What is the Charlie Charlie challenge?

The Charlie Charlie challenge is a viral social media attempt to summon a demon named Charlie.  The participants place two pencils, one on top of another, on a piece of paper that has "yes" and "no" written upon it. Then the participants say "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" The pencil on top sometimes moves.  If the pencil points to the yes position then Charlie has manifested and is ready to answer your questions. If it moved to the no position, then you have to wait and try again later.

Because the pencils have to be delicately balanced, then most probably what is happening is the pencils are moving due to the forces that act on them such as a vibration on a table, a breath, a wisp of air, etc.  The participants are often overcome with excitement as many of the videos attest when the pencil inevitably moves.

Psychological effects

Psychologically, people can be affected because they are setting up a situation that can easily feed into the mental "readiness" of the participants. After all, people are curious when they do this and when they recite "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?",  they are placing themselves in a mental state of expectation. If any movement of the pencil occurs then the person is often scared and excited.  As a result, people can believe that the practice "works" because they got a result. It is like the power of suggestion influencing someone and then when something happens, the person is convinced that the occurrence is true.

Spiritual effects

Though it appears to what is really happening in the Charlie Charlie challenge is nothing more than the movement of precariously placed pencils, it is, nevertheless, a means of our called activity. Now, I'm not looking for a demon behind every door. But, such practices of seeking spiritual influence, especially in the summoning of an alleged demon, can be a door to the are called.


Christians should avoid such a practice and non-Christians should also avoid it. Though non-Christians may or may not believe in spiritual activity, the fact that they would participate in this is potentially dangerous. Scripture tells us to seek wisdom from the word of God, the Bible. But we are not to seek anything that is occultic and this is an occult practice.



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