CARM Speaking Requests

Matt SlickMatt Slick is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.  He founded CARM in 1995 and is a qualified speaker on various topics.  Each topic can be modified as a short series, or a single talk.

  • "Theology In Sneakers"  Participants will come away with plenty of practical, easy-to-use information on the Trinity, Jesus, the Atonement, the Resurrection, Law, Gospel, Grace, Sanctification, etc., and how they interrelate.  The topics are woven together in a challenging and interesting manner that shows not only the importance of the doctrines as truth, but also the relevance to everyday life and the Christian walk.  It is a great foundation.
  • "Roman Catholicism and its Dangerous Gospel" is an examination of Roman Catholic teaching on Salvation, Tradition, Mary, the Eucharist, Tradition, and its authority with a thorough comparison to Biblical truth.  The course is aimed at showing how Catholicism is not true Christianity.
  • "Is Baptism necessary for salvation?"  An examination of the numerous biblical texts
  • "Mormonism"The listeners will learn how Mormonism started, what it teaches, why it is dangerous, and how they can more effectively witness to those lost in this cult. They will also develop confidence to witness to the Mormons using God's word and come away with all the information you need.
  • "Jehovah's Witnesses" 
    • Learn about their history, their doctrines, their false prophecies, and how they have changed the Bible. 
    • Learn how to respond to the J.W. at your door, how to answer their challenges, and how to challenge them from their own Bible.
  • "Deprogramming from bad theology" Lots of people have been trapped in cults and false religions and suffer from residual guilt, insecurity, and doubts.  This seminar helps solidify the Christian's foundation and put him at ease as he learns what the Bible says.
  • "Exposing The Dangers of Modern Day False Teachers" From TBN, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, and others, this seminar examines what they teach, the areas of serious error, and what the Bible says about it.
  • "Atheism Exposed and Answered" - This seminar explains atheism, analyzes its worldview precepts, and shows how to destroy atheistic philosophy in the areas of Morality, Rationality, and our Existence.
  • "Answering Islam" is an examination of Islam's origins, teachings, and threat to modern day society. 
  • Apologetics and the Common Christian" - This talk equips the Christian to be able to spot logical fallacies as well as how to listen to an argument to find out where its fautly assumptions lie and equip the Christian to be able to give better answers in defense of the Christian faith.
  • "Teaching the Teachers" Do you have men or women in your church that you want to equip so they can teach others?  This primer on the basics and discipling is what you need.
  • Miscellaneous topics can be arranged such as talks on the Trinity, the Person and Work of Christ, New Testament Themes found in the Old Testament, Opening up the Parables, and much more.
  • Contact us at, for more information about having Matt Slick at your Church or Event.