Terms and Definitions

by Matt Slick

  1. AIDS--AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immununo Deficiency Syndrome. It is a disease of the human immune system which is characterized by an increased susceptibility to illness.
  2. Bestiality--The practice where a person has sexual intercourse with an animal.
  3. Biastophilia--The rape of a person who is unconscious.
  4. Bisexual--Bisexual means being attracted to both sexes, male to female and male; female to male and female.
  5. Bondage--As it relates to sex, bondage is the practice of using means of restraint in order to receive or give pleasure.
  6. Discrimination--The practice of separating, prejudice, or hatred against a person or persons based on gender, race, age, etc.
  7. Diversity--The condition of being diverse. In the context of homosexuality, diversity has the appearance of goodness, fairness, and equality among all people.
  8. Ephebophilia--Sexual attraction to people of mid to late adolescence.
  9. Exhibitionism--The practice of exposing one's genitals in an inaproppriate manner, usually in public.
  10. Fetish--As it relates to sex, fetish is a fixation upon an object, body part, and/or practice that heightens an individual's sexual pleasure.
  11. Frotteurism--The act of deriving sexual pleasure from intentionally rubbing against and/or touching a non-consenting person.
  12. Gay Men--A term used to describe men who are homosexual.
  13. Gender Selection--Gender Selection is the process of deciding which gender of a baby you want. It can involve discarding fertilized eggs of the gender that is not preferred. Unfortunately, in some cultures female babies are discarded after birth.
  14. Hebephilia--Sexual attraction for children of early adolescent age, usually 11-14 years.
  15. Homophobia--A negative term used to describe anyone who opposes homosexuality.
  16. Heterosexual--A person who is attracted to someone of the opposite sex, male to female, and female to male.
  17. HIV--HIV stands for Human immunodeficiency virus, a virus that causes AIDS. It attacks the immune system and weakens it--making it more susceptible to disease and illness.
  18. Homosexual--A person who is attracted to someone of the same sex, male to male, and female to female.
  19. Infantophilia--Deriving sexual pleasure from sexual contact and/or intercourse with children five years and under in age.
  20. LGBT--Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
  21. Lesbians--A female who is attracted to other females.
  22. Masochist--A masochist is someone who derives pleasure through suffering or watching others suffer.
  23. MSM--Males having sex with males.
  24. Necrophilia--The practice where a person has sex with a dead person.
  25. Open Marriage--Open marriage is a marriage in which the partners involved agree to participate in sexual relations with people to whom they are not married.
  26. Orgy--Group sexual contact between many individuals either of the same sex or of different sexes.
  27. Paraphilia--Paraphilia is a sexual deviation that has a broad categorization including sexual fantasies, inanimate objects, young children, etc., in order to gain sexual pleasure.
  28. Partner--A generic term used to describe marriage partners. It strips the marriage institution of male female relationships and opens it to politically correct neutrality through which homosexual marriage can be validated.
  29. Promiscuity--Sexual contact with multiple partners, either of the same sex or of the opposite sex.
  30. Radical Right--A derogatory term used to describe conservatives who do not adhere to supporting homosexuality or homosexual rights.
  31. Rape--The forced sexual intercourse with a non-consenting person.
  32. Sadomasochism--The practice of receiving pleasure, often sexual pleasure, through being the recipient of bondage and/or pain. It is also the practice of receiving pleasure, often sexual pleasure, through giving pain to someone else.
  33. Sex--Sex is the differentiation of male and female, but it has also come to be known as the act of sexual intercourse between two or more persons.
  34. Sexual Orientation--A politically correct term used to describe the sexual preferences a person has regarding people of the same gender or opposite gender. With sexual orientation is the condition of being homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual.
  35. Sexuality--The state and condition related to the biological structures related to gender. It is also used to describe a person's activity in sexual preferences.
  36. Sodomy--The practice of inserting the penis into the anus.
  37. Transgender--A person whose gender is inconsistent with the practices and preferences of the gender to which a person has been born.
  38. Transexual--A person who has had his or her gender changed through surgical processes.
  39. Transvestite--A transvestite is someone who dresses and/or acts in a manner consistent with the opposite sex.
  40. Troilism--Deriving sexual please from watching one's sexual partner have sexual intercourse with someone else.  This is also known as Cuckoldism
  41. Victim--A person who has been harmed physically, emotionally, financially, etc., by another person or persons.
  42. Voyeurism--The act of deriving sexual pleasure from watching another person undress and/or participate in sexual activity.  Usually, voyeurism involves watching others who are not aware of being watched.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.