Intolerance and Persecution Scale

    1. Persecute
      1. Enforce laws
      2. Punish
      3. Fine
      4. Confiscation of property
      5. Confiscation of freedom
    2. Attack
      1. Pass laws against the group
    3. Marginalize
      1. Dismiss them to irrelevance so that their voices are silenced
      2. Their cries of intolerance will be ignored since they deserved to be punished.
    4. Propagandize
      1. Opposition
        1. Make them look bad.  Make them the aggressors. Cite anything negative against the opposition and promote it as representative of the whole.
        2. Turn the opinion of the masses against them.
        3. Develop a vocabulary of hatred with which you label the group:  Bigots, homophobic,
          intolerant, anti-rights, etc.
      2. Supporter
        1. Make yourself look good.  Make your group look victimized.
        2. Turn the opinion of the masses in favor
    5. Note:  This cannot be accomplished without the media’s assistance
  1. Identify
    1. Identify the group that opposes your viewpoint





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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.