Papyri p. 1 Through p. 76, A.D. 200 A.D. 700

by Matt Slick

The following are extant papyrus fragments and copies.  These manuscripts, designated by p1, p2, etc., are part of the overall existing biblical manuscript scope that we now possess.  This range of papyri are very old.  They represent the extant copies made in the dates so designated.

This demonstrates that the copies we have of the New Testament documents are very old.


Content Location Date Copied
p1 Gospels Philadelphia 3rd
p2 Gospels Florence 6th
p3 Gospels Vienna 6th/7th
p4 Gospels Paris 3rd
p5 Gospels London 3rd
p6 Gospels Strassburg 4th
p8 Acts Berlin 4th
p10 Epistles of Paul Cambridge, Mass 4th
p11 Epistles of Paul Leningrad 7th
p13 Epistles of Paul London and Florence 3rd/4th
p15 Epistles of Paul Cairo 3rd
p16 Epistles of Paul Cairo 3rd/4th
p18 Revelation London 3rd/4th
p19 Gospels Oxford 4th/5th
p21 Gospels Allentown, Pa. 4th/5th
p22 Gospels Glasgow 3rd
p23 General Epistles Urbana, 111. Early 3rd
p24 Revelation Newton Center, Mass. 4th
p25 Gospels Berlin Late 4th
p26 Epistles of Paul Dallas About 600
p27 Epistles of Paul Cambridge 3rd
p30 Epistles of Paul Ghent 3rd
p33 Acts Vienna 6th
p36 Gospels Florence 6th
p37 Gospels Ann Arbor, Mich. 3rd/4th
p38 Acts Ann Arbor, Mich. About 300
p39 Gospels Chester, Pa. 3rd
p40 Epistles of Paul Heidelberg 3rd
p41 Acts Vienna 8th
p45 Gospels, Acts Dublin: Chester Beatty, and Vienna 3rd
p46 Epistles of Paul Dublin: Chester Beatty, and Ann Arbor, Mich. About 200
p47 Revelation Dublin: Chester Beatty Late 3rd
p48 Acts Florence Late 3rd
p49 Epistles of Paul New Haven, Conn. Late 3rd
p50 Acts New Haven, Conn. 4th/5th
p51 Epistles of Paul P. Oxy. 2157 About 400
p58 Acts Vienna 6th
p59 Gospels New York: P. Colt 3 7th
p60 Gospels New York: P. Colt 4 7th
p61 Epistles of Paul New York: P. Colt 5 About 700
p63 Gospels Berlin About 500
p64 Gospels Oxford About 200
p65 Epistles of Paul Florence 3rd
p66 Gospels Geneva: P. Bodmer ii About 200
p67 Gospels Barcelona About 200
p68 Epistles of Paul Leningrad 8th?
p70 Gospels P. Oxy. 2384 3rd
p71 Gospels P. Oxy. 2385 4th
p72 General Epistles Geneva: P. Bodmer xvii 3rd/4th
p74 Acts, General Epistles Geneva: P. Bodmer xvii 7th
p75 Luke, John Geneva: P. Bodmer xiv, xv Early 3rd
p76 Gospels Vienna 6th



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