What is paranormal investigation and can a Christian do it?

Paranormal investigation is the examination of phenomena that cannot be explained by normal scientific examination. Generally, paranormal investigation deals with ghosts, ESP, psychic phenomena, etc. The word "paranormal," according to dictionary.com, is "of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena," 1

The Bible tells us to examine all things (1 Thess. 5:21). Therefore, it would seem that it is okay to examine even such events. But for the Christian we need to be careful because to look into them for the purpose of entertainment or receiving guidance is sinful. We are not to be involved in anything cultic. However, on the other hand it is possible for a Christian to investigate the various "supernatural" phenomena for the purpose of exposing them as either false or demonic, or whatever they might be as long as the motive and the goal is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As long as the Christian has the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ as a central motivation for his studies and investigation into such phenomena, then paranormal investigation could be something for a Christian to do.

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