Quotes from ex-members of the International Church of Christ

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  1. I quit the church about a month into my so-called membership, and the day ended by my calling the cops at 12:00AM to get one of their members off my front porch. The day after I ended up unplugging my phone and then I ordered "call-block" from my phone co...I remember after my departure from the ICoC about a month later I ran into some of the ICoC members at a football game, I tell you the truth that they would not even look at me. I have no idea what's going through their minds, but I know it has something to do with "mind control," (Ric).
  2. I must admit, the ICC is a very strong church. I quit after two months of membership and the people who used to be my 'friends and family' no longer wish to speak to me as I am now in ' a church that is not ordained by GOD', i.e. a non-ICC church. Please stay away from this group, they are a very controlling group. Before you realize it, they have taken over your life and the longer you stay, the harder it becomes to quit. (Requested to be anonymous)
  3. Let me start by saying I think, for the most part, the doctrine of ICC is great.  I learned a lot and the discipleship was very intense and insightful. However, They are cult-like in their practices, but if other churches followed similar (not exact) practices, the church as a whole would be a lot better off.  I was part ICC for a few months, but decided to leave for several reasons: 
    1. ICC put my friend out of the church because they said she would not submit to her husband and reconcile with him after they separated.  they told her that she could not enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom as others did and remain unsubmitted and at ICC.  They would not allow her to be baptized unless she reconcile with her husband and confessed her sins to him.  They also told her that they hoped that Satan would have his way with her - so that she would self-destruct.
    2. I disagreed with them that a woman could not teach in a mixed congregation.  men and women always had to be separated when a woman taught.
    3. They were heavily involved in the lives of the members which is fine, but I think they were extreme.
    4. You could not become a member unless you were baptized in their church regardless if you had been previously baptized.
    5. I also had issue with a situation occurring with my disciple partner and her family.  They needed financial help (i.e., food).  ICC told her that they could not help her and her family because of sin that caused them to be in that financial predicament. They had committed no sin to get into that situation. They had been struggling financially - low income people...They had no food and could barely keep the lights on.  Therefore, they sought help from ANOTHER CHURCH who gladly came to their aid....(Requested to be anonymous)

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