CARM Newsletter 12-16-2015

  • - From November 10th through the 14th I was in the Detroit Michigan area where I participated in two debates with a Muslim. The first debate was Does the Quran Agree with the Bible's Use of 'God' and 'Son of God'?  The second was Do Muslims worship Idols?.  After the debates, I did about 10 or 12 different TV shows. It was on Friday night that we changed our last topic because of the terrorist bombings in Paris. Our hearts go out to those who suffered in that great tragedy.
  • Islam Course - We are on the verge of releasing a video course on Islam that David Wood of and I did a while back.  It will come with a workbook as well as a set of dvds and is perfect for classroom settings as well as personal use.  We hope to get the series released in a couple of weeks.  If you would like to see our intro teaser to the course go to Youtube. When it is ready, we'll send an update email telling those who are interested how they can get it.
  • Debate in Houston, TX - I have been asked to debate the issue of the charismatic gifts in Houston Texas on January 16, 2016. Normally, I wouldn't really debate such a topic because I prefer to debate atheists, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, etc.  However, I agreed to do it because I thought it might be interesting and also I could go visit Joel Osteen's church.  That way, I can do some research. The venue is at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston, 1311 Holman Street, Houston, TX, 77004 (713-529-3589).  My opponent is Dr. Sam Waldron, the Dean of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and professor of Systematic Theology.  It should be an informative and lively debate.
  • CARM 2016 Statistics - By averaging the daily visits to CARM, we can extrapolate to the end of the year. CARM will have received 24 million page views with 16.5 million visitors. The most popular article has been "What does the Bible say about homosexuality."  In the past few weeks, access to CARM articles on Islam have been on the increase.  Our Spanish site,, has received 5.6 million page views with 3.2 million users. That is fantastic.  This coming year, we hope to release two more language sites, one in Turkish and the other in Portuguese. We have two people doing a lot of translations.  Hundreds of articles have already been translated.




  • "I simply wanted to send a brief letter of gratitude. My wife and I are Southern Baptists and have been approached several times by Mormon missionaries who frequently visit homes in our neighborhood in our North Atlanta suburb. We are always polite, and have even invited them into our living room to engage them in conversation. As we learned more about their Mormon faith, we both quickly confirmed that Mormonism is contradictory to Christianity, however neither of us felt prepared to confidently and specifically explain how and where those contradictions exist. I found your website via a Google search and became immediately fascinated by your article "Mormon Beliefs, Are They Christian?" This article does a fabulous job of articulating many of my thoughts into a structured and organized fashion. This will be a great resource to use in future conversations with the young Mormons. While I admire their commitment to their faith, and applaud them for their strong convictions, it saddens my wife and I to know that they have been so misguided and misled to believe things so contradictory to God's Word. We hope to be able to share Truth with them in future engagements. Again, THANK YOU for taking the time to author that article. I am sure it has benefited so many others as well.


  • I am listening to your show for the first time. You're reading hate/whacko mail. I'm wondering if you'd ever consider having guests on? You seem to like to hear yourself talk and tell yourself inside jokes. I've been listening for 27 minutes and haven't heard anything worth using to preach to someone else. You're like the Jay Leno of Christian talk radio. Except you don't have guests. Do you do this in your basement? The quality is terrible. I can hear someone in the laundry room next to you organizing shoes.
  • You are more and more rude. For what?your teaching is doubtful and you have not seen the wood for trees. Who taught you about symbols? And who taught you about -"this IS my body". I can tell that you must take a few more years to realise the error you have committed. You had better be courteous in future because this backfiring. Your culture is showing through. As well as your Christianity. I don't need you but I will also pray for you because I think using this website is obviously stressing you and driving you to vague battling. Kindly do not email me again




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.