CARM Newsletter 12-29-09

  • Merry Christmas:  We at CARM hope that all of you have had a Merry Christmas.  Our Lord's birthday wasn't on 12/25, but the celebration of his birthday is still worth being a national holiday -- world wide.
  • Newsletters:  We apologize for the delay in getting our newsletters out.  With the holidays and the release of the new discussion boards, we've just been too busy.  So many things, so fast.  I'm sure you know how unexpected and time-consuming events eat up the day and force things into the background.
  • New Discussion Forums.  We have released the New Forums at  The old forums are still open ( until the new forums' bugs are worked out.  Still, they work very well and look very good.  In fact, one of the features of the new boards is the ability to promote posts to permanent residency on the new "home" section of the forums as articles. 
  • Thanks:  Thanks to everyone who has supported CARM.  We sincerely thank each and everyone one of you and appreciate all you've done. 
  • Supporters:  We plan to on getting the donations receipts out by end of January.  We have instituted a new system with Quickbooks online and this January will be the first time using it and sending out receipts.  It should be quick and easy.
  • Debate:  On 12/5/09 I debated Eddie Tabash, an atheist, on the topic, "Does God exist?"  I presented the Cosmological Argument.  Afterwards, an atheist approached me and said he didn't agree with me, but that I won the debate.  The link goes to the argument and there is a PowerPoint presentation you can download and go through if interested.  We plan to release the debate when they get it to us.
  • is our new Spanish site.  Ryan has much to say about it below.
  • Radio Show:  CARM's radio show is still going strong.  January 2, is our 4 year anniversary.  Woo hoo!  You can check us out online and/or watch us live during the show by going to the CARM homepage.  We broadcast live video during the show, M-F, 6-7 PM, MST.  We also have a toll free number to call during the show.  877-207-2276

Love and Hate Mail


  • CARM, I am a Missionary Church planter working in Honduras, Central America. Our goal is to start Baptist churches in this area of the world. Our city is influenced greatly by both the Mormons and JW’s., a challenge overlooked on our study trips. However, your material has been a great help. Thank you for your efforts to protect sound Biblical doctrine. Robbie
  • Sir/Ma'am, I am a USAF military adviser to the newly developing Iraqi Air Force. Though I have often referred to in the past to better understand what Jesus Christ did for us and gain further biblical clarity, I now use your website to hone a basic understanding about Islam. I work with over 30 Iraqi nationals directly. Though they are all Muslim, they have different views about Islam and the divisions within Islam (Shia, Sunni, Muhammadian, etc.). It is really quite interesting when they talk about Islam and what being Muslim is like. And to think that someone (who was very proud to be Muslim!) once told me, "There are no divisions within Islam...."
  • I just want to say thank you for this priceless resource which has helped me gain a better understanding of what Islam is and to better relate to them culturally. It has helped me better understand the Iraqis I work with on a daily basis to advise them on their military duties. It has also helped establish a bond of trust and comfort between us which has been greatly beneficial. Though I cannot actively minister (or) share my personal faith in Jesus Christ, perhaps the Lord will bless me by being a positive example to them which may be a stepping stone for someone else to lead them to Christ. Very Respectfully, Requested to be Anonymous
  • To Matt Slick and whomever else writes about religious movements, I just want to say thank you so much for making this website. It has helped me so much and strengthened my faith in God. I have a JW in my class and she is trying to convert me. I didn’t know why. I thought we were both Christians, but due to this website I have learned so much. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You don’t know how much you’ve done for me! God bless! Anna from England
  • Matt, I would like to say good job at the debate. I can say that because I have a standard by which to judge. Really, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the debate and thought you did an excellent job. Blessings, Michael Hamilton
  • Thank you for your article "What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Can a Christian Commit It?" What a blessing this article was to me! My heart was filled with worry at the thought that I might have committed the unforgivable sin. This article thankfully laid that worry to rest as I am a believer and seek Christ daily. I cannot thank you enough for helping to lay this worry to rest by explaining the context of the Scripture. The Spirit is indeed alive and at work in your ministry. Praise God! May blessings abound upon you all. In Christ, Carol Ann


  • I was readin ur article wher u showed ur conversation between u and 2 members of The LDS Church. I was laughin at ur stubbornness, Anonymous
  • Dear CARM, I used to be a homosexual. I am a 17 year old boy and have been searching for answers. After reading what Christians see Gays and the LGBT community, I realized how love can be pure sin! I prayed to Jesus and he gave me the motivation to take my uncle's pistol and plan to commit suicide. In just 1 week, I will be with the angels in Heaven. God Bless and Death to Gays like me, Drew
  • ur telling that there r many error in koran, but it is completely false to ur opinion. the true and an error found in the book was the bible only. there were so many version which was created or written by the human only. but the koran is the holy book which is the only word of the god(ALLAH). OK. I AM CHALLENGING U, IF UR ABLE TO FIND THE ERROR OR MISTAKE IN KORAN, PLEASE U HAVE TO SHOW ME THOSE ERRORS. BCOS IN KORAN GOD ALSO CHALLENGING THE UNBELIEVERS OF ISLAM TO FIND MISTAKES OR ANY ERROR IN KORAN. (GOD(ALLAH) HAS SENT THE JESUS(ESAA(ALAIHISSALAAM)) AS A MESSENGER TO HIS PEOPLE TO PREACH ABOUT ISLAM. BUT U(CHRISTIAN AND JEWS) MAKE THE ERROR. SARFUDHEEN.A
  • Regarding your writing on Pastor Murray and Shepherds Chapel I can only say this. When someone takes the time to devote a page to something they disagree with, the motive is to discredit ,regardless if you claim your not trying to. If you disagree thats fine, but who are you to try to influence others? Id say youre the typical so called mainstream christian (or profess to be) that if you dont agree entirley with them you must be a heretic. If i were you id worry about your own relationship with God and let other choose their own path. As far as documentation on where youre wrong, i dont feel youre worth that effort, the soil is obviously not fertile and no seed will grow there! Anonymous
  • Your comments on this religion [Christian Science] are cruel, un-Christian, in-accurate and full of lies and half truths! And you speak as a Christian? Shame on you dear one and God preserve you and lead you in to the Truth and Truth Speaking!!




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.