CARM Newsletter 9-1-2015

  • Islam Debate in Seattle - On August 27th - 29th, I was in Shoreline, WA where I spoke at a conference on Islam.  On the 29th, I participated in two debates with Shadid Lewis, a Muslim. The debates went well. We will announce the release date for the videos of the debates as soon as it they are made available by Ministry to Muslims.  The debate topics were "Why did we choose to accept or reject Islam?" and "Why did we choose to accept or reject Christianity?"  If you're interested in the outlines I used for both debates just click on the links.
  • Ministry to Muslims - Islam is a formidable and ultimately dangerous religious presence in the world. Statistically, when the Muslim population of the country increases, violence against non-Muslim groups also increases.  Unfortunately, Muslim people are deceived by Islam. They are victims of the evil one who has promoted the lie of Islam. Ministry to Muslims is an outreach that seeks to minister to those lost in Islam. They are on the front lines.  They arrange debates, go to mosques and dialogue, and go to Arab festivals where they pass out Gospels tracks as they seek to share the truth of Jesus both in Arabic and in English. Would you please pray for that ministry and consider supporting it financially. It is very much needed. You can go here to help:  Ministry to Muslims
        As a side note of "coincidence", George, the director of Ministry to Muslims, attends Calvary Chapel Anaheim on the second Sunday of each month. He knows the pastor there and it was that pastor who married my wife and I almost 29 years ago.  Cool!
  • Bogota, Columbia Trip - Our Spanish division of CARM ( is located in Bogota, Colombia. I've been asked to spend the second week of October in Columbia speaking to various pastors, preaching, teaching, and inaugurating the opening of the South American branch of the CARM apologetic school.  Our finances have not been very strong the past few months. So, if you would like to support this missionary outreach just go to and donate.  The deadline to decide is Oct. 17.  If we can fund it, I go.  If not, I don't.  Finances have been tough, but we are continuing to move forward.
  • Manti, Utah - As many of you know, each June I go to Manti, Utah and attend the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant. It is a gathering of Mormons who watch a reenactment of the early days of Mormonism. Thousands and thousands of Mormons attend to watch the pageant and hundreds of Christians go to witness to the Mormons. It is an awesome outreach. This year I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with a Mormon for about 20 minutes.  
  • Utah Partnership for Christ - On September 18th, I will be at Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City and will speak at the vision banquet for Utah Partnership for Christ. It is a ministry that seeks to reach out to the people of Utah who are lost in Mormonism. If you are interested in attending, please check out the link.  Thanks.




  • "Dear Brother Matt, I am lifting you in prayer. God is faithful... Please be encouraged. Your calling and election is important to the body of Christ... Our Lord is well able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we may ask... And He will fulfill His plans for you. I know you are willing... Please be encouraged Sir. Your ministry is important to us all."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for creating this website, especially the Christian Doctrine section. You gave simple explanations and provided evidence for them. Its refreshing to see Christianity that is not violent but intelligent and offering clarity behind what was an obscure religion to me. I thought your site was going to hail from a specific sect of Christianity and I was surprised to be have my expectations exceeded. I am truly interested in this faith now that I have information that makes perfect sense. I really appreciate the fact that you were steadfast with infallible Christian Doctrine. I believe now more than I ever have before."


  • "You christians are so dumb, too believe GOD made earth, do you even know what GOD is??? MALE/FEMALE/SHEMALE you just dont know, and your answers are kind of rediculious, reason being, you dont know the answers too my questions... yeah mans carbon filing is infallible, so is every other man/female, including YOU... My point being is.. if GOD is any type of matter, animal, person, mammal, anything, something had to make it, it don't just show up out of no-where, use your head.. or does the BIBLE influence you that you have no brains too believe about cells and living organisms????"
  • "Mr Slick What are u trying to prove and why does ur timeline for correct prophecies end in the sixties maybe humans pleasantly surprised the creator we call GOD changed the rest of the story it is ubiquitous omnipotent one after all or maybe not our job is to heed the teachings of one who gave his life to give me mine not nitpick I have about 10 diff scrn names yet am still same imperfect individual Ps I do hold this against u btw u do the same thing by taking verses out of context FYI just sayin man God is God is God as odd as it is it is Pss read conversations with God if ur not too busy criticizing that is."




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.