What does Seventh-day Adventism teach?

Some of the key doctrines and teachings of Seventh-day Adventism: 


  1. The Bible is inspired and the word of God.
  2. Trinitarian: The Father, Son, Holy Spirit are all one God in three persons.
  3. Jesus is God and has always existed with the Father.
  4. The Holy Spirit is a person.
  5. Jesus' sacrifice was vicarious.
  6. Salvation is by grace, not works.
  7. Jesus rose from the dead physically in his glorified body.
  8. Jesus ascended bodily into heaven.
  9. Baptism is by immersion
  10. The literal, visible return of Jesus.
  11. Jesus will return to set up a millennial kingdom.  They are Premillennial.
  12. Literal six-day creation, not long periods.


  1. Denies the doctrine of predestination
  2. Denies baptism by sprinkling
  3. Denies infant baptism.
  4. Denies the immortality of the soul.
  5. Denies the eternality of hell fire.
  6. Denies any use of alcohol (as a drink) or tobacco.


  1. Our sins will ultimately be placed on Satan.1
  2. Jesus is Michael the Archangel.
  3. Worship must be done on Saturday (the Sabbath).
  4. On October 22, 1844 Jesus entered the second and last phase of his atoning work.
  5. Investigative Judgment - the fate of all people will be decided based upon this event in the future.
  6. The dead do not exist anymore -- soul sleep.
  7. The wicked are annihilated.
  8. Ellen G. White, the "founder" of Seventh-day Adventism, was a messenger from God gifted with the spirit of prophecy.
  9. There is a sanctuary in heaven where Jesus carries out his mediatorial work.


  • 1. White, Ellen, The Great Controversy, p. 422, 485.

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