CARM Newsletter 7-28-2015

  • New CARM Writers - We are happy to announce that we have obtained some new writers for the CARM website.  As the ministry expands, and because there is a great demand for so many topics to be covered, we found the need to bring in additional writers.  Please feel free to check out the new articles in the What's New section on CARM.
  • Debate on Islam in Seattle - On the 28th and 29th of August, I am scheduled to be in Seattle for two debates with Shadid Lewis.  Please pray that God would use me for His glory. If you want details on the debate, then periodically check out my page on CARM.  It will be updated it as more information becomes available. 
  • Prepping a Workbook on Islam - I am preparing a workbook/teaching manual on Islam. It should be ready in about three weeks since all I have to do is condense a lot of information on CARM and put it in a form that will be used for manuals.  More on that when it is finished.
  • CARM Apologetics Cruise -Info can be found at  CARM is working with MRM, Mormonism research ministry, an evangelical outreach to those lost in Mormonism.  Just let them know that you signed up with CARM.  Come join us for a great cruise in the Caribbean and an enjoyable time with fellow believers.
  • Audacity the Movie.  Ray Comfort, from Living Waters ministry, has produced a new movie that deals with the issue of homosexuality. You can find it at  There is a $20 donation that is asked in order to view it. But after August 19th, the movie can be viewed for free. Please consider supporting that effort.
  • CARM Youtube Problem - We have not been able to solve our problem with the YouTube video account for CARM. A while back, Google merged several email accounts and in the process we got locked out of carmvideos.  We'll continue trying to resolve this issue, however, if we are not successful, we'll just have to open up a new place to post new videos.





  • Dear Mr. Slick, Thank you for your well thought out response to Mr. Vine's heresy. I have been looking for someone to address Mr. Vine's attack on the Greek language.
  • Just want to tell Matt Slick thank you for all the studying he does.. He has helped me know and understand so much about the Bible . Has answered many questions for me . Thank you Matt I appreciate you brother . God continue to bless you.
  • I saw your explanation on women teaching in the church. Excellent! Thank you for such straight forward truthful study! May You continue to be blessed with truth. Let them, they are just " letting themselves" to be known as being predestined , just like pharaoh, for this purpose. Sincerely, Alex
  • Just had a Jehovah Witness at my door and could not rebut their beliefs on Jesus well enough to suit me, so I turned to the Internet, after talking to my Father-in-Law, and found myself at your sight. I have to admit I was immediately was impressed with the information obtained and just wanted to thank you I love researching and this sight was obviously one of the best found. Thank you, Dan


  • Where does Mr. Slick get his authority to interpret scripture? Once again, a man relying on his own powers to spread heresy. I will continue to rely on the Catholic Church, which was instituted by Christ and has prevailed against the gates of hell for 2000 years. After many left Jesus because this saying was too hard, Jesus didn't say, "oh, come back. I only meant it as a parable, a symbol." He asked his apostles if they, too, would leave him. They said, no, "you have the words of life." Sent from my iPad
  • I cannot believe what you wrote on your page about the name of the Messiah.  You are wrong.  And you can't be more wrong.  I grew up a pastors daughter and grand daughter and I was led to learn all about this.  The name is important to get it right and its just typical of someone with a nazi haircut to be spouting off lies.  Shame on you.  You should be telling the truth but instead you are given over to deception.
  • Seriously, no more New World Illuminati conspiracy discussions. You do know, that just because it's on You Tube doesn't make it fact. What's next, Big Foot and chemtrails? Sincerely, Just an alien, reptilian shapeshifter Illuminati overlord
  • I find your explanation of Catholicism insulting. We are the one true Church…. The first Christians. You made it up and chose what you wanted to believe in. We don’t worship saints and Mary…. We revere them. Hopefully you will make it to heaven with your thoughts and beliefs.




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.