Preachers and Teachers potential errors

by Matt Slick
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Following is a list of the kinds of errors that various preachers and teachers can fall into. It is generic. But, unfortunately, many preachers and teachers fall in to these errors.

  1. Catholicism is Christian
    1. Roman Catholicism denies justification by faith alone in Christ alone and adds works to salvation.  This is a denial of an essential of the Christian faith.  This makes it apostate.
    2. It advocates idolatry in its prayer to Mary and the Saints.
    3. The Roman Catholic Church is an apostate Church.  No protestant should consider it within the pale of orthodoxy.
  2. Contemplative Spirituality
    1. This involves emptying the mind and attempting to get in tune with God through meditation.
    2. Focusing on a word or phrase as a connection point with God
  3. Denying the sufficiency of the Cross
    1. In the context of this section study it means saying that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross alone did not save us, but that he also went to hell, was tortured, and finished the atonement there.  This is a denial of John 19:30 where Jesus said "It is finished."  This is a denial of an essential of the Christian faith.
  4. Denying the Trinity
    1. Denying that God is a Trinity of distinct persons:  The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.  This is a denial of an essential of the Christian faith.
  5. Extra Biblical Revelation
    1. Receiving so-called revelations from God (because they are special teachers from God) and using them in teaching segments.  This elevates the person, risks the sufficiency of Scripture, and teaches listeners to not use the Bible as the primary source of spiritual truth.
    2. It often encourages experience (the supposed presence of God) as a means of determining spiritual truth.
  6. Man is divine
    1. Calling man little gods, or that we are the god-kind.
    2. This is a dangerous exaltation of humanity to a similar level as God.  "You will be like God..." (Gen. 3:5)
  7. Man is Sovereign over God
    1. The elevation of man by advocating that God needs our permission to work in this world
  8. Women Pastors
    1. This is not a heresy that is damnable, but it is a direct contradiction of God's word.
  9. Works Righteousness
    1. Adding works to salvation by saying that we must be good and/or keep the commandments in order to either become saved and/or maintain our salvation.


  E R R O R S
Denying the
sufficiency of
the Cross
Denying the
over God
Capps, Charles     X            
Copeland, Kenneth             X    
Crouch, Paul     X     X      
Furtick, Steven                  
Hinn, Benny       X   X      
Jakes, T.D.       X          
Meyer, Joyce     X     X      
Moore, Beth X X     X        





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