Newsletter 10-16-10

  • Vacation time - I took last week off, a "stay-cation" while my wife and kids went to SoCal to visit friends and go to Disneyland.  I was pretty successful in lazing much around the house.  But it is difficult to stay away from CARM and watch B-rated science fiction movies for 7 days.  I had to do "something" -- so I started cleaning my house.  (Don't tell my wife.)   I didn't do the radio show all week nor have I answered many e-mails. But, I did teach two theology courses (basic theology on Wednesday and Romans on Friday) which was a nice break from the  b o r e d o m.  It was fun not doing very much.  But, Lord willing, I'll be back on the radio next week and back to my busy-ol'-self.
  • CAR - The Lord provided of van for us. A friend of ours was selling his van for a decent price that we were able to scrape up the money (make two payments) in order to get it. Praise God.  Our old van is now at a junk yard after it finally gave up the ghost.
  • Theology Course - the Wednesday theology courses going well. We are videotaping it. To be honest, I don't like seeing myself on video and I always think I could do a better job. Nevertheless, we hope to provide the DVDs and manual for distribution later on.  If you want to see what a few the pages of the manual will look like, check them out here.
  • Twitter - I have been trying to post on twitter every day. I have been putting up little sayings that, I hope, are helpful for people.  Here's an example of some of the posts on twitter.
    • Prayer changes the one praying and moves him into the will of God.  So, the more you pray, the more you're in his will.
    • The purpose of our earthly trials is to sift out what is truly genuine in our faith.
    • God's holiness cannot be defined from without or from within.
    • The aim of God's patience is to induce our repentance.
    • Power in prayer is not gained by occasional bursts of obedience, but by a life of humility and trust in God as you follow Christ. 
    • Sometimes we need to be discouraged to be straightened out. We need to give up trying to be in control and submit to God's work and will.
  • Family Teaching Course - I've still not picked up the Family Teaching Course yet. I'm taking all my time trying to develop more articles for CARM for search engine placement improvement, developing the course work for the Roman Catholic class of the teaching soon, etc.  I appreciate your patience.
  • Amazon Wish List - The CARM Amazon Wish List worked well.  Thanks to those of you who purchased and sent computer parts for CARM. I have built a new system and am using it now.  It is much faster and is able to use a lot more RAM which means I can get a lot more done. So, thank you very much. Your support has manifested in real time with an increase in productivity here at CARM.
  • CARM Info - CARM traffic is increasing.  This is good.  We now average about 38,000 page views a day.  That's about 1 million per month.  Our donations are down... that happens.  Please consider supporting us.


Love and Hate Mail


  • your site and podcast are such a great resource. I sometimes smile or cringe when I hear you sort out some caller cause you are tough but honest and fair. Thanks for being such a blessing to the world - us Christians who don't know the answers and to the not so sure out there too. Well done mate.
  • Thank YOU for what you do in your ministry.  I think it is desperately needed, especially in today's feel good, fluffy "Christianity"  God Bless you and your ministry! I will continue to keep you and your wife in my prayers. 
  • How did I go this long (years) without knowing about your website!  What an amazing job of organizing and thoroughly explaining.  I am a former Catholic living near Notre Dame, IN.  Your site gives me a lot of tools to work with when talking to Catholics in the area!  Thank you!  Also, I just had some Mormons over (I invited them!).  I found this website after they left searching for more information on the baptism of the dead.  Thank you so much for your ministry!  (Wish I found this BEFORE they came over).  Just thought I would send some encouragement your way.
  • I just finished reading The Garden[renamed to The Influence] and it was so good.  Gripping, passionate, terrifying, and heartfelt.  Thank you.
  • First, I thank God, and you, for your clear, concise, and useful novel, "The Influence," which I just read as an ebook. Because my own experiences of other religions had been so intense, once I became a Christian I looked for explanations to help me understand what I had been through. I studied Bible-based non-fiction works, but found Frank Peretti's novels ("This Present Darkness" and "Piercing The Darkness") the most descriptive of what I experienced - until I read your novel. The evil spirits I felt in my life and saw in others' lives were horrendous, hate-filled, and destructive, just as you describe in your book. Also, the power of God has been so miraculous, personal, and powerful, which you also describe well. 


  •  I came across your website and only one word comes to mind after reading a bit and watching a few of your videos... WOW! Unfortunately I am not meaning wow in a good way. This is literally th biggest bunch of ******* I have found on the web in a long time. The fact that you speak articulately and almost seem reasonable is probably the part that makes my head hurt the most. Some how you have a logical mind with illogical conclusions. WOW. I can not believe that you actually believe the crap you say. You must be putting up a front for money, it's the only explanation. There is no way that anyone can be as delusional as you on every subject and not be locked away in an asylum? Once again... WOW!
  • The stuff you wrote on wicca is completely rude and not appropriate. Just because we don't believe the same stuff as you do does not mean you have to write such things. I may just be 14 but i'm smart and I have my opinions. You think that we are ignorant when we are not. I used to be christian but it didn't work for me at all. Wicca is a nicer,more comfortable religion for me. The Goddess and God are real, whether you choose to accept it or not. Also, for your information, pagan beliefs were on this earth way before christianity was. My parents are christians and they have no problem with me being a witch. They raised me just fine. The only question that I would have for you is Why can't we coexist?
  • Your apology to Wiccans has greatly distressed me and my fellow Wiccan friends, for many reasons:
    You may seem in the apology that you are understanding, but the further I read, the more I felt like I was being addressed like a child who didn't know any better. You go on about how we wouldn't know if we were contacting demonic forces. And we don't. No one knows the truth behind any religion. How do you know that what you worship isn't a load of crap, excuse my language? And if you answer with, "We go by the word of God, he provides for us, and speaks to us" then we can very well say the same about the Deities. When you are devoted to a religion, you can sense a connection, can't you? Isn't that how it is in ALL religions? Our religion has been going on longer than Christianity anyway, so I don't understand why you are so judgemental towards us. 
       Also, you go on to say how we're moving into the darkness by further involving ourselves in Wicca, and that we resent symbols in Christianity, and like dark things? How can you be to stereotypical? How can you be so prejudice? How can you be such a hypocrite as to assume these things and claim to be holy? That's impossible. A good majority of us respect all other religions, such as myself. Why can't we all coexist, right? Live in peace without judging one another? A good majority of us ENJOY light colors. I don't understand why we couldn't like black if we wanted to, anyway. Wicca is about peace in yourself, and peace with the earth and others. The spells are to benefit ourselves. Having the power to do that is not demonic. Wicca is not at all about dark things. You have completely taken the stereotype and judged us ALL based on the little knowledge you have on us. And that has caused me to believe that you at CARM are hypocrites. I'm not saying that I resent the cross, or Jesus, or God, or Christianity, I'm saying YOU, YOURSELVES need to learn that you are not always correct. Christianity isn't the only "right" choice. You don't have the right to judge others based on the little facts that you know.
      And no, I don't want this to be quoted on your website. I hope you have learned at least something from this letter.
    And for the record, my father is a Christian. I respect him and his church greatly because they respect me and love me for who I am, not what I worship. Learn to look beyond someone's religion for their true colors. I've already seen yours.
    - A Proud Witch.




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