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As a rule, I try not to post on any other discussion boards except my own. After all, I am simply too busy to chase threads all over the Internet. But the "Apostle Eric", with his grandiose claims of angelic appointed apostleship and false teachings, has warranted a few posts on his site. My whole goal is to try and nip this new false teacher in the bud before it spreads like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. I went to his site as "mjs" and posted in the third person about myself so as not to disclose too quickly exactly who I was and allow a longer dialogue before I might get banned from his site. To this, the "Apostle Eric" was rather resentful that I did not use my real name - Matt Slick - but was attempting to be deceitful by using "mjs." The truth is "mjs" are my real initials. Also, the "Apostle Eric" posts as "Truth Prevails." Is that his real name? Not at all.

Nevertheless, his responses and mine provided an interesting dialogue. Unfortunately, he has since edited some of my previous responses on his board and misrepresented me on his site in an attempt to refute my critique of him. So, in order to verify and document any alterations in my posts by him on his site, I have reproduced the entire post I made concerning his misrepresentation of me on his website. The original post is located here:

Following is the post I made on June 7, 2002 at 8:36 PST. Apparently, the "Apostle Eric" is located somewhere in the Midwest, noting the 2 hour time difference.


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(6/7/02 10:36:29 am)

Why did you misrepresent me?

You said on your home page and your attempted refutation page (web page moved) "...CARM exposed: which is not a research institute, but one man named Matt who says he has the final say on all doctrine."

First of all, the name of the ministry is the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Where did I say it was a research institute? If you go to my "About Carm" page ( you'll see I openly declare that CARM is run by one person. Would my words be any more or less true if they were spoken by several people? I compared your teachings to the Bible and you have been shown to be in error --as other Christians have also said concerning you. See for my first critique of your teaching.

Second, I have never said that I have the final say on all doctrine. This is a false accusation by you. You have said that I say this. I have not. So, please provide documentation on my website where I have said that I have the final say on all doctrine. If you cannot, then retract your misrepresentation. This is an apparent attempt to manipulate your audience by trying to set me up as the one who pridefully claims to be THE representative of God's doctrine, which I have never claimed and would never state. But, if you think about it, isn't that exactly what YOU are doing? You claim to be the apostle to the North American continent, commissioned by angels, who reveals God's true doctrines to the Church today; isn't that correct? I don't make such a claim. But I do claim to defend biblical orthodoxy which the Christian church has discovered through the centuries by studying the Bible and which needs defending more and more as Christ's prophecy of Matt. 24:24 comes true --where He said that in the last days many false christs and false prophets would arise and deceived many.

Eric, from what I have seen, you are not an apostle of God. You are false; you deny the Trinity, deny the efficacious and substitutionary atonement of Christ, teach a pre-existence of spirits, and are self-appointed...among other things I've listed on my site. I've seen far too many cults get started this way.

Those who follow you will likewise be deceived. is where I have analyzed your teaching and is where I rebutted your attempt to redeem your erring position.

I will copy this post to my website, along with the url to it, the date posted, and keep it as documentation should you, or anyone else here, alter this post as you have done with others that I have made here.

Matt Slick

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(6/7/02 3:54:04 pm)

Re: Why did you misrepresent me?


It seems to me that you are challenging Eric, and this, in case you haven't read the board rules, is not the purpose of this board.

"II. Rules For Posting:

1. While we welcome sincere questions concerning the function of the office of apostle, we are not providing a forum or environment for challenges to the apostleship God has given Eric. If you need assistance understanding his apostleship, you may read his testimony at the web site, or you may read the article? How the apostle?s grace functions.? If you need further assistance, you can write him directly with your questions or comments at This board is for those who want to engage in discussion and hear the doctrine God has delivered to him and to edify and encourage each other in the truth that represents Christ."

Now with this posting and the others I have read from you, it is clear that you have been pushing the envelope. But if you expect others to abide by the rules on your board, the least you can do is abide by their rules on their boards. I believe the Biblical rule is 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.'

Just my 2 cents worth,



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(6/7/02 4:28:27 pm)

Re: Why did you misrepresent me?

Whether or not you want to perceive anything as a challenge does not detract from the fact that he has misrepresented me.

This is not how anyone would seek to establish the truth now would it?

Also, I notice that you are rather Eric centered instead of Christ centered and I am pushing the envelop just a bit in an attempt to get to the truth. Eric does not have the truth and is not an apostle. His misrepresentation of me is equal to bearing false witness.


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