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The following posts are samples of the many made by universalists on the universalist discussion board. Many of them were generated by the followers of the Tentmaker organization. Not all universalists are as crude as these quotes here. Some are quite civil. However, these types of posts are too common with them. I'm quite surprised by the attitude of hatred that seems to accompany some of the universalists. After all, the Universalists proclaim God's infinite love and forgiveness, yet their words so often manifest very little of those qualities. You would expect more from those who profess a God of infinite forgiveness, love, and goodness.

The reason these quotes are here is to serve an apologetic need. Jesus said that people speak out of what is in their hearts (Matt. 12:34). People certainly make mistakes and we need to forgive them. But, the universalists do not ask for forgiveness for what they say below. They justify their hatred and they even try to use Jesus to do it. Therefore, these quotes from universalists are here to demonstrate the character of many universalists and to use them as a demonstration that something is wrong in the universalist camp.

Again, I am not saying the following is typical of all universalists. But, of all the groups I've encountered who claim to be Christian, the universalists have been the most condemning, sarcastic, insulting, and mocking in their posts. I cannot help but wonder why such theology brings such behavior; perhaps it is because they teach that you go to heaven no matter what you do.

Following is an example of some of the more annoying universalist posts. Remember, I am not saying this is typical. But I am saying that the Universalists display this behavior more than any other "Bible based" group. Does universalism really promote love and tolerance? No, it doesn't. All you need to do is read universalist post on other discussion boards. It doesn't take long to see their misrepresentations of biblical truth and their hatred for those who teach that God is righteous and will judge sinners. My comments are in green.

  1. "Matt must have been abused as a child just like Bin Laden. And just like the extremists of Bin Laden who strike out at all who do not share his brand of faith, so too does Matt. Matt and Laden are no different except that Laden uses real explosives and poisons but Matt poisons people's minds and lives.

    Matt is a spiritual terrorist. He is a spiritual pedaphile [sic]. He preys on the young, and unsuspecting...the weak. He is sick from the head to the toes and has need of the Great Physician."

