Online Schools

"I enjoyed the CARM Theology School very much. I feel equipped! The systematic approach of organizing information into logical groups really helps me to retain the information in a useful way," John.

CARM provides three online schools for you to learn your Theology, Apologetics, and Critical Thinking. The schools are arranged logically, are very easy to use, and effectively teach you what you need to know.  They were written by CARM's president, Matt Slick, who drew on his 25+ years' experience in teaching, preaching, and defending the Christian faith.

Video Introduction


Each school is tuition based ($33).  If you sign up for all three, you get three for $75.  You learn at your own pace, have access to the schools indefinitely*, and there's a certificate at the end of each school.

By signing up, you will be helping to support this ministry as well as getting something valuable in return.  So, please consider the School of Theology, the School of Apologetics, and the School of Critical Thinking.

Introduction to the Schools

Online School of Christian Theology

Online School of Christian Apologetics

Online School of Critical Thinking

* You have access to the schools until CARM either shuts down or decides to terminate the schools; neither of which, by God's grace, should ever happen.

If you have any questions about the schools, please contact us by email at phone at 208-466-1301.