Bible Studies with Q&A

This is a list of videos that we have been recording at the Wednesday night Bible study taught by Matt Slick.  We are still working to improve the quality.

5/24/2017 Q&A, Mormonism and apostles, presuppositions and God's word, humility, England is lost to Islam, Sermon preparation, apollinarianism Youtube
5/24/2017 Apostasy in the Church, Religous Humanism, self-deification, free-willism, man-centeredness Youtube
5/17/2017 Q&A, Desiring to be used by God, Rev. 20, False teachers are judgment on the church, Mormonism and salvation, New Apostolic Reformation, free will and predestination Youtube
5/17/2017 Apostasy in the Christian Church, Doctrine, Scripture Youtube
5/3/2017 Q&A, Depresschatology, binding of satan, state of the church, which Bible?, Jews worship true God?, Last Day, Youtube
5/3/2017 Bible Study - Depress-chatology Part 2   Youtube
4/26/2017 Q&A, Aonement and Sin as a legal problem, justification by faith, faith alone, amillennialism, men in the church, live for God Youtube
4/26/2017 Despresschatology again Youtube
4/19/2017 Q&A, A little humor, CRI, Evolution Homology, Creation, Science, Salvation in the Old Testament, theosis, worship, Gap theory Youtube
4/19/2017 Godly Emotions Youtube
4/5/2017 Q&A, Trinity in the Old Testament, Gospel, Angles and man's nature are not the same, annihilation and soul sleep, human nature and abortion, covenant and parable of ten virgins Youtube
4/5/2017 Trinity, starts at about 4 minutes, Youtube
3/29/2017 Q&A, Total Depravity, free will, necessary congruence, predestination, idolatry Youtube
3/29/2017 Romans 9 Youtube
3/22/2017 What God Do You Want To Serve? Video not good, audio is good Youtube
3/15/2017 Molinism, Video not good, audio is good Youtube
3/8/2017 NAR Discussion, quality is very bad.  Sorry about that. Youtube
3/1/2017 Q&A, Scripture against Scripture, Justification, Federal Headship, Trip to Bethel, New Apostolic Reformation, election, Genesis creation, Prayer, Christophanies Youtube
3/1/2017 Review on the book, The Shack Youtube
2/22/2017 Part 2, Q&A on Eschatology, Tribulation, Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit,
Poor video quality
2/15/2017 Eschatology, supporting amillennialism, (2 hours) Youtube
2/8/2017 Q&A, Oneness, Sower one believes, one does not, Dispensationalism,
Theological Education, Romans 2, Audio starts after 30 seconds
2/8/2017 Bible Study on John 4:24ff Youtube
2/1/2017 Q&A, Poor Video Quality, Audio starts at 16 minutes Youtube