    "Matt is just like Satan, always quoting just part of something to arrive as a specific effect rather than keeping things in context. Furthermore, if Matt is what is known as a "Christian" then I am not a Christian. I am a believer. Matt's words typify terrorist tendencies such as the Islamic extremists."
    1. There was a universalist discussion board on carm. But it degenerated into numerous insults by the universalists. After I shut it down the universalists posted on my other boards about how evil I am. Here is yet another from a universalist that I brought to the top of this page. Now, I ask you, is this the kind of thing that a Christian would say? Is this the kind of thing a person who professes the infinite love and forgiveness of God should say? I think not. Many universalists are actually cordial. Many are not. It seems that the belief that all will be saved no matter what means that hating people and speaking evil publically about them is okay. Something is definitely wrong with universalism.
  2. "as usual, ET'ers cannot handle or tolerate the sick and monstrous implications of their satanic theology to be challenged. We must love them as ourselves, though."
    1. This quote was posted by a universalist that was banned from CARM. The reason this person was banned was due to a post he made in reference to the terrorist attacks on the world trade center towers. He used the tragedy to try to gain an advantage in teaching universalism by stating that those who died in the attacks were now in hell and that this was "the gospel" message that we, who believe in God's righteous judgment, preach. This was extremely callous and betrays the cold heart of yet another universalist. After his banning, he posted the above quote on a universalist web site. Notice how he calls the doctrine of God's righteous judgment upon those who reject Him as satanic theology.
    2. It is obvious that many Universalists are obsessed with their philosophy and want to convert people to their error. Their hearts sometimes seem to be filled with hatred at the thought that God can and will punish forever those who reject His infinite holiness and offer of salvation in Christ. They sometimes use anything they can to belittle God's righteous judgment in favor of a milk-toast theology of repentance in the afterlife. Too often, it helps the unbeliever not receive Christ now so that they can "hopefully" do it in the next life.
  3. "Sexual humor.......don't be such an idiot Matt. It seems to me the comment you are referring to was about "screwing in a light bulb". If that offends you why don't you go to Uganda and purify yourself with the "Church for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments" folks by burning yourself to death too."
    1. This universalist was defending a post someone made with the title, "How many Matt's does it take to screw." Once opened, the message turned out to be a light bulb joke. I took offense to the title being displayed in such a way because it was worded to cause one's attention to be drawn toward coarse jesting. The universalists unanimously condemned my objection to this. Nevertheless, after some objections by the offender, I banned him. He then reregistered against the board rules and posted again under a different name.
    2. The person emailed me and complained greatly. He ended up swearing at me.
  4. "Actually I see that God is a great planner. He loves worms. He raises worms on the side...kind of a past time to keep Him occupied. Anyway, we all know that worms need fed. The best food for worms? Yep, you guessed it...HUMANS!...Worms aren't very picky. God created them that way you know. It doesn't matter to them if they are fed men, women or children. It's all the same to them.. . . The lake is really gonna churn when a worm hits will be like a hundred big mouth bass all fighting at the same time for a worm on earth. And just before they haul one of them in the lake of fire to the shore...they snip the line! Now that's what I call fun! And just think, this will go on for all eternity! I already have a cottage by the lake...the lake of fire. For all eternity I can watch the red glow in my big picture window. It will neither be the red glow of a sunrise or sunset but it is the red glow of the lake. What a glorious glow it will be especially knowing that all my loved ones are in there."
    1. This sad mockery of the doctrine of hell is a good example of many universalists' flippant attitude and disrespectful manner of addressing such a serious issue. Too often, they use mockery and emotionalism as an attack on the doctrine of hell.
  5. "Anyone who spends some serious time studying Joseph Smith's life and his manipulation of the KJV Bible can tell this religion was started by a con man. And anyone who spends some serious time studying John Calvin can tell that man had a sick and perverted mind and anyone who has a propensity to follow such a mind should be suspect of having a similar disposition..."
    1. I had asked the Universalists if Mormonism was wrong from a universalist perspective. The point being that even though Mormonism teaches god came from another world, has a goddess wife, and that you can become a god -- which are all false, does it make any difference to a universalist? After all, Mormon theology still gets them to heaven according to Universalism. Therefore, there really isn't such a thing as false doctrine to them (unless it is the doctrine of eternal hell). The above post is one of the responses. Notice, the attack on Calvinism and those who follow Calvinist thought, and how he didn't even answer the question -- in fact, none of the Universalist responses addressed the issue. This tactic is very frequently used on the universalist discussion board.
