Newsletter 09-06-11

  • New York Trip - On August 25th, I flew to New York City to speak at the 3rd Internet Mission Forum Conference aimed at reaching China for Christ. They asked me to come on out because I am both familiar with theology and search engine optimization techniques (in order to get higher placement in Google when people do searches).  I spoke six times and did a panel discussion.  It was quite a busy schedule.  Afterwards, hurricane Irene hit.  It really wasn't a big deal, just a lot of wind and rain. New York City shut down the subways and buses so I was stuck in a hotel for a day.  After it passed, the local Chinese pastor took me and another gentleman around New York to see the sights. I saw Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and Times Square. It was amazing to see how many people can be in such a small area. I know, New York City is small, but it was crowded everywhere. Taxis honking, people crossing streets against lights, no one saying hello to anyone, etc.
         Coincidentally, a friend of mine who lives about 5 miles away is an open air preacher. He had driven out to New York to preach. They picked me up from the airport and took me to the hotel where I got situated and then we went out open air preaching in Union Square.  It was the first time I had ever done anything like that.  They gave me a small amplifier and I stood on a platform and preached. It was great. What a blessing it was to be able to speak to about 100 people who sat and listened to the presentation of the gospel by myself and others.
         I got back a day late because all the flights had been canceled but in God's providence, it was just more time to see New York. It was a great trip and I hope that the Lord uses that conference to reach more people in China for His glory.
  • NNU - Northwest Nazarene University will be hosting, Paul Young, the author of The Shack, on September 22 in Nampa Idaho. You may or may not be aware of the anti-biblical teachings that are throughout the book. (If you're interested read the article called The Shack on CARM.)  We will be passing out literature at the conference exposing some of the false teachings in the book and listing some questions for Paul Young, its author. In addition, I released a website called  Check it out.  Also, please pray that it all goes well.
  • Dictionary of Science and Philosophy - I've been slowly adding to both the science and philosophy dictionaries.  In total, there are around 600 words I have to add with each word being a single page on CARM.  It helps with search engines and cross linking so that CARM is more user friendly.  I won't release the dictionaries until they are completed which will probably take another month or two.
  • Bill McKeever - Bill McKeever of the Mormonism Research Ministry ( will be out here in the Boise area at the end of the month. He will come on my radio show and then afterwards he and his right hand man, Eric Johnson, will be presenting a talk on Mormonism at The Crossing Church in Nampa Idaho.  I will be attending. If anyone who gets this newsletter is in the area and wants to attend, the church is located three quarters of a mile north of the 84 freeway off of exit 36.
  • Living waters - Ken Cook who works with CARM, will be joining me on a trip to Living Waters Ministry in Bellflower California this month. Living Waters is run by Ray comfort. It's a great evangelism ministry. Ken and I will be going there in order to learn some of the ins and outs of how they manage their ministry so we might better operate CARM.  I don't have exact dates set but is supposed to happen by the end of September.
  • Help CARM with a simple click - Social networking is becoming a very important part of the Internet. With ministries like CARM, in order to stay relevant and show up on the first page of Google search, it is necessary for us to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1.  You can help us a great deal by going to CARM and clicking on any article that you like and "liking" it with the Facebook button and if you are registered with Google, you can click on the Google plus. You can also tweet the web addresses on twitter. When you do this it will significantly help CARM in search engine placement. This is important because, for example, the Mormon church is making a very strong effort at trying to get top rankings in all of the searches for things like Christianity, Jesus, gospel, Mormonism, etc. So, if you want to help the kingdom of God, help CARM, and help promote the gospel, please consider going to CARM and clicking on articles, going to the bottom of the article and clicking on the social network options. It would be a big help.
  • Amazon Wish List - Please consider the CARM's Amazon wishlist.  There is a list of things that CARM could use and some things that would just be helpful. Please consider participating in the expansion of the kingdom of God by helping CARM acquire some of the items listed there.
  • New Articles and Videos - Here is a list of what we've produced since the last newsletter.
  • Video Camera - We are beginning research into getting a much better video camera.  The one we have is great and produces excellent videos for the Internet.  But now, we want one that will be good enough to produce DVD/Blu-Ray level videos that can be watched on HD TV's because we are going to start working on hour-long teaching videos.  It appears the price range for the Cameras is between 2000 and 3000 dollars.  If you know about cameras and want to recommend something, please email us at  Thanks.


