by Matt Slick

The Slicktionary

  1. Backwards Intelligence - The phonemenon of thinking wrongly about everything while thinking your intelligent.
  2. Blurify - The use of big words and citations of various philosophical views in rapid succession for a long period in lieu of a direct answer so as to confuse the listeners and make things unclear.
  3. Chickenoutism - The practice of avoiding serious confrontation in order to substantiate an assertion.  Usually done by attacking the person or changing the topic.
  4. Denialiation - The state of willing ignorance in the face of truth and not considering another view in an attempt to destroy the other person's view.  Also, the constant ignoring of something that doesn't agree with your opinion hoping it will go away.
  5. Densification - The practice of failing to think clearly due to increased cerebral confusion while attempting to put down what you really don't understand.
    1. To speak with authority on a topic with confidence while quoting various references, misrepresenting them, and shoving them into a new context, with excessive verbs, and paraphrastic comments, in such a way as to make response virtually impossible due to the density of mistakes made in the original comments.
  6. Diaperinian - A person who is overly childish in behavior and action when confronted with truth and logic and throws "crud" at you instead of dealing with the issues like an adult.
  7. Dodgification, -ficationism - The repeated practice of using useless statements in an attempt to avoid a challenge made against an assertion.
  8. Fasticulating - To speak quickly while explaining a position.
  9. Feeliology – Making theology by experience and feeling, not scripture, not logic.
  10. Googleramous - A person who pontificates, fails to back up his opinion, and instead tells others to look something up on Google so he does not have to prove his point. A person who wants others to do his homework for him.
  11. Heresify, -sification – To distort a truth so much that it becomes a false teaching.
  12. OTD - Acronym for Obstreperous Twit Dude and Obstreperous Twit Dudette
  13. Ramblify – The practice of speaking about nothing, switching topics, and not focusing in order to sound competent without really saying anything.
  14. Reformaphobic - a person who claims to be a Christian but is rapidly hateful of reformed theology and the sovereignty of God.
  15. Scriptnastics - Fervently jumping from scripture to scripture to prove a point out of context.  It also involves transferring the meanings of different into different contexts.
  16. Scriptnazi - a person who demands total obedience and submission to his scripture quoting.
  17. Slickification - ified - The process by which a person is converted to Matt Slick's theology and desire to attack heresy.  2) to refute someone to the point of not being able to speak heresy anymore. as in: ooooh you just got slickified!  3) to convert someone to the cult of slick.
    1. getting slicked: when you call in to the show and talk too much and Matt puts you on mute/hangs up. You just got slicked
  18. Slicktionarian - a person who really likes the slictionary.
  19. Slickturgy - The church liturgy style that consists of only announcements, then worship (preferably no hymns), then preaching (expositional), then dismissal.  Offering box is in the back of the church.
  20. Stubernize, -nization – To refuse to learn, be corrected, or adjust a position due to an idolatrous fixation on an opinion.  A prideful mental block against truth.
  21. Stupidify, -dification – To open your mouth and let people know what you really think about something, when such thinking is illogical and overemotional, yet is offered as intellectual truth.
  22. Verbal Carpet Bombing – To say a whole bunch of words and phrases in a rapid pace for a long period.
  23. Wanny - A person who complains for no good reason and continues to do so even when competent responses are given.
  24. Wackogenetics - The science of finding out how utterly wacked a person is on the genetic level.
  25. Zombify - To say that prevenient grace is given to a person who is dead in his sins, and that it somehow makes him alive enough spiritually so that he is only "mostly dead," thus enabling him to make a choice to believe God (taken from Miracle Max "mostly dead" in the movie The Princess Bride,





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.