Sexual Orientation and Truth Orientation

by Matt Slick

People talk about homosexuality in terms of sexual orientation--you know, the "way they are oriented regarding sex." That got me thinking. What do you do with those who have a different "truth orientation" as in the "way they are oriented regarding truth? I think that the homosexual proponents should be consistent and advocate civil rights for those who have a different truth orientation, that is, they should support the legal protection of liars.

Is this ridiculous? If so, why? Both sexual orientation and truth orientation are "natural" to the person, aren't they? Both sexual orientation and truth orientation are behaviors, right? Shouldn't both groups of people be free to love whom they want and lie to whom they want? Shouldn't both be free to express their natural-born tendencies as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else? Of course they should! Since homosexuality is supposed to be an inborn behavior (as is lying), then it, like lying, should be a civil right, and we should pass laws to protect those of a different "truth orientation."  No one should be allowed to publicly denounce those who have a different truth orientation, otherwise, that is spreading hate.

Liars are probably born that way, and the behavior of lying is natural to them. It helps them stay out of trouble. It can save someone's feelings from getting hurt. Also, consider our children (er, sorry homosexual couples, this doesn't apply to you). Our children have a natural tendency to exhibit the behavior of lying. It is natural, so since it is natural, it must be okay. And since homosexuality is supposed to be a behavior-orientation that qualifies for civil rights, the same logic ought to be applied to liars and they, too, should be protected and have laws passed just for them. After all, they are naturally oriented towards lying and self-preservation, and anyone who says that they can be "cured" of that orientation is obviously bigoted.

Now, you might object and say that having a different truth orientation (lying) is already a civil right since it falls under Free Speech. Okay, great. Then it should work the same with homosexuality.  Homosexuals are already free to fool around with whomever they want. They can marry people of the opposite sex, just like everyone else. They have the freedom to express themselves--just like everyone else. No problem. But, since the homosexuals want additional and special protection based on a sexual behavior, then I think it is fair that we have the same thing for People of a Different Truth Orientation (PDTO). They should also get additional and special protection based on their speech behavior. They should not be fired from jobs because of their truth orientation.  They should not be penalized in court due to their truth orientation. They should not be discriminated against for exercising their truth orientation on housing applications and loan applications.

Remember, the civil rights of homosexuals are based on the freedom to express themselves via a sexual behavior. Also, the civil rights of liars are based on the freedom to express themselves via an vocal behavior.

Anyway, to be consistent, I think liars definitely need civil rights protection because they need to be free to do what is natural to them--the same as homosexuals--as long as they don't hurt anyone else. 

Yep, let's hear it for the civil rights of people with a different Truth Orientation. Maybe we should start an organization called Global Alliance of Truth Orientation--GATO or Global Organization for New Orientation of Truth--GONOT or America Civil Liars Union--ACLU or better yet, New Orientation of Truth--NOT!