  • "A work colleague of mine is trying to start a Wicca group. I have heard different things and wanted a little more info and from a christian source. I found your site very informative and appeared to be solidly based on Biblical theology. Thanks for the help!"
  • "I wanted to thank you for being obedient by running this ministry. As someone in ministry as well, I find the resources here second to none. I refer folks here all the time. Thank you again, and God bless you!!"
  • "Hello CARM! I just want to let you know that your website is the greatest christian website I have ever seen. CARM has helped me learn alot about the bible, and mainly it has teached me how to be a witness to false religions such as Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, etc. Thank You!"
  • "Just wanted to say that your website has had a substantial impact on my walk with the Lord as of late. I had been having some pretty severe doubts lately and was searching for answers when I stumbled upon your website. What a blessing it has been. Your site has provided a great resource for the knowledge I've been seeking as well as answers to many difficult questions. I can see that the Lord is truly using you to reach the world of unsaved people and it has been very encouraging to me to see the work in action. I especially appreciate your dialogs with individuals who have different beliefs as they can truly be eye opening. I think it would be very interesting if you could post any dialogs of non-Christians coming to Christ after speaking with you (although I realize this will probably violate privacy in some cases). Anyway, keep up the great work and know that it is much appreciated!"


  • "I just want to let you know that this is foolishness and God is not pleased with the bashing of his daughters in the Gospel!! You need to check your love walk before you wreck a lot of souls lives on this foolishness!!! Pastor Dionne Bivins God's Wo MAN!!! Paul talked about his own struggles that scriptures has been used to hold God's WoMAN down since the devil had babies not anymore!! If he can use a donkey to preach to spare a man's life spared what are you different from me! That is foolishness there are more men pastors sleeping molesing homos and out of Order in the House of God and for that where are the MEN. God said take the limits off me by your mouth! I raise up and take down!! Besides any woman that would sit under that foolish teAching shonuff need to leave because her territory in God not man is being cutoff from the land of the Living!! The holyghost has no respect of gender when it comes to God's Grace nor should the pulpit because it is God who should be speaking through a willing and obedient vessel!!! Chew on that for a minute there is more!!!! Pastor Dionne Bivins God's WoMan Pastor, besides only a man with a womb!!"
  • "Besides my husband and I pastor an powerful holyghost bondage balanced ministry and we had some members to probably read this foolishness, now vagabonds wondering wishing now the never left!! You got the Living God to answer too and besides what happen to preaching the Gospel of Jesus that freed not just men but women boys girls sinners like you don't you dare forget and now you want to join satan's. Evil devices to kick against the prick!! Over a woman!! I know we ahim himre powerful and the devil and all his host don't like it!! But guess what I preach on and gave won more souls because that was what we were created not Jew nor Greek bond nor free!! But obedient to God no a foolish woman bashing man!!!"
  • "What gives you the right to say what another faith believes is or is not approved of God and is or is not Christian? After all, most Christian faiths descend from breaking off from the Catholic faith, which they claimed to be in error. So Mr. Slick, whether you're ordained by some protestant break-off from "erroneous" Catholicism or not shouldn't carry a lot of weight with anyone. You're just another of God's children judging another. I think Christ said something about that, did he not? Let's leave it to God to judge righteously which faith is Christian or not. And I'll leave you to worship however you wish. You might want to think about your ministry's propriety with God."
  • "Now first of all come on Prophet's marriages his wife Aisha was not nine years old its a controversy..and his all marriages were destined by Allah in heavens.if u blame him of sex lavishness tht i would make it crystal clear to u that when he started his divine mission Arab chiefs offered him lots of wealth,custody of kaabah and offer to name a most beautiful lady of Arabia to marry..He refused..(hope u Get it).Further more he married a widow of 40 year old khadijah when he was only 25.Now if u say that he married to have almighty dollar then why not he accepted Arab's option of Arabs to have a young beautiful girl and lots of Money?you blame islam tht it has spread under influence of sword so my dear muslims have ruled subcontinent for more thn 2 or 3 hundred years thn why present india blieves Hinduism?infact if u say tht islam kills those who turn to christianity its evil.thn why christian did not welcome islam in spain and they tortured muslims to leave spain?"





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