CARM Newsletter 12-4-12

by Matt Slick

  • Newsletter - With so many things to do, the newsletter fell to the bottom of the list.  So, for those of you who might have thought that you weren't on the right list, you were.  I just didn't get to it.  Here is the last newsletter for the year. By the way, I hope to get this out on a more timely basis in the year 2013.
  • Video Room -  CARM now has a video room with three high-end cameras, three wireless microphones, soundproofing, lighting, furniture, decorations, etc. We've already used it to videotape a whole series on Islam with a Muslim expert, David Wood.  The video's files are now with the video editor and he will be compiling the information.  It should be released sometime early next year. We also hope to provide more videos on other topics such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Doctrine, etc. I also plan to start doing either 60 second or 90 second videos on various topics like the Trinity, justification, salvation, etc. I'm thinking about calling them the CARM minute or the CARM 90.  More on that after Christmas.
  • Boise Mormon Temple Outreach - In October and November of this year, here in the Boise Idaho area, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) rededicated their Boise Temple. Several of us spent six weeks off and on  standing out in front of the temple with signs. Mine read We got a lot of positive as well as negative feedback from people.  The goal was to inform the public of the true teachings of Mormonism so that they might not be duped by this non-Christian cult. If you would like to see a video compilation of what we did, go to
  • New CARM Design Failure - As I mentioned before, I've been working with people regarding the CARM redesign.  Long story short, the whole thing fell through. So, at the beginning of the year I will try again but in a different direction and with a different company. It will cost several thousand dollars to get CARM redesigned, but it will be worth it because we want to add many new bells and whistles that will make the user experience much better.
  • CARM Ap For Phones- We are presently having a CARM Phone ap developed for the iPhone and Android systems.   The scheduled release should be in the February and we will let you know about it when it is released.
  • CARM statistics - CARM is doing very well statistically. In 1999, CARM averaged 933,712 page views a month. In 2010 it was 1,011,044. In 2011 it was 1,214,537. In 2012 it is 1,489,783. We have been averaging close to 60,000 page views a day and it's slowly increasing. So, praise God for his blessing on this ministry as it grows in usage and in different languages.
  • Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation Debate - is a voice/chat room system. I frequent it and often answer questions and do teaching. This week I was challenged to an impromptu debate on whether or not baptism is necessary for salvation. Someone recorded it and released it on the Internet. If you are interested in checking it out, please go to
  • Atheist Debate - A few days ago I was cruising around the Internet and stumbled on a link to a debate I had with an atheist here in Boise, Idaho. It was with a well-known atheist named Eddie Tabash.  If  you are interested in checking that out, go to
  • Thank You for Your Support - I want to thank all of you who have been supporting CARM over the years. Our ministry is growing and we are constantly looking for new avenues to reach out. Your financial support along with your prayers have made a huge difference in how far CARM is able to reach out to others. In fact, CARM is doing so well that we are now regularly averaging over 50,000 page views per day.  Praise God.


  • I am a former Pentecostal preacher who after several attempts finally broke all ties with the false doctrines and practices of Pentecostalism/Charismania, and have found great joy in God in a true Bible based Baptist church here in Houston, Texas. I was in Pentecostalism for over 17 years as a minister, and over 21 years as a member. I find your site very helpful in my continued growth in the faith. Oh, by the way, the branch of Pentecostalism I was in was Oneness Pentecostalism, just to let you know. I am writing this to thank you for your work in defending true biblical Christianity. CARM is a site that is hated among Oneness, and I know now it is because of the truth presented there. I have found great peace in Christ through the ability to have some of my own questions answered, and not having to hide my objections. Please keep up the good work, and may the grace of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, even on this, the Lord’s day.
  • Mr. Slick - I want to keep this very short and just give you a heart felt thanks for your website and all other materials and knowledge you provide to Christians worldwide. I am a born again Christian, who with your guidance, I would like to think, has questioned every practice and theology of modern evangelicals from a biblical perspective. I have thoroughly enjoyed the three schools I signed up for a few months back and am always pleased to find that you have typically written an article on any question that comes up during my theological studies. You are truly God's hands and a blessing to the Christian worldview.
  • I want to thank you for your well written articles. Not only are these articles very informative and biblically sound, but they have correct grammar and punctuation! Whoever is doing your proofreading and copyediting is doing a great job!


  • Matt slick has no business going to schools and teaching his OPINION on being gay, neither do any of you. And how dare you let him put that crap on your website. Christians have been the cause of mass murder, since the dark ages when the religion was first made legal, all in the name of god. Who says only he had the power to judge any of us
  • I haven't thought much about predestination in many years but I remember it as highly repugnant, and you confirm this. Have we not evolved from the colonial era and whatever happened to a God that is worthy of worship? You still regard him as holy, but this is a stripped down version of the concept. I will not go to my grave believing that God created evil and is not compassionate and merciful to all--no matter what verses you cite. For example the Garden of Eden needs to be thrown out since it reads as a divine trap set by God for two ignorant persons who were obviously predestined to fail the test. What is the nature of your God? God is not the 1000 pound gorilla in the room so sovereign and uncaring as to require us to tip toe fearfully around him without love, compassion and a personal relationship. If so I will gladly go to hell shaking my fist at him. I will pity you in heaven if you are afflicted with any remorse over the rest of humanity that didn't guess right. Surely the modern church has modified colonial era preaching
  • The false religion of Protestantism rejects some truth or truths taught by Jesus Christ, and the authority established by Him in His one Church. These self-made groups cannot reach agreement on what version of their denominationally translated “bibles” they are to use. Only the Church has the One True Bible, but not the denominations. The phenomenon of Denominationalism is a clear sign of man made religion. I must inform you in charity that everyone who dies outside the Catholic Faith is condemned to eternal fire: eternal death and eternal sorrow. 'You will die in your sins' if you persist in your false faith. (St. John 8:23-24) For there is no remission of sins outside the One True Faith. A person who believes in Jesus Christ is a person who accepts all his Truths. To reject even one [of His Truths] is heresy. St. Mat. 18:17 "And if he will not hear the Church, let him be to thee as the heathen and the publican." Those who don't listen to the Church are Pagans.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.