Table of Contents of the Apologetics Notebook MOAN

Note: This table of contents is the T.O.C from the hard copy of the Apologetics Notebook The Hard Copy has most of what is on this website, has a table of contents, is internally cross referenced, and has a detailed index.

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Christian Doctrine


Introduction 1
Christian Doctrine 2
The Bible 2
God 3
Trinity 4
Creation 4
Man 4
Jesus 6
The Holy Spirit 7
Salvation 7
Justification and Sanctification 8
The Church 8
The Resurrection 8
The Millennium 8
The Rapture 9
The Final Judgment 9
The New Heavens and the New Earth 9
Basic Christian Doctrine 10
Three Essential Doctrines of Christianity 11
Who is God? 13
The Holy Spirit 14
The Atonement 15
James 2:24, not by faith alone 18
The law and the gospel 19
Salvation: What Does it Mean to Be a Christian? 22
Being a Christian Means Fellowship with Jesus 22
Covenant 24
The Two Main Covenants 28
Divisions under the covenant of grace 29
Jesus' Two Natures 30
Jesus 30
Bible verses that show Jesus is God 31
Jesus is Jehovah (YHWH) 33
The True Jesus 34
100 Truths About Jesus 36
Who is Jesus according to John the Apostle? 38
Jesus' Resurrection was physical 41
Objections to Jesus' physical resurrection answered 43
What did Jesus come to do? 46
Jesus is a man right now 47
Jesus is God 50
If Jesus were not God, then explain... 52
The Trinity, what is it? 53
Trinity is indeed biblical. 54
The Trinity Chart 55
Another Look at the Trinity 56
Early Trinitarian Quotes 58

The Bible


Introduction 61
The Bible 62
The Greek and Hebrew Alphabet with numeric equivalents 63
Papyri p1 through p76 200 A.D. to 700 A.D. 65
Minuscules 2 through 399 - 9th to 16th century copies 66
Minuscules 404 through 999 -- 8th to 16th century copies 67
Old Testament Books 68
New Testament Books 70
When was the Bible written and who wrote it? 72
Other books mentioned in the Bible 74
Chronology of the Old Testament 75
Bible Chronology of the New Testament 77
Non biblical accounts of New Testament events and/or people 79
The Documentary Hypothesis of the Pentateuch 82
Answering the Documentary Hypothesis 84
Biblical Interpretation 87
Scientific Accuracies of the Bible 91
Prophecy, the Bible and Jesus 92
What is Redaction Criticism? 96



Introduction 97
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? 98
Baptism and Mark 16:16 102
Baptism and Roman 6:3-5 104
Baptism and Gal. 3:27 107
Baptism and 1 Pet. 3:21 108
Baptism and John 3:5 110
Baptism and Acts 2:38 112

Various Articles


Introduction 117
Man 118
Let Us make man in our image 120
God 121
Angels 122
Pharisee 125
Moloch 126
The Elder in the Church 127
The Crucifixion of Jesus 128
Plurality Study 130
Amillennialism and Premillennialism 132
Col. 2:9 and Eph. 3:19 133



Introduction 135
The Great Banquet Luke 14:15-24 136
The Fig Tree Luke 13:1-9 139
The Prodigal Son Luke 15:1-2, 11-32 142
The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 145
The Unjust Steward Luke 16:1-8 148

Dictionary of Theology


Introduction 153



Introduction 199
Why Should We Witness? 200
Foundations are First 201
Three Important Verses in Witnessing 203
Salvation is God's work 205
How to Memorize Scripture 207
The Importance of Prayer in Evangelism 209
The Do's and Don't's of Witnessing 211
Law and Gospel 212
The Four Spiritual Laws 214
Christian CPR 215
Leading Someone to the Lord 217
Trust God and Go Witness 218

