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In Islam, Non-Muslims are perceived negatively. They are wretched people who are like beasts (Surah 8:55), cursed by Allah (Surah 2:88), are hardhearted (Surah 39:22), unjust (Surah 29:49), and the worst of creatures (Surah 98:6). Perhaps this is why it is permissible in Islam to lie to non-Muslims. In fact, the Quran teaches that Muslims are to subjugate all non-Muslims under a totalitarian, Muslim run governmental system.  In addition, unlike the God of Christianity (John 3:16; Matt. 5:43-48), Allah does not love all people (Surah 3:32).  Therefore, many Muslims likewise hate non-Muslims as is evidenced by Surah 5:51 which says not to take Christians and Jews as friends.  Nevertheless, in Islam, unbelievers are described in the following way.

  1. Apes
    1. Surah 2:65, "And well ye knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected."
    2. Surah 5:60, Say: “Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah. Those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil - these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!”
    3. Surah 7:166, "When in their insolence they transgressed (all) prohibitions, We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected."
  2. Asses
    1. Surah 74:48-50, "Then will no intercession of (any) intercessors profit them. 49 Then what is the matter with them that they turn away from admonition?— 50 As if they were affrighted asses."
  3. Beasts
    1. Surah 8:55, "For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him: They will not believe."
  4. Blasphemers
    1. Surah 5:68, "Say: “O People of the Book! Ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord.” It is the revelation that cometh to thee from thy Lord, that increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. But sorrow thou not over (these) people without Faith."
  5. Cannot be heir of Muslim
    1. Narrated Usama bin Zaid: the Prophet said, "A Muslim cannot be the heir of a disbeliever, nor can a disbeliever be the heir of a Muslim."  (Sahih Bukhari, Book #80, Hadith #756)
  6. Condemned for not worshipping Allah
    1. Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Prophet used to say, "A disbeliever will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and will be asked. "Suppose you had as much gold as to fill the earth, would you offer it to ransom yourself?" He will reply, "Yes." Then it will be said to him, "You were asked for something easier than that (to join none in worship with Allah (i.e. to accept Islam, but you refused)."  (Sahih Bukhari, Book #76, Hadith #546)
  7. Confused
    1. Surah 50:5, "But they deny the Truth when it comes to them: so they are in a confused state."
  8. Cursed by Allah
    1. Surah 2:88, "They say, “Our hearts are the wrappings (which preserve Allah’s Word: we need no more).” Nay, Allah’s curse is on them for their blasphemy: Little is it they believe."
    2. Surah 48:6, "And that He may punish the Hypocrites, men and women, and the Polytheists men and women, who imagine an evil opinion of Allah. On them is a round of Evil: the Wrath of Allah is on them: He has cursed them and got Hell ready for them: and evil is it for a destination."
  9. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind
    1. Surah 2:171, "The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout Like a goat-herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void of wisdom."
  10. Destruction awaits them
    1. Surah 47:10, "Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the End of those before them (who did evil)? Allah brought utter destruction on them, and similar (fates await) those who reject Allah."
  11. Disease in their hearts
    1. Surah 5:52, "Those in whose hearts is a disease - thou seest how eagerly they run about amongst them, saying: “We do fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster.” Ah! Perhaps Allah will give (thee) victory, or a decision according to His will. Then will they repent of the thoughts which they secretly harboured in their hearts."
    2. Surah 24:50, "Is it that there is a disease in their hearts? Or do they doubt, or are they in fear, that Allah and His Apostle will deal unjustly with them? Nay, it is they themselves who do wrong."
  12. Follow vanities
    1. Surah 47:3, "This because those who reject Allah follow vanities, while those who believe follow the Truth from their Lord: Thus does Allah set forth for men their lessons by similitudes."
  13. Forgotten by Allah
    1. Surah 32:14, "Taste ye then - for ye forgot the Meeting of this Day of yours, and We too will forget you - taste ye the Penalty of Eternity for your (evil) deeds!"
  14. Hardhearted
    1. Surah 39:22, "Is one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam, so that he has received Enlightenment from Allah, (no better than one hard-hearted)? Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against celebrating the praises of Allah! They are manifestly wandering (in error)!"
  15. Impure
    1. Surah 8:37, "In order that Allah may separate the impure from the pure, put the impure, one on another, heap them together, and cast them into Hell. They will be the ones to have lost."
  16. Killing an unbeliever
    1. "...No the law that no Muslim should be killed in Qisas (equality in punishment) for the killing of (a disbeliever).  (Sahih Bukhari, Book #3, Hadith #111)
  17. Lied against their Lord
    1. "...As for the others, or the disbelievers, it will be announced publicly before the witnesses: 'These are ones who lied against their Lord."  (Sahih Bukhari, Book #60, Hadith #207)
  18. Loved not by Allah
    1. Surah 3:32, "Say: “Obey Allah and His Apostle”: But if they turn back, Allah loveth not those who reject Faith."
    2. Surah 22:38, "Verily Allah will defend (from ill) those who believe: verily, Allah loveth not any that is a traitor to faith, or show ingratitude."
  19. Rebellious and wicked
    1. Surah 9:8, "How (can there be such a league), seeing that if they get an advantage over you, they respect not in you the ties either of kinship or of covenant? With (fair words from) their mouths they entice you, but their hearts are averse from you; and most of them are rebellious and wicked."
  20. Spread mischief
    1. Surah 16:88, "Those who reject Allah and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah—for them will We add Penalty to Penalty; for that they used to spread mischief."
  21. Unjust
    1. Surah 29:49, "Nay, here are Signs self-evident in the hearts of those endowed with knowledge: and none but the unjust reject Our Signs."
  22. Works bear no fruit
    1. Surah 2:117, "They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: “Fighting therein is a grave (offense); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members.” Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you Turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire and will abide therein."
  23. Worst of creatures
    1. Surah 98:6, "Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures."

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