CARM Newsletter 9-12-2013

by Matt Slick

  • CARM Redesign - We are on the verge of releasing the new CARM design.  It is ready and presently undergoing server tests.  Yes, I know it's been almost-ready for quite a while, but now we are very very close.  The ETA is the end of next week.
  • Radio Show - We are moving into the Salt Lake City market beginning around October 1 with the radio show Matt Slick Live.  It'll be on KUTR, AM 820 at the same time as my show here in Boise, 5PM EST, 3PM MST.  Everything is in place.  New equipment has been ordered to allow multiple signals to be carried out to different stations.  When it is installed and tested, we're going live.  Not only will we broadcasting in Salt Lake City, but it looks like we might also be going into Pocatello, Idaho.  Eventually, we are hoping to move into other markets as well.  Please pray for us, and if you're interested in supporting the show at five dollars a month please go to Support CARM.  Thanks.
  • Good News Celebration - On Saturday, September 14, 2013, I will be at Payson Memorial Park, Payson, UT, at the Good News Celebration (  It is an attempt to reach the Utah Valley with the love of Christ.  As you know, Utah is heavily Mormon and I have been asked to speak on "Our Union With Christ in Salvation."  It'll be at noon.  Hopefully, I can present a message that will speak to any Mormons who might be there.  Then later in the day all the speakers will participate in a panel discussion.  Hope to see you there.
  • NorCal Fire - On Sept. 20th and 21st I will be speaking at the NorCal Fire Conference at The Home Church, 1711 Winchester Boulevard Campbell, CA 95008 (Near San Jose).  The web address is  On Friday I'll open the conference at 7:20 PM with a talk on "The Importance of Getting Christianity Right."  Then on Saturday at 3:30 I'll speak on "Addressing Atheism."  If you are in the area and want to attend, please go to the link and you can register.  If you go, please make sure you introduce yourself to me.
  • CAR Problem - As many of you know, two weeks ago my wife and I were on our way to Southern California to attend my aunt's funeral.  In the middle of the Nevada desert about an hour and a half east of Reno, my car broke down (it has 232,000 miles on it).  By God's grace we had cell coverage and were able to arrange for a tow truck.  The driver was one of the men who rescued the crew of the Black Hawk helicopter that was portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down.  I was impressed.  He towed our car to a garage that was closed (it was the evening).  They were open the next day till noon.  It was Saturday.  They could not figure out what the problem was, and said they would have to run more tests on Tuesday when they opened - due to the holiday weekend.  We got a hotel in Fallon, NV.  We were stranded and we missed the funeral.  Anyway, we put the word out on Facebook asking for prayer, and a local Christian "carmite" helped us out.  Chris and his beautiful family graciously picked us up at the hotel, bought us dinner (would not let me pay), and then drove us to the Reno airport to get a car rental.  Why Reno?  Because it was a holiday weekend and all the rental places were closed in Fallon, NV.  So we finally rented a car and drove back to Boise. They fixed the car, $$$!  Then this past weekend I had to drive back to Reno, drop off the rental at the Reno Airport, be driven to where the car was by Chris again, and then I was able to drive back home where I arrived at 2:30 AM.   Whew!
        A few people helped us out financially and I want to say thank you.  As many of you know, life can throw you some curves and it can drain your bank account pretty quickly.  We had already tapped our savings just to get to the funeral, and with the hundreds of dollars in repair bills, hotel, gasoline, car rental, etc., we were living on credit cards.  So, thanks again for all of you who helped us out financially.  I don't like being helped.  I like to help.  But, it was a good lesson on being helped by fellow Christians.  Thank you for your kindness.  It really helped us a lot. 
  • Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us out by emailing us at to submit suggestions.  Now is the time since we are in the redesign process of CARM, and as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.
  • Amazon connection - We will be moving most, if not all, of our publication projects with CARM to Amazon.  We have a publishing house there (Biblical Press) so that all we have to do is get books formatted and converted and they can be purchased anywhere, anytime.  Isn't the internet great? 




  • To Matt, As a 59 year old Christian Black Conservative American who has led God’s People in worship for years, I have long loved and promoted having a Reasonable Faith. This book is a gem and a Christian treasure. The Lord has used you in it and I just want to say: Thank you my brother! May the Lord keep granting you the heart and mind to stand in this place. When I have cash to give I will donate. This is incredibly well woven and designed. Thank you so much for allowing His heart to own yours.
  • I have been donating for a while for the radio show and I fully support you in what you do. I just wanted to encourage you not to stress to much if you have to choose to do advertising, it would not stop me one bit from listening, and if it can help your ministry then go for it. Anyway, just wanted to voice my support. May God bless you!
  • I think I owe you a big apology ....... You are right about Joyce Meyer and a lot of other TV Evangelists. After doing some in depth study and reading quite a lot of books on the subject (and of course The Bible), I am in total agreement with you on your views. A lot of these people are no more than glorified Game Show Hosts. I am now being more mindful of who/what I watch and read always keeping my Bible at hand.


  • When I have a question you do not answer. You assume I hate Caucasians. Like all Christians, you misunderstand me and/or you just don't give a **. I always tell it like it is without hesitation. I have no fear of telling the truth. I am going to be bold when I tell the truth and will not spare any feelings of others. The truth hurts and a lie causes pure chaos. White people, the majority of them, do not want to admit when they are lying. I will not tolerate also with those white people who conceal the truth. I declare war. If anybody have the fortitude to admit that they are agnostics, liars, murderers and concealers of the truth then I will be glad to listen what they have to say. All Christians preach about the Bible but do not keep the Commandments. The Most High will win the war and many will be destroyed. This is not a threat but the truth. There is good news. You and many others can seek the truth, repent, pray for forgiveness and admit the truth. If many black people, white people and people of other nationalities admit the truth after finding the truth, I will forgive them and call them my brother or sister. I will never refer to Satan as my brother like the Mormons. I did learn about the Mormons. They are not Christians. I, myself is a Hebrew Israelite who is in captivity in this land where my forefathers were killed and there women raped. They were falsely called Africans. Today the so-called blacks in the United States are still referred to as African-Americans. Personally that makes me want to puke. I was once a Christian who believed in white Jesus and I never was happy and my life was in total confusion. I did not know who I was and I thought I was a dummy. But now I know the truth and I am free as an eagle. No false preachers cannot and WILL NOT deceive me. I am protected by the Most High and that is truly a blessing. Long live the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
  • Hey Matt slick. Nice site you have. I hope you are intestested of Universe. Because I have a theory the destroys big bang and refute God to 100%. It is written at my page; www.**.com (ask if there is something you either dont understand or agree with) You know the air is invinsible but still exist (one example) It says Universe is special infinity and that special infinity who is with other words (the infinity reactionchain), it can NOT be created. It exist because of reactions that got no start. So everything inside and outside Universe has never and will never be created or destroyed. Well, hope that you are interested : ) This is kinda big, Einstein was completley wrong. Big bang is an illusion like God. The infinity reactionchain is reality (no beginning nor end = no create nor destroy)





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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.