Christian Issues


What is a Christian World View and Why do Christians Need One? 220
What are Some Elements of a Christian World View? 222
Christians and Education 223
Christianity and Homosexuality 225
The Christian Family 227
Christianity and Science 229
The Failure of the Christian Church 231

To the Christian Church


Introduction 233
Introduction:  Why this topic? 234
What is the Christian church? 236
What is the Christian church supposed to be? 238
The need for unity in the church 240
There is pride in the Christian Church 242
Apostasy in the Christian church 244
Examples of Apostasy in the Christian church 247
What are signs that a church is becoming secular? 249
The elder in the church 251
Should unbelievers lead Christians in worship in a church service? 253
What kind of a Christian are you? 255
Do you know the basics of the Christian faith? 257
Answers to the questions on basics. 259
Are you comfortable? 262



Introduction 265
An Introduction to Apologetics 266
Are you an apologist? 268
Logic in Apologetics 269
Prayer in Apologetics 271
Are there Guidelines for doing Apologetics? 272
Classical Apologetics 273
Presuppositional Apologetics 275
Evidential Apologetics 276
The Cosmological Argument 277
The Teleological Argument 278
Apologetics Bibliography 279

Apologetics Dialogues


Introduction 281
Jesus' Resurrected Body, the Atonement, and Islam 282
Discussion with a Gnostic on Jesus' Resurrection 284
Does God have a Body? 286
A Christian having doubts because of school. 288
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? 289
The Resurrection of Jesus:   Literal or Symbolic? 293
Pain can make us doubt God. 295
An Agnostic Questions the Trinity 297
Claims to be a god 298
Is it right to tell people that what they believe in is false? 302
Dialogue with someone who claims to be one of the 2 witnesses of Revelation 305
Discussion on the possibility of Jesus' resurrection. 310
Condemning words and pompous attitude 313
An evolutionist says evolution is a fact 318
Discussion with a Jehovah's Witness about a relationship with Jesus 321
Can the Muslim do enough good works to go to paradise? 323
Discussion on how God can be one person as flesh and spirit. 326
A Satanist judges God 329
Dialogues with Atheists 330
An Atheist Says There Is No Evidence For God 330
An Atheist Says He Knows There Is No God 331
Sickness as an argument against God's existence 333
Discussion with an obnoxious atheist 336
Discussion on logical absolutes as a proof for God's existence. 338
Dialogues with Catholics 340
Two Catholics say baptism is necessary for salvation. 340
Discussion with a Catholic on interpreting the Bible 343
Dialogues with Mormons 347
Two Mormons state that 3 Gods is really 1 God. 347
Discussion with a Mormon on God's Nature 352
What is salvation and who is God? 356
Did Joseph Smith see God the Father? 359
Feelings, gods, and Joseph Smith 361
Mormon and salvation and works 364
40 Objections with Answers


Introduction 367
I am not a sinner. 368
What is sin? 368
I am too big a sinner. 368
What is salvation? 368
What do I do to get saved? 368
Is baptism necessary for salvation? 368
I am already good enough. 369
I am doing the best I can and I'm sincere. 369
I am skeptical. 369
I tried Christianity once. 369
I knew some Christians once and they wronged me. 369
I'll take my chances. 370
I am not that bad a person. 370
I am too old or too young. 370
I can't believe in a God who would send people to hell. 370
I will worry about it in the next life. 370
I don't want to give up what I like doing. 371
Christianity is boring. 371
I am an atheist. I don't believe in God. 371
I am trying to be a Christian. 372
I am already religious. 372
I don't need God. 372
I have things I need to do before I become a Christian. 372
I prefer to remain open minded. 372
I already believe in God. 372
I'll choose God later. 373
There are too many hypocrites in the church 373
Why are we here? Or, Why did God make us? 373
What about those who have never heard the Gospel? 373
Jesus is only one of many great men of history 373
Why is there evil and suffering in the world? 374
What makes Jesus so special? 374
Why did Jesus have to die in order for me to go to heaven? 375
What makes you think the Bible is the word of God? 375
The New Testament was written to look like Jesus fulfilled prophecy. 375
The Bible is full of contradictions. 375
How do I know which religion is right? 375
Religion is whatever you feel is right. 376
All religions are different paths to the same place. 376
What about dinosaurs and evolution? 376

