What is a Christian World View and Why do Christians Need One?

by Matt Slick

A worldview is a set of presuppositions and beliefs that someone uses to interpret and form opinions about his humanity, purpose in life, duties in the world, responsibilities to family, interpretation of truth, social issues, etc.  A Christian should view all these things, and more, guided by the light that is shed upon them by the Bible.

The Bible has much to say about the nature of man, the world, purpose, truth, morality, etc., and so does the world. More often than not, the secular worldview is in conflict with the biblical one.  For example: Where the world asserts that man evolved, the Bible says he was created and ultimately responsible to God.  Where the world says that morals are relative, the Bible says they are absolute.  Where the world says that there is no need of salvation and redemption, the Bible clearly states that all people are in need of deliverance from their sin.  The contrast is obvious and profound.  Both cannot be true.

The secular world exalts man to the apex of evolutionary development, the sovereign over all he dominates, though only another animal.  God is relegated to the belief systems of the uneducated and superstitious.  Such opposing views will clash.

The Condition of Society

The fruit of the secular worldview can be seen in and around us . As we observe society, it is evident that not all is well.  Television has degenerated into a bordello of violence, soft-pornography, anti-family sit-coms, commercials that appeal to immediate gratification, and senseless children's cartoons that are full of violence, occultism, and disobedience to parents.  It often portrays pastors as psychotics, priests as pedophiles, and religious people as insecure, ignorant, and bigoted.

The News is extremely biased and when speaking in areas where religious and secular morals collide, it uniformly presents information with loaded words.  Instead of "pro-life", we hear "anti-abortion rights."  Instead of "conservative", it is "right-wing fundamentalist."  Other words are used such as "Bible thumpers," "censorship," "intolerance," "bigoted," etc.

"According to the Center for Media and Public Affairs, the average TV watcher sees 14,000 references to sex and the average child "watches 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence by the end of elementary school."

Illegitimacy is on the rise. In 1970 babies born out of wedlock were 10% of all births.  By 1991, it was 30%, by 2006 nearly 40%.  Rape is increasing as is violent crime, venereal disease, drug usage, and prison populations.

In many American schools, the "Impressions" series is promoting the New Age and the occult.  Some programs have students being taught that they alone are the ones who should decide if drug use is good or bad.  Many school textbooks teach anti-family values, promote homosexuality, teach moral relativism, encourage sexual conduct, and, of course, instill evolution as a fact. In addition, they condemn the notion of a Christian God even being mentioned. Consider the following:

  • "When 10-year old Raymond Raines bowed his head and silently said grace over lunch in a St. Louis public school cafeteria, he was placed in detention for a week and told that he must eat in a room by himself if he continued to pray."
  • "When 30 Texas high school students gathered to pray at the flagpole before school one morning, the principal politely told them not only to leave, but to pray out of sight."
  • "In Illinois, a high school principal sent police to break up a similar prayer group.  Two students were arrested."

Obviously, America (and the world) is in desperate need of the life-changing gospel of Jesus.

The Progress of the Gospel

But lest you get discouraged, the gospel is progressing.  There are more Christians in the world now than ever before.  In the 1700's less than 20% of the American population went to church where now it is above 50%.  More people have heard the gospel than ever before, and Bibles are produced en masse and being sent to nations all over the world with unprecedented reception.  The Gospel is preached on Television and Radio. Millions are coming to Christ in third world countries, and a new Christian awakening is working its way through Russia and Africa with China becoming the new Christian frontier.

Nevertheless, the Christian community has a great deal of work left to accomplish.  To fully carry out the mandate of winning the world for Christ, Christians must adopt a biblical worldview in all aspects of life and present to the world, biblical perspectives on every niche of our existence.  This includes everything: education, medicine, the arts, politics, science, contemporary issues, ethics, and more.

To God be the glory



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.