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Human sexuality is an important biblical topic.  It is an equally important topic in the world where sexual promiscuity is rampant on TV, in the movies, the internet pornography, and indiscreet advertisements in magazines and even radio commercials.  The secular world has no problem flaunting sexuality before our eyes.  It has no remorse in using women's bodies and sexual situations, and innuendos, to sell, entice, and even control people so that they can get money out of them.  The world takes that which was made holy by God and uses it to make money.  This is not how it should be.

God created mankind as male and female with the intention that sex be a pleasurable union between a husband and wife.  Furthermore, sex has the specific purpose of bringing children into the world in order to carry out the command of God to fill and subdue the earth (Gen. 1:28). The standards of the world and that of God are in opposition.  Therefore, it is proper to seek to answer questions on human sexuality from a biblical perspective both to instruct and to correct.

CARM is visited by people of all ages. Therefore, in this section, I will take great care to address various issues in a very respectful and "clean" manner.  Because of the nature of the power of the human sex drive and its pervasive interest to almost everyone, I realize that writing about such issues can bring responses of approval as well as disapproval, especially on such subjects as oral sex, birth control, etc.  But since God is the inventor of sex and since the Bible has much to say about the subject, I believe that it is proper to address the issues on this apologetics website -- especially since CARM has been bombarded with numerous requests for information on human sexual issues.

Also, I realize that some of the conclusions found in these papers will not satisfy everyone; I cannot help that.  But, please understand that CARM seeks to address these issues as biblically, respectfully, and honorably as possible.  I will not avoid the sexual issue because it might offend some people's sensibilities.  The fact is that we are bombarded with sexuality in our society and Christians need biblical guidelines and help.

One of the concerns I have is inadvertently introducing to readers concepts and practices of which they were not aware.  I do not want to cause anyone to stumble by doing this, but I see no other way of answering questions other than bringing up the issues.  Please understand that it is not CARM's intention to cause anyone to waver in any way. But since so many people ask the same questions, I find it necessary to deal with many of these issues.

If you have suggestions or corrections via the scriptures regarding the articles written on this subject, please contact CARM and let us know.