Evidence and Answers


Introduction 377
Inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible 378
The Miracles of Jesus 380
Evidence supporting the Bible 381
Manuscript evidence for superior New Testament reliability 381
Illustration of Bible text manuscript tree 383
Non biblical accounts of New Testament events and/or people 384
Archaeological Evidence verifying biblical cities 387
The writings of Josephus mention many biblical people and places 390
When were the gospels written and by whom? 392
Evidence of biblical inspiration 395
Answers to Questions about the Bible 398
Can we trust the New Testament as a historical document? 398
Wasn't the New Testament written hundreds of years after Christ? 401
Hasn't the Bible been rewritten so many times that we can't trust it anymore? 404
Since the New Testament writers were biased, can we trust their testimony? 406
What is the gospel of Q and does it prove the Gospels are false? 407
Why isn't there other evidence of the massacre of the babies? 409
Do the lost books of the Bible prove that the Bible has been altered? 412
Is there non-biblical evidence of a day of darkness at Christ's death? 413
Evidence supporting Jesus' existence 414
Regarding the quotes from the historian Josephus about Jesus 414
1 Cor. 15:3-4 demonstrates a creed too early for legend to corrupt. 416
Answers to objections concerning Jesus' miracles and resurrection 418
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 418
Does the Bible provide extraordinary evidence for Jesus' Resurrection? 421
It is improbable that Jesus rose from the dead 423
The Christians were mistaken about Jesus' resurrection 424
The New Testament writers conspired together to gain power and influence 425
Jesus was a magician who made people hallucinate about His miracles 428
Jesus only appeared to have died on the cross - Swoon Theory 429
The Disciples stole Jesus' body and faked His resurrection. 431
There are no non-biblical accounts to the resurrection 434
Miracles cannot happen 436
Answers to Questions about Jesus 437
Was Jesus just a myth? 437
Did Jesus really die on the cross? 440
Did Jesus rise from the dead? 441
Didn't Jesus simply rise in a non-physical, spirit form? 442
If Jesus is God in flesh, why did He not inherit original sin? 443
Can't all Jesus' miracles be explained naturally? 444
Other Objections answered 448
Are the New Testament themes found in the Old Testament? 448
Apollonius of Tyana also did miracles and rose. What about him? 450
Doesn't the religion of Mithra prove that Christianity is false? 451
Why believe in Christianity over all other religions? 453
If God is all powerful and loving, why is there suffering in the world? 456
A loving God would never send anyone to hell 459
It is intolerant to say that Christianity is the only true religion. 461
Why did animals have to die for the sins of Adam and Eve and others? 462
Why would God have to die to save people from Himself? 463
If God is not the author of confusion, what about the Tower of Babel? 464
If babies die when they go to heaven, why is abortion wrong? 464

