Objections and Answers

answersThere are plenty of objections to Christianity and becoming a Christian, but there are just as many answers.  Following are some of the more common objections with answers.


About these responses


  1. I am not a sinner
  2. There is no such thing as sin
  3. What is sin?
  4. I am too big a sinner
  5. What is salvation?
  6. What do I do to get saved?
  7. Is baptism necessary for salvation?
  8. I am already good enough
  9. I am doing the best I can and I'm sincere
  10. I am skeptical about God
  11. I tried Christianity once.
  12. I knew some Christians once and they wronged me
  13. I'll take my chances.
  14. I am not that bad a person
  15. I am too old or too young to be a Christian
  16. I can't believe in a God who would send people to hell
  17. I will worry about God in the next life
  18. I don't want to give up what I like doing
  19. Christianity is boring
  20. I am an atheist. I don't believe in God
  21. I am trying to be a Christian
  22. I am already religious
  23. I don't need God
  24. I have things I need to do before I become a Christian
  25. I prefer to remain open minded about God
  26. I already believe in God
  27. I'll choose God later
  28. There are too many hypocrites in the church
  29. Why are we here? Or, Why did God make us?
  30. What about those who have never heard the Gospel?
  31. Jesus is only one of many great men of history
  32. Why is there evil and suffering in the world?
  33. What makes Jesus so special?
  34. Why did Jesus have to die in order for me to go to heaven?
  35. What makes you think the Bible is the word of God?
  36. The Bible was written to look like Jesus fulfilled prophecy
  37. The Bible is full of contradictions.
  38. How do I know which religion is right?
  39. Religion is whatever you feel is right
  40. All religions are different paths to the same place
  41. What about dinosaurs and evolution?