Quotes on the Trinity from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

by Matt Slick

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society clearly condemns the doctrine of the Trinity. It often misrepresents it and repeatedly associates with pagan images and religions. Occasionally, it represented accurately when it quotes Trinitarians, but does not deal with how the doctrine of the Trinity is arrived at biblically so what determine whether or not it's true. Unfortunately, the watchtower is leading many people astray.

The following quotes are arranged so that you can copy and paste the entire paragraph. The goal is to provide you with information so that when discussing things with Jehovah's Witnesses and other people, you can document the various false teachings of the Jehovah's Witness organization which is also known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

  1. The WBTS equates the Trinity with Pagan theology
    1. Egypt was an ultrareligious land, rife with polytheism. Every city and town had its own local deity, bearing the title “Lord of the City.” A list found in the tomb of Thutmose III contains the names of some 740 gods. (Ex 12:12) Frequently the god was represented as married to a goddess who bore him a son, “thus forming a divine triad or trinity in which the father, moreover, was not always the chief, contenting himself on occasion with the role of prince consort, while the principal deity of the locality remained the goddess....Most popular among these was the trinity or triad of Osiris, Isis (his wife), and Horus (his son). Then there were the “cosmic” gods headed by Ra, the sun-god, and including gods of the moon, sky, air, earth, the river Nile, and so forth." (Insight Vol. 1, p. 689 Egypt, Egyptian)
    2. "The worship of pagan gods grouped in threes, or triads, was also common before Jesus was born. “From Egypt came the ideas of a divine trinity,” observed historian Will Durant. In the Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics, James Hastings wrote: “In Indian religion, e.g., we meet with the trinitarian group of Brahmā, Siva, and Viṣṇu; and in Egyptian religion with the trinitarian group of Osiris, Isis, and Horus."(Awake 4/22/2005, p. 7 Who Is “the Only True God”?)
  2. The Trinity is false
    1. "Under the guise of Christianity, Christendom teaches doctrines—including the Trinity, hellfire, and immortality of the soul—that are awash in myths and falsehoods. (Watchtower 7/15/2011, p. 17 par. 11 Will You Heed Jehovah’s Clear Warnings?)
  3. The Trinity is the development of apostate Christianity
    1. "Philo’s writings led to a religious revolution. His influence led nominal Christians to adopt the unscriptural doctrine of the immortality of the soul. And Philo’s teaching about the Logos (or, Word) contributed to the development of the Trinity, a non-Biblical dogma of apostate Christianity." (Watchtower 6/15/2005, pp. 11-12 Philo of Alexandria—Mixing Scripture With Speculation)
  4. The Trinity is a deceptive doctrine
    1. "Never was there a more deceptive doctrine advanced than that of the trinity. It could have originated only in one mind, and that the mind of Satan the Devil." (Reconciliation, 1928, p. 101)
  5. The Trinity causes confusion about Mary
    1. "That passage of Scripture clearly states that Mary was the mother of the “Son of God,” not of God himself. Could she have carried within her the One whom ‘the heavens themselves cannot contain’? (1 Kings 8:27) She never made such a claim. It is the teaching about the Trinity that has sown confusion over the identity of Mary." (Watchtower 11/1/2009, p. 8 Myth 5: Mary Is the Mother of God)
  6. The Trinity elevates Jesus to a position he never claimed to have
    1. "Religious teachers also introduced the incomprehensible doctrine of the Trinity, elevating Jesus to a position he never claimed for himself. In the process, they distracted people from worshipping the one to whom Jesus always directed attention—his Father, Jehovah." (Watchtower 3/1/2006, p. 5 Who Are Genuine Christians?)
  7. The Trinity is not found in the Jewish or Christian Scriptures
    1. "Another fabrication, concocted centuries later, is the doctrine of the so-called holy Trinity, which makes the assertion that Jesus is both Almighty God and the Son of God. In his book The Church of the First Three Centuries, Dr. Alvan Lamson states that the doctrine of the Trinity “had its origin in a source entirely foreign from that of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures; that it grew up, and was ingrafted on Christianity, through the hands of the Platonizing Fathers.” Who were these “Platonizing Fathers”? They were apostate clerics who were infatuated with the teachings of pagan Greek philosopher Plato." (Watchtower 12/1/2006, p. 6 The Antichrist Exposed)
  8. The Trinity is the masterstroke of the antichrist
    1. "The engrafting of the Trinity was a masterstroke of the antichrist, for this doctrine shrouded God in mystery and blurred his relationship with the Son. (John 14:28; 15:10; Colossians 1:15) Just think, how can one “draw close to God,” as encouraged by the Scriptures, if God is a mystery?" (Watchtower 12/1/2006, p. 6 The Antichrist Exposed)
  9. The Trinity concept was initiated by Tertullian
    1. "He was a writer and theologian who lived in the second and third centuries C.E. He is noted for producing a number of literary works in defense of nominal Christianity. While offering his defense, he introduced ideas and philosophic approaches that laid the basis for doctrinal corruptions, such as the Trinity." (Watchtower 8/15/2002, p. 29 Do You Remember?)
  10. The Trinity is borrowed from heathen religions
    1. "Many Church Fathers after the Council of Nicaea became staunch Trinitarians. Their writings and expositions were crucial to making the Trinity a landmark doctrine of Christendom. However, is the Trinity found in the Bible? No. So where did the Church Fathers get it? A Dictionary of Religious Knowledge notes that many say that the Trinity “is a corruption borrowed from the heathen religions, and ingrafted on the Christian faith.” And The Paganism in Our Christianity affirms: “The origin of the [Trinity] is entirely pagan.” (Watchtower 4/15/2001, p. 20 The Church Fathers—Advocates of Bible Truth?)
  11. Trinitarians are part of the antichrist
    1. "Apostates and leaders of false worship twist the clear teachings of Jesus into knots of religious deceit. Such ones reject Bible truth and spread lies in the name of God and Christ. They deny the true relationship of the Father and the Son by their Trinity doctrine. Therefore, they too are a part of the antichrist." (Awake 8/8/2001, p. 21 Who Is the Antichrist?)
  12. The Trinity is represented as three gods
    1. "Isaiah was foretelling a dereliction of duty on the part of religious leaders. For instance, they do not teach Bible truth but teach their flocks unscriptural doctrines regarding eternal torment in a fiery hell, a trinity of three gods in one, and immortality of the soul—all of pagan origin. And the clergy have supported all the wars of their nations, even when it meant killing people of their own religion. This is in direct violation of God’s commandments." (Awake 12/8/2098, p. 11 What Jesus Is Now)
    2. "'Elo·him' means, not "persons, " but "gods. " So those who argue that this word implies a Trinity make themselves polytheists, worshipers of more than one God. Why? Because it would mean that there were three gods in the Trinity. But nearly all Trinity supporters reject the view that the Trinity is made up of three separate gods." (Should You Believe in The Trinity? p. 13)
    3. "The doctrine, in brief, is that there are three gods in one: 'God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost,; all three equal in power, substance and eternity." (Let God Be True, 1952, p. 100).
    4. "Ask the student, 'How many Jehovah's are there?' Let him answer. The answer is obvious that there is only one Jehovah . . . If he is one Jehovah, then could he be three gods, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, as the Trinitarians teach?" (Watchtower, 4/1/1970, p. 210).
  13. The Trinity is not found in the Old Testament
    1. "The Old Testament is strictly monotheistic. God is a single personal being. The idea that a trinity is to be found there ... is utterly without foundation."  (Should You Believe in The Trinity? p. 12)

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