What does Kabbalah teach?


  1. God has 10 aspects through which creation was realized.
  2. The truths of Kabbalah were given to the angels first, then to Adam, then Abraham, and finally to Moses.
  3. The human soul preexisted before coming to earth.1
  4. Reincarnation of the soul.
  5. Higher realms of consciousness
  6. Multiple universes
  7. The interconnectedness of all levels of consciousness, angels, demons, thoughts, incarnations, etc.
  8. "There are four primary archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.2
    1. "Liliel is the Angel of the Night...Lilith is considered to be the arch she-devil." Sandalphon is the angel of prayer as is Michael.3
  9. There are two Messiahs, one from the lineage of Joseph and the other from David.4
  10. The fall of Adam and Eve was the result of a failure to make a rectification that would bring "the universe to a new level of consciousness."5
  11. It is possible to have a direct experience with God without the need of a mediator such as Jesus.
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