Is there any evidence for Islam being true?

Matt Slick was in a Muslim room asking some questions.  This dialogue was initiated by a Muslim, and it deals with evidence for the validity of Islam:

Abdul: Have you read Quran?  Brother.
Matt: Not all of it.
Abdul: Ok
Matt: Okay, but just so you know, I do NOT believe in Islam.
Abdul: It's OK.  May Allah reward you with good.  Allah has made your mind interested to Islam.
Matt: I am a Christian.  I have studied Islam much, along with Christianity.  How are you saved from your sins?  How are you saved from the wrath of God upon you for sinning against Him?
Abdul: Sin is allowed.  Doing sin is allowed.  A true Christian always ready to accept oneness of Allah.
Matt: That begs the question: You assume that a "true Christian" will believe in Allah. But it presupposes that Allah is true, which I do not accept.
Matt: What does Islam teach you that you must do in order to be forgiven of your sins?
Abdul: If I give you reference?
Matt: Please understand that I am not trying to be rude. You can make claims, and I am not saying you are a liar or dishonest.  But, just because the Quran says something does not mean that it is true. I would prefer to see some evidence--some supernatural evidence that it is from God. Do you have any so that we might ascertain that it is valid?
Abdul: What Quran says is true
Matt: How do you know it is true?
Abdul: Whether we understand it or not.  Well.  Brother.  Allah is giving you freedom to accept or, not that's the greatest evidence. In sura al imran : ayah 97 "who ever reject (let them know) Allah is not reliable to anyone."
Matt: Is there any evidence that the Quran is from God?
Abdul: Yes
Matt: What evidence is there?
Abdul: None can make a verse / ayah of Qur'an.  That's the evidence.
Matt: Excuse me, but that is no evidence.
Abdul: Well.
Matt: Merely stating it doesn't make it so. Would it not be better to have some extraordinary evidence or miracles to validate the supernatural quality of the book?
Abdul: No.  Muslims hear & obey.  They hear Allah & Rasool and obey.
Matt: You mean, we are to have no evidence of anything extraordinary when extraordinary claims are made? So, if I made an extraordinary claim that God spoke to me, should you then simply believe it; or would you rather have some proof?
Abdul: Yes.  Just you have to accept & obey when its from Allah / Qur'an
Matt: Which? Would you merely accept what I said, or would you want some evidence that what I said was true? Which?
Abdul: Please read the Qur'an fully insha allah you will get every evidence.
Matt: May I say something?
Abdul: Ok
Matt: The Bible has a great deal of evidence to support it: archaeology, fulfilled prophecy, etc.
Abdul: Ok
Matt: It claims to be the self-revelation of God, and it is accompanied by extraordinary events and many miracles. For example, Moses parting the Red Sea, Enoch going to heaven, Jesus walking on water, etc.
Abdul: Look.  It was also from Allah.  But it was changed.  Now only Quran is unchanged.
Matt: Why should I trust the Quran over the Bible?
Abdul: Look.
Matt: If you say it has been changed, how do you know it has been changed?
Abdul: Quran  has also this type of evidence.
Matt: Have you examined the textual evidence to see if it has been changed?
Abdul: In bible there was told about Muhammad.  Yes.  Brother.  Please go through Qur'an you will find evidences insha allah.  Can I do a simple request to you? Please read sura AL KAHF today.  Its in Quran and have evidences.
Matt: Where in the Bible is Muhammad prophesied about?
Abdul: And if you would give me your mailing address I would send you which might help you insha alalh.
Abdul: Please read surah AL KAHF today.  Insha alalh I will chat with you tomorrow.
Matt: Okay, that sounds fine.  PO Box 995, Meridian, ID, 83680
Abdul: you can read Qur'an in www.
Matt: I appreciate your trying to answer my questions.
Abdul: Ur name?
Matt: Matt
Abdul: Jajakalalhul khayer.  Ok.  Is it in USA ?
Matt: Yes
Abdul: Masha alalh.  :) .  Please take care brother.  Peace be upon you if you accept Islam
Matt: Good bye and thank you for the conversation.


This dialogue is a typical exchange with Muslims.  They have no evidence that the Qur'an is inspired and from God.  They simply believe it is.  Also, notice how he said the Bible was changed.  This is what Muslims are taught.  They have to believe this; otherwise, they would have many problems since they claim Jesus is one of their prophets.  If the Bible were NOT corrupted, in their minds, then they would be forced to deal with Jesus' deity, His crucifixion, and His resurrection--all of which they deny.

It is sad to see so many taken in by this false religion.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.