Newsletter 11-08-10

  • Cut Backs - Everybody is being hit by the recession and CARM is no different. We've begun cutbacks.  Since I'm the president, my salary has been reduced so that others' salaries would not be.  If you can support us with five dollars a month, that would be helpful. For those of you who are already supporting us, thank you very very much. You are keeping us going.
  • - Very soon we will be promoting the CARM blog.  We've got a couple of really good blog posters who are going to contribute making it an intriguing place to visit.  You can check it out now if you want, but it isn't fully ready. It should be within the week.
  • Family Teaching Course - I still have not been able to finish the Family Teaching Course.  I know that there are a lot of you waiting for it and I apologize for the continued delay. However, I have to finish developing the Roman Catholic course I'm teaching on Wednesdays (which will be videotaped).  After it is completed, if nothing else comes up, I will tackle the family training course. Again, I appreciate your patience.
  • Carlos is our Spanish language manager of the Spanish language CARM site (  His wife, Leonor, is having heart problems.  Please pray for her health.  Thanks.
  • You Tube - In case you're not aware or have forgotten, CARM has videos on youtube.  You can access them at  If you want, check them out and leave comments and give thumbs up because a lot of unbelievers, who don't like the videos, automatically give thumbs down.  Also, you might enjoy them.  God bless. 
  • Like Button - CARM has installed a "Like Button" for Facebook.  If you like an article, click on the like button at the bottom and it will be promoted on Facebook.  Thanks.

Love and Hate Mail

Love (Our apologies for letting a couple cuss words get through in the last newsletter.)

  • I'm a Christian woman in Toronto who has recently had an abortion.  Your web site has brought an abundance of healing to me.  Thank you for your web site and the truth it contains.  Please continue to uncover difficult and unpleasant subjects like this to help all Christians understand exactly what Jesus has done for us.
  • Hey, please forward this to Matt, If its not him readind this. I just wanted to thank you for taking to time to speak to me on friday the 15 of october. Although it was very early in the morning you took the time to speak with me. It was very nice to be able to speak with some one who obviously has such a strong faith! Again I am not a member of or follower of any religion or church, just someone who is searching to find my own personal beliefs. I certainly was impressed by your frankness and willingness to listen to what I had to say. I read your statement of faith very carefully, and It was clear, but as with any brief document I understand that it couldnt spell out everything you believe, but it was very clear. So just to let you know I AM NOT a follower of that Murry guy at this or any time. Your kindness and explanation of your faith is something I will be thinking about a lot in the next few days. Thank you again for taking the time to speak to me. If you do decide to answer your own letter it will let me and everyone who reads that particular section of you web site know and understand exactly how you feel and what you believe about the questions you have asked another.
  • I might be losing my place at my church for my reformed beliefs. I am one of the Pastors who leads a young adult group here and I have been intentional about bringing about issues of scripture that have made people think and own the faith. It seems that others in leadership disagree. They want to police peoples words. They have said that discussions on Calvinism can cause division. I am so tired Matt. Very exhausted for fighting against women Pastors and other non biblical issues. Especially when others who call themselves Pastors haven't even thought of these issues. Please pray for me. I have listened to all of your podcasts for the past 2 years. I have learned so much from your ministry and I want to thank you for giving me the means to struggle with my faith. The struggle is always better than settling with ignorance. God bless you and and please keep me in your prayers.
  • My conversation with you today was awesome. I've been wanting to call and talk to you for a while. But most of the topics you discus are way more interesting to listen to that to participate in. Anyway. Please feel free to call on me in the future if you want to talk about men's and woman's roles. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I'm not an expert at all, but I do love him. We are coming out of one of the tougher years of our marriage due to post partum affecting me more than I imagined it could. Having two boys is wonderful, but there were a few months were I didn't know if I would survive that first year! Please let me know if you choose to do this in the future. I'd love to participate. Thanks so much for your ministry, Matt. You're website and resources are a blessing!
  • Hi, Matt! Hope you are doing well. I am in full-time Christian ministry both at our church and in radio. I love the resources you compile because it gives me so much material to use in teaching Sunday School, working with teens, etc. I am not a five-point Calvinist (yet) but am exploring that view because men I respect like you, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and John Piper hold that view. Part of my interest stems from the fact that I have been exposed to many emotional altar calls over the years, especially as a young man, and I know people who have gone forward but demonstrated no evidence of conversion after the event. This is troubling to me and makes me distrustful of attempts by men to induce conversions (like selling insurance or used cars) v. the work of the Holy Spirit in peoples' hearts. One of my professors at Bob Jones called such altar calls "nutty." Anyhow, thanks for a great website and I will send some support along when I am able to do so. God bless!


  • I was reading on your website, and I would like to point out something. I myself am a bisexual Christian and I found your article outrageous. Point is, you say the animal kingdom is cruel? I would like to point out that the human race is the only living creature that kills its own species, besides chimpanzee's. Humans commit hideous crimes such as rape, incest, child porn etc. against their young, which is much worse than any animal eating their young. I also noticed you led out of the article with 1 Tim. 1:5. I don't understand how you could type this article, hating homosexuals publicly, and think your "instruction" was brought fourth with a "pure heart", "good conscience," and "a sincere faith." I myself am a bisexual Christian, and I know God loves me. You are quite lucky He is forgiving with so much hate in your heart.
  • your ****** retarded, i dont understand how anyone who has the slightest bit of intelligence can belive there is a god. there is no god. all you people who belive this are just scared of what will happen after you die. when you die it will be exactly the same as befor you were born NOTHING and you wont be able to tell its nothing couse your brain wont be alive. i just cant belive theres people out there that think some guy snapped his fingers and made you and everything else, and your reason for beliving this is becouse its written in some ****** book, and you say well the book has to be true and i say why and you say becouse it says its true inside the book, of course it wouldnt say it was lying you ****** idiot. your dumb and everyone who belives in any religion at all is ******* stupid just i could go on for days about how there is no proof of god whatsoever exccept in a book that is a collection folk lore thats not even true, youv been lied to. i hope you kill yourself and find out theres no god. no heaven and no hell. and even if there was a hell id rather go there anyways and hang out with the hookers then be around your dumb ****** ***,
  • you see, you are ***** wrong and it is almighty Thor who is transcendant and the originator of logic. stop blaspheming and making up ridiculous gods like God. we both know the true gods are the norsic ones. good day to you sir
  • You people will all burn in HELL for you do not preach the word of god, nor do you preach or practice christianity. Everyone is created naturally as god intended it to be, natural like evolution he made the DNA and cultivated the Universe as we know it, you people who speak of practice the words of sinful sinners who used form of systems abuse to bring people into your donominations are the real ugliness of satin, and will surly burn. We are all created equally throught the same processes and loved by god. There is no such thing as perfection, nothing is perfect, abnormalities are what enables the universe to work and exist, and us to be here on our hospitible planet. Do your research and get an education. The bible was written by men who wanted to get rich by scaring people into thier fold you **** *****, and you do the same. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no right or wrong person, there are people who bad things against humanity and those you do not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD will be the only person to judge them and forgive them and for you to expell people from your flock for who God creted them to be is a sin on YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How ironic your website condemns another Christian Faith, yet ...... Jesus is their center theme and focus......I Pray the LORD will have mercy on whomever is spreading this because Hatred and STRIFE and FAILURE to search the scriptures will result in biblical eternal judgement !








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