CARM Newsletter 07-07-12

by Matt Slick

  • Newsletter Frequency  As many of you realize, getting the CARM newsletter out has been very difficult to do on a timely basis.  So the "weekly" newsletter is sent out about once every 6 to 8 weeks.  This is one of the problems we hope to rectify in the future when we get more staff.  In the meantime, we continue to work hard to produce more on the CARM website.  My apologies.  Matt Slick
  • CARM Publishing House  One of the new things we're working on is a CARM publishing division called Biblical Press.  We already have a book in the works as well as a theological Journal.  We're also hoping to get some big-name writers for it, and it looks like several people are on board.  We are presently in the process of getting a logo for Biblical Press.  If you are interested in taking a look at some of the logo options and maybe even voting, please go to  More on this later.
  • New CARM Section  I recently released a new section on CARM called Preachers and Teachers.  The goal is to do brief examinations of the teachings and practices of various prominent preachers and teachers.  Presently we have a list of about 50 that we need to do with only four finished:  Steven Furtick, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes.  Take a look.  You might be surprised at some of the things that are being taught.
  • Researchers  In light of the Preachers and Teachers section, we could use some research help.  It is all very simple.  All you need to do is read books and/or listen to videos and extract quotes and then e-mail them to  What we need is something like this:  Joe Blow said, "Jesus died to sanctify your right to have a new car."  Found at youtube.com3eu320u...etc., at 3.23 seconds.  Or if it is a book: Joe Blow, Dumb things preachers sometimes say, Dumbo Press, Somewhere U.S.A., 1995, page 37.  This way, I can then verify the quote.  If it's something that can be located on the Internet, it's much faster - just provide the link.  If it is in a book or article, I download the book to my Kindle, find the quote and verify.  I don't need much explanation as far as the quotes go.  If you want to make a comment or two, that is fine.  If you're curious as to what kind of stuff we are looking for, go to and you will see an outline of some of the areas dealing with Scripture, extra biblical revelation, essentials of the faith, church, money, etc...  Thanks.
  • Translations  We are developing CARM in other languages:  Turkish and Portuguese.  We are hoping to fund translations into those languages and support those who are doing the work in their respective countries.  If you would like to support the translation expenses, please contact us at
  • Is water baptism necessary for salvation?  On June 15 in Bellflower, California (L.A. County), I gave a presentation at a Baptist church on why baptism is not necessary for salvation.  The following day I participated in a discussion with a gentleman who holds to baptismal regeneration.  We met in a home, sat opposite each other on two couches, and we "went at it."  It was videotaped.  I have not yet received the video, but when I do I will release it on CARM.
  • Video Shooting - Lights, cameras, action!  We are almost finished with the video room that's being built at a local church.  We have video cameras, lighting equipment, green screen, etc., as we will be furnishing the room for a lot of videotaping.  We are hoping to produce information on Islam, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, and of course Christian theology.  Please keep us in prayer as we move towards expanding the kingdom of God.
  • Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant  During the last week of June, I went to Manti, Utah to the annual Manti Mormon miracle pageant.  It is a yearly presentation by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where a live reenactment of the origins of Mormonism is recounted.  Thousands upon thousands of Mormons show up for it over a two week period.  But, hundreds of Christians from all over also show up in an attempt to witness to those lost in Mormonism.  I released two videos if you are interested in checking them out.  1)  2)
  • New CARM Look Coming  We are in the process of redesigning the current website, and we expect to have it released by the end of July.  It will be cleaner, have the same navigation system, and also include some new bells and whistles.  So, just be ready for it when it happens.
  • Thank You for Your Support  I want to thank all of you who have been supporting CARM over the years.  Our ministry is growing and we are constantly looking for new avenues to reach out.  Your financial support, along with your prayers, has made a huge difference in how far CARM is able to reach out to others.  In fact, CARM is doing so well that we are now regularly averaging over 50,000 page views per day.  Praise God.

Love and Hate Mail


  • I just stumbled upon your website today and so far you guys look to be amazing! You are literally the second website I have found to be completely doctrinally sound and teach apologetics with love for God.
  • HI, today I was visited by two Jehovah's Witnesses and I found you article at very helpful at clarifying certain areas of doctrine. Thanks. PS. I directed them to your website and advised they listened to your radio show. Joseph P. UK.
  • This is just a note to say that I really appreciate I have used your site for years. I have searched everything from Calvinism to Islam to Bible Difficulties to Mormonism…and have used them in my teaching and preaching. I love the concise and profound way you present things. Thanks for your help..and may the Lord continue to use you for his glory. Sincerely in Christ, Cliff Lea Senior Pastor FBC Leesburg, Florida
  • In an internet search on "why Sunday and not Saturday," I ran across your excellent article. Funny that through 4 years of Concordias at the college level and 4 more at the seminary level, I never had this explained to me so succinctly. Thank you. Ken Hahn Fort Pierce, FL


  • Dear Sirs; Based on your claim that some "churches", denominations, groups, are not christian because they contain false teaching, I suggest to you that therefore there is no true church within the foregoing on the face of this earth for the reason that any group you might name of all these said not abide without error [ therefore false teaching]. Including your own effort. Truly spoken by; Frank
  • Based on your claim that some "churches", denominations, groups, are not christian because they contain false teaching, I suggest to you that therefore there is no true church within the foregoing on the face of this earth for the reason that any group you might name of all these said not abide without error [ therefore false teaching]. Including your own effort. Truly spoken by; Frank
  • How did y'all idiots manage to create a website?
  • You are pretty much a pathetic heretic Matt slick. I heard you on the show cutt-off my name sake. This is the reason why I did not want to come to your radio show to debate, unless you explicitly stated to your viewers you'd give me enough time on air and not cut me off. I told you this months ago on April 30th. You have no knowledge of Greek grammar, and you deceive your vulnerable heretic audience with irrelevant non-sense and your poor Greek. You ran from that man on the phone like the scaredy cat that you are, while believing historically ridiculous notions. The Church determined what books would go into the Bible, you can't run away from those facts. I would be interested to debate you on the issue and Greek of Matt 16: 18-19; do you accept or are you a coward to tell your audience that you will not cut me off, or hang up, and that you'll give me time to make my points...there is Absolutely No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church. Or if not, call this number of mine ( xxxxxxxxx) and request a debate on Matt 16:18-19, if you don't want to be embarrassed on your radio show.





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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.