Bible Difficulties


Introduction 465
Introduction to Bible Difficulties and Bible Contradictions 466
1 & 2; Don't Gen. 1 and 2 present contradictory creation accounts? 467
Genesis 467
1:26, How many Gods are there, one or many? 468
3:9, Doesn't God saying �Adam where are you?� show God didn't know all? 469
4:17, Where did Cain get his wife? 469
5:1-31, Did people really live hundreds of years according to Genesis? 470
6:19-20, How many kinds did Noah bring into the ark, two or seven? 471
37:28, Who purchased Joseph, the Ishmaelites or the Midianites? 471
38:9, God kills a man for spilling his seed on the ground 472
Exodus 472
6:2-3, Has anyone seen God or not? 472
20:5, Should you make graven images or not? 473
20:8, Should we keep the Sabbath or not? 474
Deuteronomy 475
5:9, Do the sons bear the sins of the fathers or not? 475
1 Samuel 476
16:19-23, Did or did not Saul know who David was? 476
17:50, Who killed Goliath, David or Elhanan? 477
31:4, Who killed Saul, Saul or the Amalekite? 477
2 Samuel 478
6:23, Did Michal have any children or not? 478
10:18, How many charioteers were killed, 700 or 7000? 478
24:1, Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?  God or Satan? 479
24:9, How many fighting men were found in Judah and Israel? 479
24:13, God sent his prophet to threaten David with how many years of famine? 480
1 Kings 480
4:26, How many stalls of horses did Solomon have, 4,000 or 40,000? 480
5:16, How many supervisors were there? 481
7:26, How many baths, 2000 or 3,000? 482
2 Kings 482
8:26, How old was Ahaziah when he began to rule over Jerusalem? 482
24:8, How long did Jehoiachin rule over Jerusalem? 483
2 Chronicles 483
11:20, Who was King Abijah's mother? 483
36:9, How old was Jehoiachin when he became king? 483
Ezra � Nehemiah 484
2, Why are the statistics in Ezra 2 and Nehemiah 7 different? 484
Job 485
1, If Job was blameless, why did God allow Satan to afflict him? 485
Psalm 485
5:5; 11:5, Does God hate people or love them? 485
Isaiah 486
7:14, in Hebrew �alma� means maiden.  Therefore, it is not a prophecy. 486
45:7, Is the Lord good or bad to people? 487
Jeremiah 488
22:28-30, Did Coniah have children or not? 488
32:27, Is the Lord omnipotent or not? 488
Jonah 489
3:4,10, Did God destroy Nineveh or not? 489
Malachi 489
3:6, Does the Lord change or not? 489
Matthew 490
1, Why are there different genealogies for Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3? 490
4:5,8, Where did the devil take Jesus first, the pinnacle or somewhere else? 492
4:18, Where did Jesus first meet Simon Peter and Andrew? 494
5:1; 6:9-13; 7:28, Who did Jesus tell the Lord's Prayer to? 495
5:16; 6:1-4, Should or should we not let our good works be seen? 496
5:22; 23:17, Can we call someone a fool or not? 497
8:5-13, Who brought the Centurion's request to Jesus? 497
9:9, Was the taxman named Matthew or Levi? 499
9:18, Was Jairus' daughter alive or dead when he came to Jesus? 499
11:2, When did John find out Jesus was the Messiah? 500
11:13-14, Was John the Baptist really Elijah? 502
12:40, How long was Jesus in the tomb? 503
17:1, After how many days did Jesus take the three men up the mountain? 505
20:20-21, Who made the request to sit beside Jesus in His kingdom? 505
21:12, Did Jesus cleanse the Temple on the first or second day? 506
26:34,74-75, Did the cock crow once or twice before Peter's third denial? 506
27:3-8, How did Judas die, by hanging or falling down? 508
27:34, Was the vinegar given to Jesus on the cross mingled with gall or myrrh? 508
Mark 509
1:7-13, What did Jesus do after encountering John the Baptist? 509
3:29, Can you be forgiven of all sins or not? 511
6:8, Did Jesus tell His disciples to take a staff or not? 511
10:46, How many blind men did Jesus encounter when leaving Jericho? 512
11:2-7, Were one or two animals brought to Jesus? 512
11:14, Did the tree that Jesus cursed wither  immediately or overnight? 513
14:43, Who arrested Jesus? 515
15:20-21, Did Jesus or Simon of Cyrene carry the cross? 516
15:25, At what hour was Jesus crucified? 517
15:26, What was written on the sign on the cross? 517
15:34, What are the last words of Jesus? 518
15:40, Were the women close or far from the cross? 518
16:5, How many men or angels appeared at the tomb? 519
16:6, What did the angels tell Mary? 519
16:8, Did or did not the women tell what happened? 521
16:9, Who saw Jesus first? 521
16:9-20, Is the ending of Mark really scripture? 522
Luke 523
14:26, Are we supposed to hate or not? 523
John 523
3:13, Did anyone ascend into heaven 523
8:14, Was Jesus' witness of Himself true or not? 524
18:19, Who did Jesus see first upon his arrest, Annas or Caiaphas? 525
Acts 525
5:29, Shall we obey God's Law or human law? 525
9:3-4, When Paul saw the light, did all fall to the ground or not? 525
9:7, Did the men with Paul hear the voice or not? 526
Romans 527
3:23, Have all people sinned or not? 527
5:1, Are we saved by faith or by baptism? 527
9:17, God hardened Pharaoh's heart.  Is that right? 528
15:33, Is the Lord a God of Peace or of war? 528
1 Corinthians 529
1:19, Will wisdom stand or not? 529
15:29, Is baptism for the dead really Christian? 529
Galatians 530
4:22, How many children did Abraham have, one or two? 530
6:2,5, Do we bear one another's burdens or not? 531
Ephesians 531
2:8-9, Are we saved by grace or works? 531
Colossians 532
1:15-17, Is Jesus or God the creator of all things? 532
Hebrews 532
11:21, Did Joseph worship at the head of the bed or leaning on a staff? 532
2 Peter 533
3:10, Does the earth abide forever or not? 533
James 533
1:13, Does God tempt people or not? 533
Jude 534
14, Jude 14 quotes the book of Enoch. Is it scripture? 534
Table: Cleansing of the Temple 535
Table: Crucifixion Chronology 537
Table: Total statistics of population from Ezra 2 and Nehemiah 7 540
Table: Resurrection Chronology 542
Table: Chronology of Jesus' Baptism and Temptation 545
Bibliography 547