  6. Cults don't go to heaven, people go to heaven. People are not excluded from being "in Christ" due to improper belief systems. If that were the case very few of the churches Paul set up would be "in". A person can start out in faith per 1Cor.15:1-4 and get mixed up in a cult and still would not lose their ultimate salvation. They will have made shipwreck as to the faith though as the Galatians did but they were still saved as Paul still called them "brothers" many times in that epistle. We believe that people can belong to the Calvinist cult and still be saved.
    1. This response was from a question I posed about cults. I used Mormonism as an example. It teaches God came from another world, has a goddess wife, and that we can become gods of our own worlds. The question is whether or not the universalist can effectively witness to a Mormon since Mormon theology would lead to heaven according to a Universalist.
    2. Notice how this Universalist said that "People are not excluded from being "in Christ" due to improper belief systems." That means that Satanists, Evolutionists, Atheists, and all cultists, will be "in Christ."
    3. Again, notice how this person shifts the answer to an attack on Calvinism. I don't know what it is about them, but they attack it a lot.
  7. What, just to listen to your same tired concocted drivel?? You already know that I used to believe in the partial psuedo-gospel that you cling on to. So what's to discuss?? It would be like going back into the mudpit after I have been cleansed.
    1. This insult was a response to me challenging the universalists to a live debate. In fact, this wasn't the first time I had challenged them and it wasn't the first time I had been insulted by them regarding a debate.
  8. Eventually all will be saved including all who openly hate like you, blaspheme God's just ways like you and reject the truth that God will save all like you.
    1. This statement was made after I posted this to a Universalist: "Is it not true that according to your theology, all who openly hate, blaspheme, and reject God will be saved?"
    2. Notice the attack. It is most interesting to see how Universalists preach God's great and infinite love, yet often show no understanding of its character.
  9. As long as you hold the hideous and totally demonic and unscriptural teaching that my loving Father created most of mankind merely for your joy of watching them burn, you're always going to have a soldier of the Lord's army come against you. So, I'll go my way for the moment. Think about debating Paul's writings right here on CARM where YOU are still god (rule number one). In the meantime, let me give you some of your god's favorite foods, joy, joy, please use a napkin, you're drooling all over yourself! hey, do you have children? Picture maybe that this is one of them. That should really get the juices flowing:
    1. This universalist is supposed to be a competent defender of his position. But it is difficult to see how such mocking and childish words can come from the same mind that would allegedly adequately defend universalism. The same person wrote: Yep, Matt's eternal baby hope he doesn't have any kids. He also posted "do you still prefer to just nuke your opponents just like your god does, no fairness, no truth, ho honesty...just double-talking hypocrisy and insistence on total control? Still the same tyrant or have you softened a bit, Slick. By the way, I've been wanting to ask you, is Matt Slick REALLY your name or your nature. Every time I see your name, I see a sinister person as a welcome matt and once a person stands on the Matt, it's so slick that it makes a person fall and hurt themselves and then the Matt laughs. Is that you? '-)
      1. Of course, his reference to the "nuke button" is to my deleting his posts which, as you can see, are insulting and childish. Notice the immature manner which this person (who seems to be named Gary) makes fun of my name. I thought I was done with this kind of thing when I graduated from High School -- apparently not. Nevertheless, this universalist has repeatedly returned to the boards, in spite of my banning him, and repeatedly violates the board rules which others abide by. The rules are intended to prevent such behavior. It is sad to see so many universalists who profess a God of infinite forgiveness, to show so little of it themselves.
  10. "It seems to me you are MUCH worse than a liar. NO Christian would make himself the dictator and tyrant that you have made yourself on your boards...NO Christian. And if the early church yielded to tyrants like you, your boss, the devil would be doing much better than he is presently doing....Well at least I'm not a sicko like someone else I know who delights in the thought of watching their mother burn in Hell for eternity so that you can really appreciate your salvation. :-)Why don't you give me a real good quote of your own and I'll add it to my infamous list of sickos to have pretended to be Christians in the past who are pure perverts...Dope, it is YOU who don't get it. According to your perverted view of scriptures, I'm just doing what I've been programmed to do by YOUR God. So you insult your God by your ridiculous notions. And I believe you when you say you are not mad at are a sadist...they don't get mad, they delight in torturing things, they don't get mad at them, they delight...just like the demon that controls you and the god you worship...they delight is evil things...
    1. This universalist is persistent and continues to register on my boards in spite of the rules they're not to do that. These excerpts from emails demonstrate the character, or lack thereof, plaguing him. I've told him I'll pray for him and that I am concerned for him. It is sad to see him react this way. In all honesty, I'm concerned for this person.
  11. A young girl beaten severely by a Baptist Pastor. He was sentenced to 106 years in prison. A Pastor that was highly respected in his neighborhood, and one that probably had all the correct doctrine that Matt looks for. So I ask you again Matt, what is more important, correct doctrine or a new creature?
