What does Christian Science teach?

The following doctrines are referenced out of the primary Christian Science work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (S&H) by Mary Baker Eddy.  It is supposed to be a companion to the Bible.  Science and Health together with the Bible are called the Pastor of Christian Science.

  1. God is infinite . . . and there is no other power or source, S&H 471:18.
  2. God is Universal Principle, S&H 331:18-19.
  3. God cannot indwell a person, S&H 336:19-20.
  4. God is the only intelligence in the universe, including man S&H 330:11-12.
  5. God is Mind, S&H 330:20-21; 469:13.
  6. God is the Father-Mother, S&H l 331:30; 332:4.
  7. The Trinity is Life, Truth, and Love, S&H 331:26.
  8. Belief in the traditional doctrine of the Trinity is polytheism, S&H 256:9-11.
  9. Christ is the spiritual idea of sonship S&H 331:30-31.
  10. Jesus was not the Christ, S&H 333:3-15; 334:3.
  11. "Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus himself declared . . . " S&H 361:12-13.
  12. Jesus did not reflect the fullness of God, S&H 336:20-21.
  13. Jesus did not die, S&H 45:32-46:3.
  14. The Holy Spirit is divine science, S&H 331:31.
  15. There is no devil, S&H 469:13-17.
  16. There is no sin, S&H 447:24.
  17. Evil and good are not real, S&H 330:25-27; 470:9-14.
  18. "Matter, sin, and sickness are not real, but only illusions,"  S&H 335:7-15; 447:27-28.
  19. "Life is not material or organic," S&H 83:21.
  20. "The sacrifice of Jesus was not sufficient to cleanse from sin," S&H 25:6.
  21. "True healings are the result of true belief," S&H 194:6.
  • Additionally, Christian Scientists prefer not to use doctors, medicine, or immunizations.  Christian Science Practitioners are used to help people through the false reality of illness.
  • Proper prayer and training are employed to battle the "non-reality" of illness.
  • They have no ordinances like the Lord's Supper or baptism.
  • Church services are interspersed with Bible reading and readings from Science and Health.
  • Mary Baker Eddy is highly regarded as a revelator of God's word.



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