Oneness Pentecostal


Introduction 549
What is Oneness Pentecostal theology? 550
What does Oneness Pentecostal teach? 551
Issues and Answers 552
Oneness and the word 552
Another look at Jesus, the Father, and two wills 554
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? 555
Baptism and Mark 16:16 559
Baptism and Roman 6:3-5 561
Baptism and Gal. 3:27 564
Baptism and 1 Pet. 3:21 565
Baptism and John 3:5 567
Baptism and Acts 2:38 569
Must baptism be "in Jesus' name"? 573
Is speaking in tongues a necessary sign of salvation? 574
Who did Jesus pray to? 575
Jesus' resurrection and ascension 576
God was seen in the Old Testament. Who was it? 577
Isaiah 9:6, Is Jesus the Everlasting Father? 578
What is the real gospel message? 579
Witnessing to Oneness People 580
Witnessing to those who are in oneness churches 580
Questions to ask Oneness Pentecostal believers. 581
Answers and response to Questions to ask Oneness Pentecostal believers 582



Introduction 585
Universalism 586
Christian Universalism 588
Can a Christian be a universalist? 590
Universalism and the Cults 591
Texts examined 592
Matt. 25:46 and Universalism 592
Mark 3:28-29 and Universalism 594
1 Tim. 4:10 and universalism 597
1 Tim. 2:4 and 2 Pet. 3:9.  Is it God's will that all people be saved? 599
Objections Answered to the above paper 602
More objections answered to 606
Words examined 607
A look at the word �aionion� 607
What do Greek dictionaries say about 609
Forever and Ever 611
Issues and Answers 613
Scriptures that say not all are saved 613
The unforgivable sin and the age to come 614
Does God hate anyone? 618
Is Hell Eternal? 620
The demonic forces will not be saved 623
Fallen angels go to the lake of fire forever 624
Does eternal punishment deny God's justice? 626
The Danger of Universalism 627
The Danger of Universalism Illustrated 629
If election is true what is the danger in universalism? 631
Satan and universalism 635
A Challenge to Universalists 637
What is Unitarianism? 638
Concluding thoughts on Universalism 640

