CARM Newsletter 8-9-2013

From Matt Slick, President

  • CwebsiteARM Redesign - We have been working through the CARM redesign for quite a while. I can finally tell you that it is about ready to be released. We have a working model, but there are about three more tweaks that need to be made before it is ready to be released. It turns out that the site is a lot more complicated and vast than the development group had realized. We have been very patient. I hope you like it when it comes out. It has new look (same navigation system), additional features, a new newsletter system, related articles system, sign up system, etc. So, I do hope that we can get this out and finished by the end of August. It looks good. And, I apologize for the delay.
  • Manti, Utah - In June I went to Manti, Utah for the annual Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant. Each year at the Manti Temple there is a play on the side of the hill that is supposed to commemorate the founding of the Mormon Church. There are vendors, lots of Mormons, and of course Christians from everywhere. The latter converge on the event hoping to share the true gospel with those lost in Mormonism. I went and had a very interesting time and shot a lot of video, but I haven't yet edited it. At one point, an obstreperous individual said he wanted to punch me. I didn't think he was very serious, but I took a step back nonetheless. His father started poking me on the shoulder and I asked him to stop...and I backed up some more. The police stood watching about 20 feet away. Other than that, everything went smoothly. I can understand why the Mormons would be upset at us being there, but I would rather them be upset with us and hear the gospel then happily walk down the path to destruction. I hope to go again next year. Wanna join us? If so, email me at
  • Radio Show - I have been approached recently by a radio promotion group that is interested in having my radio show "Matt Slick Live" expanded into other markets. We are trying to figure out logistics and costs. I'm letting you know for two reasons. First, could you pray for God's will to be done? Second, would you consider supporting us because it's going to cost and we either are going to do it by a donation system or we'll start to have advertisers. We don't know what can happen or even if it will happen, but we will trust God and if he closes the doors, so be it. If he opens them, that is fine too. Go to CARM to support us.
  • Legacy Conference in Chicago - In Chicago about two weeks ago there was the annual Legacy Conference. I was invited to go and speak but I did not make it because of CARM workload and exhaustion. I just did not have the mental energy to be gone for five days, do various outreaches, and also speak. I was exhausted (I feel much better now, by the way). So Ken, who works for us in Portland in the area of search engine optimization, went and represented CARM. He said it was a great turnout and that they are requesting that we both come back next year. Praise God.
  • Catholic Nun - I do not want to give too much information, but there is a Catholic nun in a foreign country who has come to the realization that Roman Catholicism is not Christian (CARM has been part of that realization). She is still in that country and has an obligation to finish various duties. She will probably have to return to Italy for examination since she is in the process of leaving the Roman Catholic Church. She has no place to go (we offered our place). She does not know what the Lord will do with her. We have spoken over Skype via text and it has been a great joy to read how she loves the Bible and understands that salvation is found in Jesus, not by Jesus and works. She's trying to witness, carefully, to her fellow nuns but it is not being received very well. So, if you can remember her in your prayers that would be great.
  • Rachael - I am reticent to talk about my eldest daughter Rachael. However, I will briefly mention that she has walked away from the Christian faith and now claims to be an atheist. Normally I would keep something like this among family members and close friends, but she has published an article on an atheist website (that I have not read) that apparently details why she is not a Christian. Since she has gone public, I have received a great deal of flack from non-believers and believers alike. I don't plan to write a response, nor do I feel the need to do that. Instead, I am lifting her to the Lord, praying for her salvation, and asking Jesus to show her more grace than he gave me when he pulled me out of the fire. Even though a lot of negatives have come my way because of this, there has also been a large outpouring of prayers from the Christian community for her. Praise God. Would you please pray for her as well?
  • Print Designer Needed - As the new CARM site is about to be released we had arranged for a print designer to work up some graphics for various items for the store. The person took a look at my website and withdrew his offer to help. We had already agreed on a price (the workman is worthy of his hire), but he said he won't help us now. So, if you are a print designer or know someone who is and can produce graphics for CD labels and cases, DVD labels and cases, and book covers, could you please contact Ken at 208-398-0123? We appreciate your help.
  • Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us by emailing us at to submit suggestions. Now is the time since we are in the redesign process of CARM and, as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.
  • Amazon connection - We will be moving most, if not all, of our publication projects with CARM to Amazon. We have a publishing house there (Biblical Press), so all we have to do is get books formatted and converted and they can be purchased anywhere, anytime. Isn't the internet great? 


  • I must compliment your article referenced below. I am a Protestant and was searching for Catholic teaching on Tradition and Scripture when I came across your site. Your article is so balanced, I had to read it halfway through before I realized I was reading a Protestant view. Great work.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. I've long been a fan of you guys but you've been especially helpful lately as I've been witnessing to some members of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that have been working my neighborhood. May the Lord bless you and keep you, Cedric
  • Hey Matt. Charles from Alberta here. I thank God for your ministry everyday when I turn on the podcast. For the past year our church has been without a lead pastor and the preaching has been rather weak. Your show has filled a massive hole in my spiritual growth. I recently donated to you and was delighted to receive the CARM schools as a gift in return. I'm almost done the first section in Theology, LOVE IT!!! I will continue to donate as much and whenever I can. I like the new approach the the radio show. A short teaching segment is a great way to do the show. ALSO, I would really like if your wife would come on and talk about the benefits of home schooling . I want to go that rout in our family but my wife is a little hesitant about the idea. Thanks again Matt, keep pressing on buddy. I'm praying for ya. Charles in Alberta.


  • Discussions about the physics of the Universe are not appropriate for someone like Matt Slick for whom basic algebra and critical thinking produces a problem. Apart from being a propagator of man made religion which is Calvinism Matt Slick is having many own ways of interpreting the Gospel ! Matt -people are laughing at you ! You have basic math problems and are trying to run your ' Physics of the Universe' and interviewing physicists ? Please get a real job ! Aren't you ashamed of religious scam and profiting from it ? Get a legitimate line of work !
  • I am Keith and you white people are racist and all of you are on the way to the lake of fire because you failed to tell the truth and humble yourself. You are weak! Very weak and you will be destroyed by the Most High if you do not change your wicked ways. You have been warned. Respond or be punished.
  • Hello, I am a member of the Christian religion and have been since I was born and I must say your information regarding homosexuals are born that way. Therefore it is natural and good by Matt Slick is absurd and incorrect. How can you compare being born with homosexual tendencies to being born with the tendencies to lie, cheat and steal??? Those unchristian tendencies are actions learned by the child as they grow and are corrupted by society, they are CERTAINLY not born with them. However, I believe sexual orientation is a fluid spectrum. Some people are BORN with a stronger tendency to desire the same sex. For example, especially among the male gender. Often times you can tell a boy seems gay at an extremely young age before he even understands. How do you explain that? Thank you





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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.