Financial Impact of HIV/AIDS

by Matt Slick


  1. $12.1 Billion annual cost in US: "Future treatment for the 40,000 people infected with HIV in the United States every year will cost $12.1 billion annually, a new study showed." (
  2. Don't know they are infected: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 250,000 people with HIV in the United States--a quarter of the total with the disease--do not know they are infected." (


  1. $1.5 Billion Cost for 2001 in Canada: "June 2001, Halifax, Nova Scotia--HIV/AIDS cost Canadians more than $2 billion in 1999 in direct and indirect costs. Health care costs accounted for about $560 million; prevention, research and supports to AIDS victims for about $40 million; and lost economic production due to premature death and disability for nearly $1.5 billion."  (