Roman Catholicism


Introduction 643
Why is it necessary to write about Roman Catholicism? 644
Roman Catholicism, the Bible, and Tradition 645
Issues and Answers 648
Is the Bible Alone Sufficient for Spiritual Truth? 648
Catholic Terminology 650
Mary 652
Did Mary Have Other Children? 653
Purgatory 655
Does Purgatory Deny the Sufficiency of Christ�s Sacrifice? 656
Purgatory and 1 Cor. 3:15 658
Council of Trent:  Canons on Justification 660
The Roman Catholic view on justification 662
Comparison Grid 666
Is the Catholic Catechism's view on the Muslim god wrong? 667



Introduction 669
What do the Christadelphians Teach? 670
Christadelphian History 671
Is Christadelphianism Christian? 672
Issues and Answers 677
The Christadelphians, John 1_1, and 677
Is God ever seen? 679
Interesting Quotes from Christadelphianism 681
Interesting Quotes from Christadelphianism 681
Did Jesus have a sin nature? 682
Was Jesus' sacrifice blemished according to Christadelphian theology? 686
Can the Christadelphian Jesus with a fallen nature save anyone? 689
The Christadelphian view of the Holy Spirit 691
Questions for Christadelphians 692
Has God performed the greatest act of love? 692

Christian Science


Introduction 695
What does Christian Science Teach? 696
Christian Science History 697
Is Christian Science Christian? 698
Terms and Definitions of Christian Science 699
Jesus is the Christ 701
Interesting Quotes from Mary Baker Eddy 703
Questions to Ask Christian Scientists 704

Shepherd�s Chapel


Introduction 705
What is the Shepherd's Chapel? 706
Who is Arnold Murray? 707
What does the Shepherd's Chapel teach? 708
Is the Shepherd's Chapel Christian? 709
Did we exist as souls prior to Adam's creation? 709
The serpent seed and the Kenites 711
Shepherd's Chapel and the rapture 713
An open letter to Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel 715

International Church of Christ


Introduction 719
What does the International Church of Christ teach? 720
Is the International Church of Christ a cult? 721
The International Church of Christ 722
Verses showing justification by faith. 725
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? 727
Baptism and Mark 16:16 731
Baptism and Roman 6:3-5 733
Baptism and Gal. 3:27 736
Baptism and 1 Pet. 3:21 737
Baptism and John 3:5 739
Baptism and Acts 2:38 741



Introduction 745
Cults! 746
What makes a church or group non-Christian? 749
Comparison Chart 751
Comparison Chart 751
Justification and Sanctification: What is the Difference? 753
Do we have the right to make these judgments? 754
What is the truth? 755
What about the testimonies of people in cults? 758
An easy way to witness to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses 760
The True Jesus 764