    1. I really thought this question was uncalled for and really unkind. To me, it shows a lack of compassion and sensitivity. To his post I responded with the following: "Do you have a heart? Do you look for opportunities to bring disdain upon the truths of God's word, his revelation, and the doctrines which we have discovered through them? A pastor sins greatly and you use it in an attempt to bolster your position by mocking the need for doctrine? I feel sorry for you. You are an opportunist, someone who lies in wait, someone who is looking for something ugly to use for his benefit. If the news carried the story of a universalists who murdered children, I would not dare use it as an example for my cause of truth. I would be saddened by it, as I know other universalists would be. I would not dare take advantage of the depravity, of the sinful actions of one person, of the heinous actions of a person like that, by bringing it here to the board and twisting it in an attempt to gain an advantage. It seems that you universalists will stop at nothing to elevate and glorify your cause."
    2. The universalists desperately want to vindicate their position. When I state that we must know God in truth and that doctrine helps us accurately determine who God really and truly is according to his revelation, I am told by them that I make too much of doctrine. The problem is with them that they make too little of it. How? In universalism you do not need to believe in the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the deity of the Holy Spirit, or even that Jesus was virgin born. What is important to the universalists, is universalism.
  12. I KNOW YOU are a hypocritical, double-talking, condescending coward who always backs down when you are confronted...and you're so full of God's love that most people puke when you talk about His love. You don't know God, you know LAW. And that very law will condemn you for the hypocrite that you are.
    1. Another insult from a universalist. This was in response to an email where I told the person I had no desire to communicate with him. I simply did not want to waste my time. As you can see from the insulting comment, prolonged conversation with this person would have proven pointless.
  13. And I most certainly made many "calloused" in Matt Slick's words and "hard" in my words, statements at CARM and specifically Matt Slick. He is a deceitful person of the highest order and I won't play footsies with him. But in all my exchanges with him and his outright lies, I don't believe I ever got to this level of "calloused":
    1. This post on a universalist discussion board came after someone there mentioned this very webpage you're reading now regarding the callous posts made by universalists. Notice how one universalist responds by stating that I am deceitful in the highest order. In other words, the person does not admit any sin but he does jump quickly to accuse. Truly, I am amazed at this incredible misrepresentation of the truth by universalists. It seems some universalists just don't know what it means to represent something accurately and lovingly.
  14. Obsessed is right...obsessed with his own ego. If he ever really got obsessed with the Truth, there'd be another universalist in the world. Poor Calvinist fellow. I wonder which part of his family has his god predestined to be among the eternal flames of torment for his "just desert." Imagine...some of the main spokespersons for Calvinism tell the world that most of them were created for the mere delight in watching them writhe in agony. They say it will increase their joy seeing that God loved them so much to predestine them to a different fate. These Calvinists actually think they need to see people burning forever to actually experience the joy of their salvation. Talk about a sick, ungodly-mindset. This is the stuff the creates the Andrea Yates of this world. Yuck.
    1. This would be humorous if it wasn't so sad. This post was made about me on a universalist discussion board after I posted quote number 12 above here. Many Reponses were made on that board misrepresenting the truth, as is typical.
    2. I'm reformed in theology (a Calvinist), therefore the universalists attack Calvinism. Notice how this universalist says that joy of Calvinists will be increased by knowing we're saved and others are damned and burning. That is very wrong and such a misrepresentation of the Reformed position is either deliberate or based in complete ignorance. Either way, it is shameful. Finally, the despicable comment about Andrea Yates, the woman who murdered her children, is then employed. You'd think that the universalists who profess the infinite love and forgiveness of God would actually manifest some of that belief in their words. Far too often that isn't the case. Instead, insults, misrepresentation, hypocrisy, and condemnation are offered; if you don't agree with them, you're evil.
      Can we really trust those who misrepresent different theological positions, hypocritically say one thing and do another, employ tragic events to their alleged advantage? I think not. Can we trust their interpretations of scripture? Again, no.


CARM received an email from someone on 1/5/2006. It is interesting.

  • "I just read your explanation as to why you closed the Universalism board on CARM, and must say I have encountered these identical tactics while trying to counter the steady barrage of deliberate lies and attacks against Christianity on eBay's discussion boards. I understand exactly what you mean about the effect this has on one's own Christian walk, and applaud you for standing up to this demonic strategy and prohibiting them from undermining the church on your boards."
    • It seems that I'm not the only one who has tasted the barage of lies and misrepresentations from the Universalists.
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