The 2017 SAG(ies) awards, President Trump, and Immigration

by Matt Slick

The 2017 SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards where actors gather to win awards and applaud each other, was pot marked with a series of ignorant and misguided opinions by said actors whose only apparent talent is to make believe.  But, that didn't stop them from venturing into the real world and using their vainglorious ceremony as a platform for proclaiming their moral superiority. In short, they zealously disapproved of President Trump's temporary ban on allowing immigrants from terrorist countries to enter our blessed nation.  Trump's order was not about stopping immigration, nor was it about banning Muslims.  It was about stopping terrorist infiltration into America.  Sounds like a good idea to me. 

Anyway, instead of seeking out the facts, the diaparinians, er, actors, whinned about Trump's executive order which, to their profound ignorance, was very similar to Obama's restrictive order on immigrant infiltration from terrorist countries a few years back.  But, the diaparinians know best.  Right?  Well, they think they do.  That is why they spoke out of their vast and well-informed, collective wisdom, that same wisdom they cultivated in their private mansions and private jets and catered lives. Then, they used their pat-themselves-on-the-back awards ceremony to set the record straight and encourage dissent and division among the masses by attacking Trump.  A lot of leftist poo was thrown at our new President; hence, they are diaparinians.

Now, diaparinians are self-centered, emotional, whinny and sometimes appear to be frontal lobe challenged.  Their collective empty-headedness rationalizes their throwing various forms of verbal poo at everyone they disagree with on matters of national security. So, when the camera was on them, they stepped up, tightened their sticky straps, cinched up their bravado, dug deep, and flung their pooness upon America...and then they applauded each other for it.  Way to go SAGies.  Personally, I'm tired of their left-leaning, ill-informed, politically correct, Hollywood-esque, out of touch, privileged, narcissistic opinions.  Someone needs to tell them that they don't know what is best for everyone.  Someone needs to tell them to keep acting and stop displaying their assinine assessments.

Now, I love the fact that "Sag" and "Saggies" goes well with "Diaparinians".  It has motivated me to look for some clever wordplay that would make my point all the more enjoyable. But, alas, it is escapes me. Nevertheless, the Saggy Diaparianians are too full of, well, themselves.  Way too full of it.

Now, since they make a living pretending and acting, maybe they might consider examining their own ideas and compare them to reality, oh, and also with those pesky things called facts.  Maybe, just maybe, they might consider the idea that they are paid to act, not make bold political commentary.  Finally, if turn about is fair play, then maybe the politicians can also have a self-promoting award ceremony where they arrive in their limos, tuxedos, ten thousand dollar dresses, and attendant body guards and make comments about movies and insult various actors - since they too, know what the average Joe and Jane in America needs to hear.  But, would that go over well?  Of course not.  The left leaning SAGies would say it is outrageous and that they ought to stick to what they are good at.






About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.