Jehovah�s Witnesses


Introduction 767
Jehovah's Witnesses in a Nutshell 768
What do the Jehovah's Witnesses Teach? 770
Jehovah's Witness History 771
Is the Jehovah's Witness religion Christian? 772
Are Jehovah's Witness are Really Watchtowerites? 773
Has Jehovah performed the greatest act of love? 775
Issues and Answers 776
The Watchtower Organization points to itself as the truth. 776
Does the Watchtower organization  control the Jehovah's Witnesses' thinking? 777
Does Annihilation and resurrection make sense? 779
Does the Watchtower say the Bible teaches the Trinity? 780
Questions for Jehovah�s Witnesses 781
The Lord's Supper and the 144,000 Anointed Class of Jehovah's Witnesses. 782
Are the Jehovah's Witnesses the faithful and discreet slave? 784
Salvation according to the Watchtower Organization 786
The New World Translation and Proskuneo (worship) 788
Bad Translations of the Jehovah's Witness Bible, the New World Translation (NWT). 791
Jehovah's Witnesses and Mental Health 792
A Biblical Response to Jehovah's Witnesses 793
Watchtower Quotes 797
Interesting Quotes from Watchtower Literature 797
Regarding the Trinity, Jesus, Adam, and immortality of the soul 799
Problems in the Watchtower Organization 800
False Prophecies of the Jehovah's Witnesses 800
1914 A.D., 607 B.C., 586 B.C. and the Jehovah's Witnesses. 802
Jehovah's Witness doctrine is not from the Bible alone 804
Contradictions in Watchtower Literature. 805
More Contradictions in Watchtower Literature. 806
Jehovah�s Witness Attacks on Jesus 808
The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Resurrection of Jesus 808
Did Jesus die on a stake or a cross? 810
Bible Verses Examined 811
1 Chron. 29:20, is Jesus worshipped the same way David was? 811
Matt. 3:3, Prepare the way of the LORD 813
John 1:1 and the Jehovah's Witnesses 814
John 5:30-32, By Myself I can do nothing. 816
John 8:58 and the Jehovah's Witnesses and John 8:58 817
John 8:58, & 10:30-33, I AM, and the Jeohovah�s Witnesses 821
John 17:3 and the Only True God 823
1 Cor. 1:2, Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus 825
Col. 1:15 and the Jehovah's Witnesses 831
Col. 1:16-17 and the Jehovah's Witnesses 832
Heb. 1:6 and the Jehovah's Witnesses 834
Heb. 1:8 and Psalm 45:6 and the Jehovah's Witnesses 836



Introduction 839
Are you studying with the Mormons or thinking of joining 840
What does Mormonism teach? 842
Mormonism in a Nutshell 844
Mormonism's History 845
Is Mormonism Christian? 846
Mormon Writings and the Church 848
A Quick Look at the Book of Mormon 848
Some of the Many Changes in the Book of Mormon 850
The Book of Abraham Papyri and Joseph Smith 852
The Mormon Church Statistics 856
Mormon Church Structure 857
Issues and Answers 858
Does Mormonism Attack Other Religions? 858
Mormon words don't mean the same thing 860
A Response From (and to) S.H.I.E.L.D.S. 863
Jehovah is Elohim 873
A Biblical Response to Mormons 875
A Comparison Between Christian Doctrine and Mormon Doctrine 879
What is Baptism for the Dead mentioned in 1 Cor. 15:29? 881
The True Jesus 882
Mormon Objections Answered 884
Was the LDS Jesus born of the Virgin Mary? 887
Miscellaneous 889
Hinckley says Mormons Believe in a Different Jesus 889
The Mormon Plan of Eternal Progression 890
Mormonism and the Negro 891
Quotes 893
Interesting Quotes from Joseph Smith the Founder of Mormonism 893
Interesting Quotes from Brigham Young the 2nd Prophet of the LDS Church 894
Interesting Quotes from the book Articles of Faith, by James Talmage 896
Interesting Quotes from Various Mormon Authorities 898
Mormonism Unvailed 901
Mormonism Unvailed, eyewitness testimonies against Joseph Smith 901
Mormonism Unveiled Defended 902
Mormonism Unveiled:  Testimonies of Barton Stafford and Henry Harris 908
Mormonism Unveiled:  Testimonies of Abigail Harris and Lucy Harris (Martin Harris' wife) 910
Mormonism Unveiled, Testimony of Artemas Cunningham 912
Mormonism Unveiled, Testimonies of Nahum Howard and Oliver Smith 914
Mormonism Unveiled, Testimony of John N. Miller 915
Mormonism Unveiled, Testimonies of Roswell Nichols & Joshua Stafford 916



