitions.  Anyway, he needed a decent computer system for security purposes at the gym.  Last newsletter, I asked for a spare system and someone sent me one.  I cleaned it up and delivered it to Jay.  So, thanks!  And boy, was he blessed.
  •     We are interested in knowing how many would consider attending if we had it St. Louis, Missouri in July or August.  I think that's the best place because it is central, has a large airport (which would mean cheaper airfare), etc.
  •     To make it worth people's time and money, if we rented a hotel room, I could speak on a topic or two, we could have another speaker (maybe Bill McKeever of  If that sounds like a good idea.  A church would be better if someone knew of one in the area. 


From Ryan Turner 

  • I want to say a special “Thank you!” to all of you out there who volunteered and helped with the editing of the CARM Online School Manuals.  A few dozen of you graciously responded and generously volunteered your time to proofread various portions of these manuals.  I could not have done this without each one of you! Thanks! We should have the edited version of these manuals available in about a month or so.  I am still in the process of proofreading, adding and editing review questions, etc.
  • Our Spanish website ( is continuing to grow.  We are now seeing around 850-900 unique visitors per day. This is up from around 500 or so a few months ago.  Please continue to pray for this ministry. We still need a video camera, and other video equipment to start producing Spanish videos for distribution on the Internet.  We also are in the process of starting an Arabic apologetics website.  Please pray for this initiative.
  • Also, I will be flying to Salt Lake City this upcoming Wednesday, June 16th, and then will head down to Manti, Utah for two weeks of Mormon evangelism.  As I mentioned in the past, every year the Mormon Church puts on a play in Manti, Utah ( html) recounting the history of the Mormon faith.  The purpose of this play is to encourage the faith of existing Mormons and evangelize non-Mormons. Several thousand Mormons show up each night to watch this play.  In preparation, I have been spending these past few weeks finishing reading the Book of Mormon in order to more effectively reach these Mormon people. This will actually be my third year attending this outreach.  Last year was very encouraging as I had the privilege of being able to share the Gospel with numerous Mormons in various conversations.  Please pray that the Lord will open these Mormon people’s eyes to the true God, the true Jesus, and the true Gospel.

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