Paltalk Debate


----------------- Debates -----------------

  • Who:  Matt Slick vs Anthony Murphy, aka Anthonycatholic,
  • Topic:  Are we justified before God by faith alone or by faith and works?
  • When: January 8, 2013.  7pm time MST
  • Room:  Catholicism or Christian Debate
  • Duration: 1 hour total
  • Format:
    • Anthony begins with 3 minute opening, I respond with three minutes
    • 3 minute back and forth four turns each
      • one person asks a question.  Responder gets 2 minute response.  Asker gets 1 minute response.  Then next question.  Back and for four times.
    • 2 minute cross talk - can say whatever we want to during those 2 minutes.
    • 33 minute closing


Formal Debate - I'm challenged to debates by various people at different times on Paltalk.  So, here is a "basic" idea of what I will accept for a formal type debate.

  1. Agreed upon topic
  2. Agreed upon time durations, for example...but not limited to...
    1. Five minute open each side
    2. Three minute response, each side
    3. Q & A period of asking 3 questions each with 2 minute response and 1 minute counter response, alternating sides.
    4. Five minute close.
  3. Politeness
  4. Address the topic, not the person

Personally, if I am "debating" with someone in a room and I am red dotted (silenced) during a response, then I will leave the room immediately.

Informal Debate

  1. Basic politeness
  2. Address the issue, not the person
  3. No insults
  4. No redotting

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.