Introduction 917
Atheism 918
Terms and Definitions 920
Can Atheists be ethical? 922
Issues and Answers 923
Mistake Christians make when dialoguing with Atheists 923
Mistakes Atheists make when dialoguing with Christians. 925
Is Atheism viable? 926
Response to criticism of 927
Another response to criticism of 931
Response to criticism of - I lack belief in God 946
Another response to criticism of - I lack of belief in a god. 949
Additional response to criticism of - lack of belief, and, Is atheism viable? 952
Lack-of-belief analysis outline 963
Answers to positions held by atheists 965
Comments from atheists 967
Answering Atheist's Objections 969
Concerning atheist attacks on Theism 969
I don't' see any convincing evidence for God 971
Can God make a rock so big He can't pick it up? 972
God cannot exist because His attributes would require limits 973
There is no proof that God exists 975
If God is unchanging, why does the world change  if it reveals God? 976
Only atheism offers a predictable universe 977
All of reality and God's existence 979
If God exists, then... 980
Any entity that is not the source of all power within reality is not God 982
If everything needs a creator, then who or what created God? 984
How can something that cannot be described be said to exist? 985
Why do you believe in Jesus but not Santa Claus? 986
Why believe in Christianity over all other religions? 987
Proofs for the Existence of God 990
Entropy and Causality used as a proof for God's existence 990
Atheism, Evolution, and Purpose 991
The Christian Worldview, the Atheist Worldview, and Logic. 993
An answer to a refutation of the Transcendental Argument 995
An answer to another response to the Transcendental Argument 997



Introduction 1005
What is relativism? 1006
Ethical relativism 1008
Cognitive relativism 1010
Refuting relativism 1011
What if relativism were true?  An illustration. 1013
What is truth? 1015



Introduction to Islam 1017
The Gospel for Muslims 1018
What is Islam? 1020
Regarding Islam 1022
Muhammad 1022
The Qur'an 1025
Chronology of early Islam 1026
Divisions within Islam 1029
Doctrines of Islam 1031
What are the doctrines of Islam? 1031
The Five Pillars of Islam 1032
True faith in Islam 1033
Islamic Terms 1034
Issues and Answers 1036
Methods Muslims use to attack Christianity 1036
Comparison grid between Christianity and Islamic doctrine 1040
Does Islam teach salvation by works? 1042
Questions for Muslims 1045
More questions for Muslims 1047
Differences between the Bible and the Qur'an 1048
The Qu'ran says the Bible is not corrupt 1049
Who has performed the greatest act of love? Yahweh or Allah 1050
Jihad:  holy struggle or holy war? 1052
Is the Trinity possible? 1055
Objections Answered 1056
The Trinity makes no sense.  It isn't logical. 1056
Jesus cannot be God's son 1058
If Jesus is God, then who did He pray to? 1059
God cannot be tempted.  Jesus was tempted. Therefore, Jesus cannot be God. 1060
God is infinite.  Matter is finite.  God could not become a man. 1061
Why is it necessary for God to die for our sins? 1063
The Qur'an 1065
Contradictions in the Qur'an 1065
Interesting quotes from the Qur'an 1067
Interesting Quotes about women from the Qur'an 1069
The Hadith 1070
The Hadith 1070
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith 1071
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith, Part two. 1073
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith about Forgiveness 1077
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith on Jesus 1079
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith on Jihad 1081
Interesting quotes from the Hadith about Muhammad 1083
Interesting Quotes from the Hadith on Satan 1085
Bibliography 1088



Introduction 1089
Adoptionism 1090
Albigenses 1090
Apollinarianism 1091
Arianism 1091
Docetism 1092
Donatism 1092
Gnosticism 1093
Kenosis 1094
Modalism 1094
Monarchianism 1095
Monophysitism 1095
Nestorianism 1096
Pelagianism 1096
Socinianism 1097
Tritheism 1097

New Age Movement


Introduction 1099
What is the New Age Movement 1100
More on the New Age Movement 1103
A Biblical Responses to the New Age Movement 1105
Witnessing to New Agers 1106
Interesting Quotes from New Age Sources 1107





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